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  1. Morning Vostok Europe 'GAZ 14 Limousine' (Cal: NH35A)
  2. Morning Strela 'Officer' Chronograph OF38CYGS (Cal: Poljot 3133)
  3. We had an appearance from the globe today, although it was big and glowing, it certainly wasn't warm.
  4. Morning Vostok Europe 'N1 Rocket' (Cal: 6S21)
  5. Morning Poljot 2801 Chronograph Journey (Cal: Poljot 31681)
  6. Monday Vostok Europe 'Expedition Everest Underground' (Cal: Seiko YN84)
  7. Morning Luch 'One-Hand' 77471760 (Cal: Luch 1801.1)
  8. Personally I also think the sellers of the Brands often don't help with the confusion, the brands themselves have a vague our story on their web sites, but certain seller often add their take on the story and embelish. If we take the recent thread on Ideal World, they sell quite a few of the Dartmouth brands and a few others from the parent company Solar time and the guest experts for the brands, a couple of them are ex Dreyfuss and Rotary folk, never give any indication of the true origins of the watches, if we take say Earnshaw watches, the whole sales pitch is about Thomas Earnshaw & Br
  9. Yeah, they are part of the Dartmouth Brands Ltd, which is just a company set up, by Notan Tolani, Solar Time (Hong Kong) to distribute the brands in the UK. Solar Time also own & manufacture the likes of Nubeo, CCCP, Swiss Eagle and I think Swiss Legend. Agree with both yourself and @Always"watching", they make some good watches, I have the Spinnaker Spence and AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane and very happy with both, but wish like a lot of brands out there, they would be just a bit more honest as to who is behind and where the watches are made. It's not like buying a Chinese watch is a bad th
  10. Morning Vostok Amphibian (cal: 2416B)
  11. Morning Vostok Europe 'Almaz' Titanium (Cal: NH35)
  12. Morning Just back from Asda weekly shop, wearing Vostok 'Amphibia Neptun' (960762) (Cal: Vostok 2426.02)
  13. I like the colours scheme, not too sure about the date though, but that would only be a slight niggle.
  14. Swan & Edgar claim to be 4th generation watchmakers, claim they take many months to design their watches and all their watches are handmade by highly skilled craftmen, all of of whom are handpicked by Swan & Edgar. They have a shows coming up on Saturday, you have to watch it's hilarious, it'll take about 5 seconds to realise the guest (He owns Swan & Edgar and is the 4th generation of the watchmaking family) is clueless. His father also appears on shopping TV but on the Jewellery channel, he flogs their other brand, Gamages of London, similar quality watches but even higher
  15. Going fine, only level 2 restrictions here in the NE Scotland, Still able to go out for a pint and a meal till 8pm indoors and 10.30pm outdoors, etc.
  16. Morning Vostok Europe Dual Time 'Expedition N1' (Cal: Ronda 515.24H)
  17. Morning Vostok 'Kirovskie K43' (Cal:2415.02)
  18. Morning Vostok Europe 'GAZ 14 Limousine' (Cal: Seiko YN85)
  19. Morning 'Scuba dude' Vostok Amphibian 420386 (Cal: 2416B)
  20. Yeah, there is nothing wrong with the CCCP watches, just have to check what you're getting as Ideal world's technical details isn't always correct. Until recently, Ideal World had been falsely claiming CCCP were a Russian watchmaking brand with a long rich History & Heritage and had been on the go since the 1920s and the watches were made in Russia, which was just a load of rubbish. The ASA recently put a stop to that nonsense.
  21. Some of the brands on IW have some very high RRPs. Although it's not the Gevril of old, the new Gevril still uses the old Gevril factory/workshop in Switzerland to make their watches, wouldn't pay the RRps, but a reduced price ok. Watch for the GV2 range, they use Rubens & Son Swiss MD3G movement, which is a Miyota 8215, which is assembled, decorated, regulated etc in Switzerland. You also have to wary of the info they give, they are very prone to exaggerate the quality, give misinformation and outright lie about some of the brands ie their history, heritage and the quality of the wat
  22. Morning Sturmanskie 'Gagarin' 2609-3745128 (Cal: 2609)
  23. Morning Vostok Europe 'N1 Expedition' (Cal: NH35A)
  24. It's a shame, as there is nothing wrong with some of the brands on Ideal World, Mathey-Tissot, Vostok Europe, Traser, Sturmanskie, Aviator, Swiss Military and now Eterna all decent brands, although everybody may not like the style of theses brand's watches they are at least watchmaking brands. Problem is, especially with the other brands Ideal World sell, is that IW's so called "Expert" guests and presenters spend so much time spouting lies, misinformation and rubbish that more often then not their watch shows have become a farce, it's hilarious listening to some of the nonsense, which IMO neg
  25. Morning Poljot 'Aviator I Chronograph' (Cal: Poljot 3133)
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