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  1. If it's not too late, I'd like to add my B&R strap 'B'uckle and tang. Machined to perfection, with a beautiful flush finish
  2. Hi, Here's my Bell & Ross 03-92 Carbon and my Ball Engineer II Ohio
  3. Morning, just having a morning cuppa before heading out with the better half for a bracing walk. Trying to dodge the hail showers. Luvin my new Orient. Keeping to 6 secs a day, no issues with that. HAGWE
  4. A busy day again in the Calibration Lab. Bowers Mic's, Setting Rings and Seiko PADI Turtle in the midst of it all.
  5. Yes, my previous post should have read...... newly tarred and chipped
  6. 16 plate Toyota Auris 1.6 D4 Diesel. If you can believe the info from the Computer......... This was travelling from Glenshee Ski Center to Blairgowrie. A twisty road, nearly resurfaced with a 20mph limit. A bit sceptical myself but who knows.....
  7. As you say "smart and casual" Omega SMPO
  8. Seiko 1st Gen Black Monster But I'll be wearing this.... in the Marine Hotel, Stonehaven come 1700hrs..
  9. Yip, an Orient carrier bag and a Stroopwafel too
  10. New post with pictures. Thanks for all the funny comments too.
  11. Sorry for the late post but I was down donating some of the good red stuff. So, following on from last night's teaser, here it is. My new Orient. Many thanks to the very good people at Serious Watches. About 12 pictures in total....... Beautifully wrapped Not much here other than the external box A cool faux leather box with Aluminium inlay and here it is...... I'm luvvin this........ close up of the beautiful blue watch face and bezel Close up of the logo Power reserve 4 o'clock crown and (smallish) date window Detailing on the crown Engraved case Finally a wrist shot and to finish with, fully stamped Manufacturer's Warranty, spare links and instructions. What more can you want? Is a beauty and I'm delighted with it. Hope you enjoy the story...... Cheers the now Hayballs
  12. Well done on the exams, but comiserations on being bitten by the watch bug. Chances are you'll end up like the rest of us....
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