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  1. Excellent article. Thanks for posting. Very interesting. Would have a GS in a heartbeat
  2. As much as I like the GS, the Omega is the one.
  3. PADI Turtle for me this week.
  4. I don't think you need our help or advice at all. I think you're blowing smoke at us
  5. SMPO in the Twilight Zone Are you sailing?
  6. Yes, they've been at that works for about 3 years. Nearing the end now
  7. Ahhh superb and a grand day for it too. Not so fine today but had a coffee and doughnut in the Splash Cafe at the Outdoor Pool, while out our afternoon walk.
  8. From what I've read and viewed Aliexpress and Wish are the same...... a load of p15h
  9. Ball Engineer II Ohio. I've just looked at the hour hand through my loupe and there are no scratches, so must be a reflection.
  10. How would you get the screw heads to align?
  11. It's a YES from me 03-92 Carbon. Pro's - super lume, very few about, eye catching, accurate (mine is) Con's - don't scratch the powder coat, very small date window, although large dates are available on other models. I also like this Diver I hope you buy one and enjoy it.
  12. Enjoying my Hamilton Navy Khaki GMT today and for the rest of this week.
  13. A very interesting and eclectic collection of timepieces on show today. Good team effort ..... Seiko PADI Turtle this week so far.
  14. Nope. Even when I'm up for my nightly P stop, I don't need to know what time it is.
  15. Oooh, I like that. Do you know the model number?
  16. Hi @Graham60 that indeed is a beautiful piece with great sentimental value to you. I'm wonder what the significance of the 2nd timezone..... is it set ahead or behind? Do you take the long way round walking to Asda Garthdee??
  17. Welcome to the G-Shock Club.... and it can go beep on the hour, every hour. Here's my one.....love it.... never misses a beat. (Old pic, before some smarta55 says anything)
  18. My G-Shock chimes on the hour and I love it.
  19. That is beautiful...... stunning. Orient Triton Diver this week. Even matches the carpet tiles.
  20. Coming from Thurso, someone moving to Wick.....
  21. Timesheets and logging off for the weekend. TFIF I'll make it a trio of PADI's....
  22. Very subjective.... are you wanting 1 watch or 3? Do the 3 add up to the 1 price wise? Omega for me. Longines is ok. Wouldn't wear the Tudor. Hamilton is.......yea ok. So I would probably only wear the Longines out of the 3..... and then would wish I'd bought the Omega.
  23. 7.5" , but hey, what's half an inch .....
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