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  1. Morning AVI-8 'Hawker Hurricane' (Cal: Miyota 8215)
  2. Morning Ingersoll 'Bateman' (Cal: Miyota 821A)
  3. Great addition, looks really good, love the black/red look. When does the filling of the 2nd CW box start?
  4. I've a marine star, like it a lot, just a tad on the big size for my wrist.
  5. I've one, although only a recent purchase so can't give to much of review, like it a lot, 40mm is a good size for me, feels & looks like really good quality. Pictures really don't do the blue sapphire in the dial justice, it's really one of those watches you have to see in person to appreciate just how good looking it is. The only negative thing i would say, although it's only a minor negative, blue display back, think I would prefer clear display to see the movement more clearly.
  6. Morning Seiko SARX045 (Cal: 6R15D)
  7. Morning Seiko SARB035 (Cal: 6R15) on this dull & wet morning.
  8. It's a pretty big store, so you need all the help you can to find stuff.
  9. Morning Seiko 'Alpinist' Sarb017 (Cal: 6R15) for trip to Asda earlier.
  10. Morning Seiko SARB033 (Cal: 6R15)
  11. Yeah it's part of the Presage line up, I don't know why but quite a few of the presages range don't have presage on the dial. I have the SARX 045, midnight blue dial (due a run out this week), it's 39.5mm, it's a beautiful watch, it's really hard to do it justice when i take a pic though.
  12. Morning Seiko Sunday for me, Seiko 'Presage' SSA303J1 (Cal: 4R57A)
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