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  1. Morning (Just) Bit later today, but wearing the Luch 'One-Hand' 77471760 (Cal: Luch 1801.1) today.
  2. I keep boxes & paperwork, takes up a bit of room of you've a load of watches, but luckily have a loft to store them in.
  3. Morning Vostok Europe 'N1 Rocket' (Cal: 6S21)
  4. Morning Poljot 'Aviator I Chronograph' (Cal: Poljot 3133)
  5. Morning Vostok Europe 'GAZ 14 Limousine' YN85-560B519 (Cal: Seiko YN85)
  6. Morning Strela 'Officer Chronograph' OF38CYGS (Cal: Poljot 3133)
  7. I'm liking the new Rado watches, as well as that green Hamilton earlier in the thread.
  8. Morning Vostok Europe GAZ 14 Limousine NH35A-5659139 (Cal: NH35a)
  9. Morning Not the best photo taken earlier as i'm checking the weather for weekly walk to ASDA, still a bit dark and dull, Sturmanskie 'Ocean' Chronograph Special Edition 3133-1981599 (Cal: Poljot 3133). And yes it's another lovely morning in the NE of Scotland.
  10. Morning Vostok Europe 'Almaz' (Cal: NH35) on another hot and sunny spring morning.
  11. Almost snap, I have the Rose Gold/White dial. Although you got slightly more off than me, I only got it £1500 off in an Earnest Jones sale. Really are beautiful watches.
  12. Morning Smiths Military PRS-29AM (Cal: Sellita SW210) for a white Easter morning.
  13. Morning Looks like a fine Easter morning, some sun, although forecast to change in a few hours so Easter Monday is a day of gales, snow and freezing temps. Another Smiths for me today, Smiths 'Everest Expedition' PRS-25W (Cal: Miyota 9039)
  14. Morning Smiths Saturday for me, Smiths 'Everest' PRS-25 (Cal: Miyota 9039)
  15. Morning Vostok Europe 'Almaz' Titanium (Cal: NH35)
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