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  1. Morning Mathey-Tissot Lord Collection (Cal: Ronda 1009)
  2. Morning Vostok Europe Dual Time Expedition N1 (Ronda 515.24H)
  3. Morning Vostok Europe Almaz Titanium Case (Cal: NH35)
  4. looks really good , wouldn't mind one of those myself but no room left in my orient box. Serious Watches are good, have some good prices, like the way they wrap the watches, and last time I got a carrier bag and a Dutch toffee biscuit as well.
  5. That's a good video too, very enjoyable. Really like that you make everything nice and clear, detailed information about the watch and the Company.
  6. Great start to being on youtube, really enjoyed it, hope we'll see more vids. Although stills are great, especially for microscopic details on movements, I personally like seeing a watch at different angles in videos, i think you get a better feel for the overall look of watch.
  7. Morning Dreyfuss & Co 1925 Series (Cal: Sellita SW 200)
  8. Morning Vostok Europe Almaz Chrono Titanium (Cal: 6S11) That's a lot better, less strain on the old neck , but what about the DATE?
  9. Yeah i did, and you could have won, but i dropped you down to second place for giving me a sprained neck trying to see the dial at a better angle.
  10. TW Steel is there though but don't see Fat Face.
  11. I like the levels these folk give the different watch brands and give it a price range, of course not everybody will agree with where each brand has been placed, but I think it gives a good idea where most watch brands are on a scale. https://www.watch-rankings.com/watch-rankings/
  12. That's a great looking watch, lot of lovely watches posted today, but this is my favourite of the day.
  13. Or somtimes when youtubers speak of Affordable watches and looking at starting prices of 3 or 4 thousand. Affordable to the few, certainly not the masses.
  14. Morning Dreyfuss & Co 1925 Series (Sellita SW200).
  15. 035 is a great choice, you'll be well pleased with it. Yeah it's more a creamy white rather than white, think that's why I am fond of the 057 above, as it's dial is a more white dial. But any of the watches would make you happy they all look great on the wrist.
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