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  1. I'm not expecting to make any money out of my watches. The most expensive I have cost me a little over £600. I don't suppose I will ever sell them. I'm not in my first flush of youth and I have 4 children who will share my assets equally when I'm no longer about. As a result of choosing my elderly relatives very carefully, , I have no financial worries. It's not earning anything sitting in a bank. So if I choose to spend a bit of it on some very attractive, cleverly-made bits of machinery that give me pleasure, I'm going to. Then, when I cark it, my kids have a choice: they can sell the w
  2. I've been playing with the pendulum (oo err missus!) and the last 3 pings have come at 11 seconds past each hour.
  3. Our latest acquisition, a Hermle Wall Clock (product code 70974-000711). I love the sheer simplicity: a weight, a chain, 6 cogs and a "ping" that rings out once every hour. An absolute snip for under £90. I've had to set it not quite vertically to get an even tick, but that's part of the attraction.
  4. A genuine anti-bends dive watch: you'd be lucky ever to see the light of day again with that on your wrist!
  5. Late making the porridge this morning. Sodding arthritis kept me awake for much of the night.
  6. It has stopped raining now (3.2mm yesterday) but it's too wet to do any more digging. Edit: I have just remembered it's World Book Day (I was discussing this with my grand-daughter a few days ago) so I shall pretend to be erudite and do some reading and writing.
  7. One misty, moisty morning, when cloudy was the weather...
  8. Yes - perfect sense. I've been playing with a clock belonging to a friend - a Waterbury (ceased production in 1944, apparently - produced 600000 timepieces a month at one time, apparently) and it would only tick evenly if the clock was tilted to one side. I gave up on it as I think it needs a new mainspring so we decided we would take it to someone properly qualified when such places are open again. She's had it for 60 odd years - she was with her dad when he bought it second-hand - so another couple of months won't make a lot of difference.
  9. Is the tick even or is it a "dotted rhythm" (da-dum da-dum)?
  10. This was losing a minute or so a day so, having invested in a device for removing the back of watches, I have spent the past couple of days messing about with its regulator to see if I could improve things. Yesterday lunchtime, after quite a few attempts, it seemed to have reached some sort of equilibrium so I tightened up the back and kept an eye on it. I set it 8 seconds slow at 1.42pm yesterday and this morning it is 5 seconds slow. That'll do for me. Quite clearly, it is now a superlative chronometer...
  11. There's only one ticker that matters under those circumstances. GWS! I've been using one as a yardstick by which to regulate another.
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