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  1. Morning Dreyfuss & Co 1925 Series (Cal Sellita SW200)
  2. Learn something new everyday, did look for the acronym thread but didn't see it. It's a Ronda 515, quartz.
  3. PR is that Price? If so then, approx £140 - £170 ish at Amazon, depending on strap. My one had a brown leather Nato strap, the bracelet was bought separate, although you can get it with a bracelet or Silicone strap also.
  4. Morning Don't have a Seamaster but have a Seaforce, pretty sure quality's up there with the Seamaster and slightly cheaper. Wenger Seaforce (Cal: Ronda 515)
  5. Morning Dreyfuss & Co 1925 Series (Sellita SW 200) this morning.
  6. Morning Mathey-Tissot (Cal: Ronda 1009) today.
  7. He does a lot of very interesting & informative videos, very good channel. Will be interesting to see his final thoughts when he re-assembles it.
  8. Morning Strela Officer Chronograph OF38CYGS (Cal: P3133)
  9. I know how you feel, it's a pest getting the angle and light just right for a photo, but you did a great job there. Mine is still on a black strap, but that brown/tan strap goes really well, maybe time for a change.
  10. Looks brilliant in the pics, so must be an absolute stunner in person, fantastic addition.
  11. Morning Dreyfuss & Co 1890 Collection DGB00127/02
  12. Pure coincidence, I was watching this video earlier tonight, I like the guy's videos, explains things really well for us non experts, but anyway, he was looking at a fake Rolex vs a real one.
  13. I like them both, but the CWC edges it for price.
  14. Morning Vostok Kirovskie K43 (Cal 2415.02) to start the week.
  15. Morning Roamer Rockshell Mark III (Cal: Ronda 5030)
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