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  1. Morning Wet Sunday here , Roamer again, the Superior (ETA 955.132) with the brown dial this time.
  2. Not just you, there still seems to be a problem uploading this morning, which they are aware of and trying to fix.
  3. Morning all Roamer Superior (ETA 955.132) for last day of the week.
  4. I actually like both, but if I had to pick one, then the Jubilee just shades it. That's a perfect match, like they were made for each other.
  5. Morning Victorinox Alliance 241666 (ETA 2824-2) today.
  6. Makes it real easy for reading and setting time, just a nice simple design, and nice finishing. It's the only Wenger I have but impressed with the finish for an inexpensive watch,. The only thing I'm not happy with yet is the strap, came with brown leather NATO, but thickness of leather made it sit high up from the wrist, blue is ok, but it's not quite the look I want, will get there eventually.☺️
  7. Morning Wenger Wednesday, Seaforce (Ronda 515), a bit of colour for work today.
  8. I picked Oyster, but not against others as long as it goes with the watch it's on, I also prefer having micro adjustments on the clasp, sometimes with bracelets they are either too slack or tight when adjusting size with links only.
  9. Morning Tissot Tuesday, Seastar for me on this wet and dull morning.
  10. Morning Mondaine Monday, with EVO big date today.
  11. Morning Grovana 2094.9132 (Ronda 5030.D) on this dull looking Sunday.
  12. Morning Wet and dull Saturday here. Aviator AIRACOBRA P42 (Ronda 519)
  13. Great collection Martin, superbly backed up with a detailed page for each watch on your web site.
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