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  1. You don't wear your OM & BM...... shame on you!
  2. Well if watches were only three hands or less, we wouldn't be able to celebrate the genius minds of watch movement designers. 6 hands for me every time.
  3. Afternoon everyone. Seiko Black Solar Chrono this week so far for me. Might have a G-Shock Friday tomorrow...
  4. An empty page from me. Green is a watch colour which I can't get onboard with I'm afraid..
  5. 13 so here they are, in no particular order..... Bell & Ross 03-92 Carbon Seiko Back Monster Seiko Orange Monster Seiko Black Chrono Solar Seiko PADI Turtle Omega SMPO Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT Ball Engineer Ohio II Longines 4x Retrograde Orient Triton Divex 500m Oris Executive Seiko Sports Chronograph
  6. This week will be a Divex week.
  7. Don't see too many Bell & Ross in this forum, so here's my B&R 03-92 Carbon. I'll be wearing it all this week
  8. A bit late to the party now. Took this at lunchtime but forgot to post it. SMPO this weekend.
  9. Humpday Hammy, as has been mentioned. Khaki Navy GMT for me this week. I think you're liking your Divex there..... Nice Orient there and good to see Anderson Drive so quiet .
  10. Decent enough sale at Goldsmiths.... if you like that kind of thing.
  11. Yes, an excellent watch this evening. Congratulations to them.
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