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  1. My wrist change size during the day, so either have to start slack, which i don't like, to get a good fit later or start good and end up too tight later. Bracelets with micro- adjustments just make it easier to change easily as day goes on.
  2. Morning Longines 'Hydroconquest' (Cal: L619-888)
  3. Snap Although i put mine on a strap, I struggle to get a good fit with no micro adjustments on the bracelet, got it from Ali in a sale a while back, surprised (although shouldn't be) how good it looks and quality considering the price.
  4. Very true, one of my favourite watches, it's one of those watches where you need to see it in the flesh to really appreciate it, it's really hard to get a picture that does it justice. Wish I had bought the IP black one as well, the more I see pics of it the better looking it gets each time. Maybe keep an eye on ebay, have noticed a lot of the bargains on TKmaxx end up there as some folk try to make a quick profit, but you might find one pop up at a reasonable price, there is an IP black one but they are asking £1200 for it, which is a substantial jump from TKmaxx price.
  5. Morning Eterna 'Heritage Military 1939 Collection' (Cal: ETA 2824 2)
  6. Morning Sorry not a quartz, but is another blue dial, although bit dull looking due to being dark this morning with the weather today, just waiting for the rain, thunder & lightning to stop so I can do my weekly walk for ASDA shopping. Longines 'Conquest' L3.776.4.99.6 (Cal: L888)
  7. Congratulation @WRENCH on your new post.
  8. Could have gone missing, but as @JoT say postage can be slow from the likes of Russia, China etc. I've had a few from china that's taken over a month, it's must be the cheapest mail option they use, but they usually arrive. I did have a watch go missing though in transit, I bought a Raymond Weil watch from Jomashop, after a few days checking transit details from DHL, it was down as cleared customs in the uk and awaiting pick up by yodel. Thought just be a couple of days till delivery. A week later still no word and the tracking details were still the same. Phoned the customs place and they said the package had been picked up by yodel, ok next step phoned Yodel, they said they haven't picked it up, explained that customs had said you picked it up on this date and it was signed for by this person. Yodel insisted they didn't have it on their system so contact the seller. Contacted Jomashop and they said they can't do anything for think it was 28 days and then they can submit an insurance claim, which would then take more time. So after a couple of months I finally got my money back. I was really annoyed, firstly that no one seemed interested in checking up on what was happening with the delivery, personally would have though Jomashop could contact DHl and they would investigate from there, but no. Secondly that DHL use Yodel to deliver some of the packages in the UK, DHL have three big depots in Aberdeen, due to the Oil Industry etc, so why they need Yodel is beyond me, and thirdly the watch was in a sale and even including duty etc was £400 cheaper than i could buy it here, and of course by the time the insurance claim was done they no longer had the watch in stock.
  9. Morning Mathey-Tissot 'Lord Collection' (Cal: STP1-11 Incabloc)
  10. Morning Roamer “Swissmatic” (Cal: STP1-11)
  11. Hi there Hello and welcome to the forum, from another Aberdonian, born & bred variety.
  12. Morning Mathey-Tissot 'Lord Collection' (Cal: M1-11 Incabloc)
  13. Thumbs up fro me too , and as others have said, liking the red dial, but also like the blue for a bit of contrast.
  14. Definitely not happy, they should have been hiding their faces in shame after their woeful performance in the game last week, not going out to the pub to have a meal, truly idiotic. Although they are not the only idiots, seems to have been a lot last weekend behaving like idiots, which we'll probably see the cost of early next week as the numbers infected gets worse.
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