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  1. Hooray! Hooray! The First of May! Outdoor sex begins today! (But it's far too cold, and I'm far too old, for all that rolling in the hay...)
  2. The raspberry canes are doing OK, despite the drought.
  3. Thanks. I've had it just a week and it seems to have scratched that "new watch" itch for quite some time to come. I hope... ;)
  4. I'm standing as Green Party candidate in the Belfairs ward in Southend. On the table is my delivery kit. I always take a wooden spatula or the like when delivering leaflets as it protects the fingers against vicious letter boxes and even more vicious dogs. I fold the leaflet round the end of the spatula and then shove it through the letter box. The usefulness of this method was amply demonstrated on Sunday morning, as the handle of a spatula demonstrates. The other half was bitten off by a dog lurking surreptitiously on the other side of the door through which I had just pushed my leaflet
  5. With this, I can equate. The last time I went to the barber's it cost me 2 shillings. My wife cuts my hair, but infrequently. This morning, I was doing my fleece up and I caught my beard in the 3rd press stud down... My car is the most ridiculous expense. It's not a flash car (VW e-Golf) but I'm just over half-way through a deal with it that costs me >£300 a month, and since I bought it (Sept '19) it has been driven less than 5000 miles. I'm paing for 10000 miles a year. My piano is much more expensive than my watches. So are my bikes. Bikes, watches and piano all get a lot of use
  6. There are some potato shoots showing out of focus. Has no-one told them that it's never going to rain again? And many happy returns to the Birthday Boy - the one on here, and my grandson (he's 8).
  7. I think that demonstrates the genius of Mozart - and Bach. Bear in mind that I'd been playing the gigue for nearly 50 years and it took me a fortnight to spot the link.
  8. Here's the gigue And the fugue. You'll just have to put up with mu bum notes I'm afraid!
  9. I thought you'd never ask! ;) When I retired almost 4 years ago, I decided to take up playing the piano again. I played pretty well when I was a lot younger, and passed the Guildhall's Diploma (LGSM) exam in piano teaching in 1981. But then, I just drifted away from it. I had what had been a lovely old piano, an 1891 Bechstein model 8 that was reconditioned in about 1978. But that had seen better days (4 kids all learning to play on it, and especially my younger son, who is a pretty accomplished jazz pianist). So when I retired, I bought a really nice 1936 Blüthner grand and started pract
  10. This morning's arrival. I think I'll be wearing this rather a lot...
  11. This morning's arrival - Marine Original with brown hands (made in-house by Stowa) and personalised engraving on the large winding wheel "J. S. Bach W. A. Mozart, K574", behind which there is a story. I'm absolutely delighted with it.
  12. Bit late today. I've been waiting in for a delivery that seems to have been held up in Paris. Early evening stroll round the park just to get my 10000 paces in (I sat down when I got home and the infernal machine said 11111). Rats, moorhens and mallards in attendance. No anglers - it's the closed season until 16th June - so the carp can sleep easy with the fishes. Or something.
  13. I own 3 Tissots. The oldest i bought on Ebay and it's one of the "Tissonic" electronic tuning fork watches. It's very pretty but I don't wear it all that often. I also have two "Powermatic 80" watches, one "Le Locle" with the white face and stainless steel bracelet, the other a "Sicilium" - this last keeps amazingly good time. I'm very pleased with all of them. Whatever you end up buying, do shop around. There are good discounts to be had.
  14. Somewhere in that potato planter are the green shoots of recovery potatoes.
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