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  1. Nice pilot/world traveller.... enjoy it and wear it in good health. I like it.
  2. This week I'm wearing my Hamilton Navy GMT.
  3. Hayballs


    Dunnottar Castle. Huge historical landmark, very imposing, stunning setting, and a very pleasing walk in the summer.
  4. I use Wrist Shot Wednesday. Easy to use and free
  5. I'm struggling to find it for less than £400
  6. During my time in the Oil & Gas industry, the various companies all had a document in the EDMS, containing TLA's, acronyms and synonyms. At one company I was given the task of editing and updating the company document. Started off OK, but CBF'd soon kicked in.
  7. Usually catch up with 'Off the ball' from the weekend on BBC Sounds app. Cowan and Cosgrove always a pleasure to listen to.
  8. I hope they're calibrated.........
  9. I'm liking one of these...... in Stainless but also available with a pretty cool Black coating. Just wondering if any one has one and how are you getting on with it? It's a bit chunky, is the size a bit off putting maybe?
  10. With a Vernier Caliper in the background........ what have you been measuring? Looks a fine day outside but a steady 20.5°C in the Cal Lab........ always wear a fleece in here. A beautiful Orient Triton in blue this week to keep me company, along with a 3/8" Ball Trammel Set
  11. The lucky lady who follows these around all day......
  12. Back in the Cal Lab today after a few days off, so a fine short week. Bell & Ross 03-92 Carbon on the wrist for this week. Bowers Bore Mic and Setting Ring in the frame
  13. Hayballs


    Thankfully very quiet. As you say DJ, a normally very busy seafront, eerily quiet...
  14. Hayballs


    Best part of the day was in the morning, so out on the bikes. After lunch went a walk along the sea front, with a stop in past the butcher in the Market Square. Back to the Cal Lab tomorrow. This week we were booked for to stay at Sa Marina, Cala d'or on Majorca but not to be I'm afraid. Have to say though, a full refund from Jet2, no hassle. We've flown with Jet2 a number of times, and with the manner in which they seem to be handling the current situation, we'll defo fly with them again...... well done to them. Cheers the now and all the best to you.
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