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  1. Morning Dark and slightly breezy morning. Seiko Bottle Cap SRPC63K1 (Cal: 4R36A)
  2. We used to wear the all white baseball boots. Had a few pairs of the Sta- prest, navy blue, black, green & a two tone colour pair blue with a wine shimmer colour through it, didn't look like regular Sta-prest.
  3. I remember them, it was mainly Tuf shoes I had at school. This old age is not fair, to many parts of the body just ain't up to the job anymore.
  4. Yeah, very comfortable on flat surface, but have noticed with the thinner soles some rough surfaces are more notably uncomfortable walking on, maybe just my feet as I get older.
  5. A very smart looking pair she picked. Love the colour of the Kegler, Red and Black is a good combo. I'm in need of getting a new pair of black sambas, sole wearing now, which is not bad must be about 6/7 years old and been to many football matches with a lots of beer etc spilled on them. Bought a pair of the Kiel trainers recently, for a change, although don't think they'll last as long or take the same punishment .
  6. Morning Orient Bambino 2nd Gen. Ver 1 (Cal: F6724) to start the week.
  7. The only items I've bought from the old days are Sambas (always had a pair off black sambas and blue suede sambas to wear since the 70s, last longer than any other trainers i've bought) and pair of black docs for winter, oh and some Ben Sherman shirts.
  8. Also add Levi Sta prest, baseball boots and denim jacket to the wardrobe.
  9. Morning Seiko Sunday for me. Seiko SPC129P1 (Cal: 7T86)
  10. Morning Orient Bambino 2nd Gen. Ver 3 - FAC0000CA0 (Cal: F6724)
  11. Morning Seiko 5 Sports SNZG15K1 (Cal: 7S36C)
  12. Nice looking watch to end your buying for the year. Like that it's a nice sterile dial and no date window and the bracelet looks good as well.
  13. Morning Orient Neo 70's Horizon Solar Chronograph WV0021TY (Cal: Seiko V172)
  14. Thanks for the picture, seeing that one, it looks as though they taken aspects/styles from both watches (Baby Monaco and Monaco) to come up with the recraft, the dial style is certainly seems to have been influenced by the Monaco.
  15. Great addition to the collection @bridgeman . I really like Dreyfus watches a lot, they do some really good looking dials and hands, and the boxes are something else. PS A couple of friends from the 1925 collection say hello. DGS00150 01 & DGB00148 01
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