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  1. Love the colour of that dial, bet it looks fantastic in the sunlight.
  2. Morning Gigandet 'Sea Ground' G2-015 (Cal: NH35)
  3. Morning Parnis PA767 (Cal: Sea-gull 2542)
  4. Just changed the one, which I'm wearing. I treat my quartz the same as my automatics, just change date and time when i'm wearing them, usually the night before.
  5. And very easy to read. Tried to get a couple of pics to see the markers side on so see how deep they are.
  6. Morning Sunny morning here. Seagull Chinese Military 'Tank Commander' D813.581 (Cal: ST2553)
  7. Morning Starking AM0171SS11 (Cal: Miyota 8215)
  8. Morning Sea-gull “Dong Feng” (Cal: ST2130) today.
  9. Cheers, I got it in a sale on Ali, £68 a while back, it's back up to £160 now. It actually came on a bracelet, but put on a strap to see what like it was, here it is before the strap change.
  10. I'm waiting till over too, think there will be a lot of sales on then, except I might go for the Smith's Everest Expedition, which might be back in stock in April, but other than that no plans, unless a real bargain pops up.
  11. Morning Reef Tiger 'Classic Perpetual II' (Cal: RT4101)
  12. Morning Tianjin 1963 Chinese Airforce watch (Cal: ST19) today.
  13. Morning Hope all stay safe and healthy. Longines lockdown for me today. Longines Hydroconquest (Cal: L619-888)
  14. Recovered and feeling fine, Cheers
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