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  1. Yeah, definitely ok to have different combos.
  2. Morning Sun is out, looks like a nice day. Dreyfuss & Co 1925 Series (Sellita SW 200)
  3. Morning Looks like a better day than yesterday. Dreyfuss & Co 1890 Series today.
  4. Morning Dreyfuss & Co 1925 Collection (Sellita SW 200-1)
  5. Beautiful looking watch, great choice.
  6. Morning Kickstarter watch today, Meccaniche Veneziane "Nereide GMT" Topazio Crema Cal MV297 (Sellita SW330-1).
  7. Morning Vostok free today, AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane (Miyota 8215) back on it's leather Nato (nylon Nato last time).
  8. Good to see things spread around, great guesture passing one on, well done @Davey P.
  9. Morning Last Vostok today, honest. Almaz with Polished Steel Case Cal: NH35
  10. On the web site is the specs for the Nereide 3, a recent release, which has the STP1-11 it.
  11. Here's a video with more info, as you can see, VE use very high tech modern equipment in modern facilities, I suppose it just mirrors their rugged look.
  12. Was watching this the other day and it's quite interesting, review by a watchmaker on a Vostok.
  13. The watch I have on today, originally had a bracelet but it was just so heavy, the watch case itself was heavy enough but with the bracelet just too much, changed to the leather strap. One thing you can say about them is there are no half measures when comes to the straps and bracelets.
  14. There's two Vostok brands, Vostok which is Russian, which is the Amphinians, Komanderskies etc, they've been on the go for a long time, originally in Moscow but during WW2 they moved to Chistopol. The ones I've had on the last week are from Vostok Europe from Lithuania, they're a newer brand, started up after the Soviet Union split up. They used to, under different name, supply Vostok with instrumentation equipment, but when Soviet Union collapsed, Vostok didn't have cash to pay bills, so they paid in watches, which were sold and VE was born. Anyway VE watches are well made, they design and make the watches but buy in the movements, mainly Vostok, Citizen and Seiko. The straps and bracelets are very good quality. The really are for folks with big wrists, most of their range is really a bit big for my wrist but I dolike them. The RRP can be a bit high, but hunt around eBay or Amazon and you can find better prices.
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