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  1. I'm not talking about 2000s Casios, i'm talking about 80s / 90s models, which are my favorite
  2. Wow! That is a awesome piece, have you find out what is the problem of it?
  3. They look good man! When did you get that stainless steel casio? Looks like it is old, 83?
  4. Well, i'm 100% sure i'm not the only one who likes digital watches, especially rare models, there is a lot of people that do like them, but i see more people doing Auto/Mechanical collections than digital ones, i would love to meet more people that share the same niche as myself Can you send me some pictures of them?
  5. Pretty rare watch to find, that's why it is more interesting Do you remember what model was it? Honestly, i don't know much about this forum, but seems that people here are not into Digital watches at all, at least i don't see much people posting here about them.
  6. I feel what you trying to say, but its a cool model
  7. Last few days i was looking for a old Casio watch i've seen a 80s advertisement, and found this Marlin and Databank models which i didn't knew much about them, and fall in love with this one, i saw a guy with a DB and Marlin Casio collection on youtube and loved it. I found the Marlin on recommended page of Ebay and take a quick look at it, after a day, i decided that i needed to get it, the condition was not bad at all and had a new battery added in, i won the auction today, i'm very happy, i don't know if there is Casio digital-watch collectors or enthusiasts but i believe this is a Rare watch. There is a picture of it: https://imgur.com/eI0pdH9 Who owns the same watch? Just let me know!
  8. They hard to find and around 70-200$ most of them and that's totally fine the best thing is to get them with time not all in once
  9. Looks great, i'm trying to collect 80s / 90s Digital Casios, mostly DataBanks, Marlins and SAs
  10. True ahhaha, tbh i would like to see Casio digital collections, i love them
  11. Its not that one, it was a bit different on the face i believe
  12. I would love to see some finished or almost finished collections
  13. the owner didnt even knew its price, so probably, it will be a GG
  14. I'm really interested in getting this https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Vintage-Casio-SA-53G-Japan-Mod-145-Mens-Watch-needs-Battery-/254009467493?&autorefresh=true
  15. i remember it was this style, but a bit different, it was 80s style
  16. I saw some weeks ago a really interesting Casio, it seems to be classic and old, but i can't find the model, it was in a airborne poster *Aircraft
  17. Yeah thanks man, also i'm kinda weird, i love 80s watches such as Omega La magique!
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