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  1. I'd like to join the waiting list. Please let me know when it's available again. Thank you
  2. You know what they say....... Big crown, small .........
  3. Fiat 131 Mirafiori 1.3l same colour but a 2 door. PSK 23W was the reg if I mind right.
  4. Last night, when deciding which watch to wear this next few days, made my mind up on the Seiko Black Solar Chrono. It hadn't see daylight for about 10 weeks, so when I went to set the time I was pleasantly surprised to see the Seiko was almost exactly sync'd with my G-Shock. Only the date needed changed, hidden by minute hand, but never touched the time. Clever stuff by Team Seiko
  5. WTF!! Don't encourage him. 13 thread pages to buy 1 watch and now you're planning to buy 2 of the fekkin things. Oh cheezus help us.
  6. See Davey P above Same same....... ditto ditto G-Shock Friday oh yes All hail the mighty G-Shock
  7. Let’s have a pic alongside your OM for a comparison
  8. I 'like' this post because of the Bullhead watch...... not the fact you are having root treatment.
  9. It's a PADI week in the Calibration Lab. Need a bit of colour on a drab, grey NEoS morning.
  10. Oh yes I do like a Bullhead Been keeping an eye on Chrono24 ...... there are only 172 on there. Limited manufacturers typically Seiko and Citizen although Omega are at the top end. Your Viceroy looks so cool Enjoy it!! This one caught my eye..... I wonder if Santa will bring me one.......
  11. All quiet with my one. Best to get it checked out.
  12. B&R 03-92 Carbon in the Cal Lab this week. Don't see many B&R on the forum. Will probably swap for the G-Shock tomorrow. HAGDE
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