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  1. Morning Lost a day somewhere with the date, one of the side effects of retirement, struggling to remember what day it is let alone the date. Vostok Europe 'GAZ 14 Limousine' {Cal: Seiko Epson YN85 (Orient F6N44 with Seiko Epson branded rotor)}
  2. Morning Orient 'Symphony' FER2700CW0 (Cal: 48743)
  3. Morning Going all titanium as well today, although not quite in the same league as the Seamaster, Vostok Europe 'Almaz' Titanium (Cal: NH35a)
  4. Morning Orient 'Bambino' 2nd Gen. Ver 2 (Cal: F6724)
  5. Huawei phones have good cameras, although the Honor 10 I have doesn't have the Leica branded lens.
  6. Morning Vostok Europe 'Almaz' Bronze (Cal: NH35A)
  7. Morning Orient 'Power Reserve' FFDAH004Y (Cal: 46N40)
  8. Morning Bit of a frosty morning. Orient Star 'Classic Power Reserve' SAF02001S0 (Cal: 40N52)
  9. Morning Seiko 5 Sport 'Sea Urchin' SNZF15K1 (Mod - Sapphire crystal & NH36a)
  10. Morning Seiko 'Presage' SRPB03J1 (Cal: 4R35B)
  11. Morning Was a damp, dark morning for shopping at ASDA earlier, Seiko SKX009 (Mod - Sapphire crystal + NH36A)
  12. I've the Geckota G-02 Diver BoR Edition but mine has the ETA2824-2 when they were still able to get them, really like the watch and BOR bracelet, although the newer ones again have a different bracelet. Haven't had any problems with the watch.
  13. Morning Back to cold weather this morning, with a sprinkling of snow. Seiko 'Presage' SRPB05J1 (Cal: 4R35B)
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