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  1. Nice strap. I've a couple of those straps, one in the tan and one in the darker brown, they are stiff to start with, but they are a nice looking strap with the cross stitch detail.
  2. Morning Orient Chronograph for Hump day, thinking i maybe need a divers watch on now, was going to take a photo on way back from ASDA earlier, but the heavens opened up and it got just a wee bit wet for getting the phone and watch out.
  3. Morning Orient 'Symphony' FER2700CW0 (Cal: 48743)
  4. Morning Seiko Sunday for me, SARB033 (Cal: 6R15)
  5. Morning Seiko 'Presage' SRPB41J1 (Cal: 4R35)
  6. I've a couple of their watches, very happy with both, no problems so far. I often see that most of the negatives for the brand around the internet seems to revolve around the name rather than the quality of the watches, to many folks seem to think they just pulled a name out of hat to sound swiss, but as was mentioned earlier in the thread, the name was picked to honour their grandparents, one of whom was involved in the watch industry. Although their designs might not be to everyone's tastes, I personally think they are very good quality at the price ranges their watches sit in. I have the Frederique Constant 'Flyback Chronograph Manufacture' FC-760V4H4. with their in house Cal: FC-760 movement. And Frederique Constant Index Slim Automatic FC-303MV5B4 (Cal: FC-303) which for me is just a beautiful dress watch, especially in the sun, on the wrist.
  7. they are in Perth. @Highland Laddie got one at the start of the year & @Always"watching" did a piece on them.
  8. Morning Quick pic while having a seat after shopping at ASDA earlier, Seiko 'Presage' SARY055 (Cal: 4R36)
  9. Morning Smiths Military PRS-29AM (Cal: Sellita SW210)
  10. Morning "Yesterday" it was the Smiths 'Everest' Expedition, today it's Smiths 'Everest' PRS-25 36mm (Cal: Miyota 9039) on the wrist.
  11. Morning Smiths 'Everest Expedition' PRS-25W (Cal: Miyota 9039)
  12. Morning Smiths Saturday for me, Smiths Everest PRS-25 - Gilt Dial (Cal: Miyota 9039)
  13. I've quite a few mini collections within collections, these are ones that i really like and can be worn dress or casual. From my Seiko collection have these 3 Presages, SRPB03J1, 05J1 & 07J1. and Orient Bambinos, 2nd Gen versions 1, 2, 3 & 4. And a Mathey-Tissot set of 3 Limited Edition (66 of each colour) from their 'Lord' collection.
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