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  1. Nice timepiece there. Looks to me like yir nae affa happy wi the Dandies. Del Boy must be raging.
  2. Here's Zoe. 18 years old. Got her from Cats Protection League. Quite a solitary cat, likes a cuddle but then is happy to walk away. Sleeps a lot now and loves a box. Also been known to sit in the tumble trier but I'll have to find that pic. Daughter has two Bengals who are gorgeous
  3. Oakley for day casual. Ray - Ban for evening smart.
  4. Cracking post and a great job. Very well done What watch were you wearing?
  5. You like it..... you wear it...... enjoy it.
  6. I'm connected Just need to 'find myself' now
  7. Had a walk round Alyth at the weekend and saw this in the yard at Classis Restorations. Beautiful
  8. Lots of beautiful time pieces on show today I just can't get this G-Shock off my wrist. I love my Triton diver. Lots of Orient chat in the Japanese watches and also the Orient owners forums
  9. 40 years since AC-DC album Back in Black, so giving that a blast
  10. Following on from the towbar the other day, purchased the caravan. Measured to perfection. Fits inside the driveway and the garage door still opens and shuts.
  11. I know a Lady who plays that game, but she costs £200 per hour.
  12. If this thread and the 'mega searching for a watch thread' are merged........ you'd have nearly 200 replies and over 4000 views ....... and still no bought a watch.
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