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  1. They are good here yes! I got my Longines based on recommendations frim learned people here
  2. Yes they have moved the GS logo...I think for marketing purposes probably..heres mine: Thats a great watch of yours by the way..nice!
  3. The pictures I posted are the '£2k' one. Theres a similar one which sells in japan for about £900 (it didnt come out here). The more expensive one is slimmer with a better movement and the finish is far better. Its almost at a Grand Seiko level (I am lucky enough to have a Grand Seiko and its very very close). Its a very good watch, and almost £3000 cheaper than the 'snowflake' GS its based on. Hope that helps.. Yep..its great to wear; especially in a clear day. People seem surprised when I say its a Seiko.. I like Seikos yes...but this watch in the flesh is oddly mesmerising! In a good way! Wears nicely too.
  4. Its much nicer in the flesh yes
  5. Really really good post. Though now I have seen more things I like haha
  6. It does look good! Hell if you can afford it go for it!
  7. Morning all! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  8. Exactly right..if you are spending you are entitled to ask the question!
  9. Sorry! I feel bad now .. On a good note Christmas is coming and maybe you can ask family etc to contribute towards it .
  10. Thanks...I even did lots of 'shopping around for it'. Its amazing these days the number of different vouchers/codes/prices/free gifts that do the rounds for these things!
  11. Yes, I dont like things (not just watches), that try to appeal to everyone or many markets. A watch (in my opinion), needs to know what it represents and who its for, and what occasion.
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