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  1. Morning Alpina Alpiner Cal: AL-525 today. @Ullevi you can breath safely now, your Startimer is off my "To Pinch" list.
  2. Sold out now, I managed to got the last one.
  3. Morning It's a Tissot Thursday, Tissot Ballade Powermatic 80 Chronometer for today.
  4. Have a nice holiday. A quartet of lovely watches you are taking with you, just make sure you keep them safe and don't leave any behind when you return.
  5. Is it a partial dual time and alarm functions? it is a nice looking watch, love the colours. Can imagine @Cassie-O would have that one on the to get list, if it was a bit smaller, looks like just her style.
  6. Morning Certina DS Action Day-Date Powermatic 80 for today, hopefully will bring out some sun.
  7. Yeah, that's the one I remember, just love the white dial and blue hands / Indices.
  8. Oh sorry to here that, hope it was a good pint. This will probably make you feel worse. That was from the work, I also got this one for retiring from the folk I worked with.
  9. Morning Tissot Tuesday for me, this is the watch I got with my long service award (33 Years) from the work when i retired in July. Tissot Heritage Visodate T019.430.11.041.00 Cal: ETA 2836-2
  10. Yeah that's a lovely one too, is that the same one as @mcb2007 has? Really liked the look of that one.
  11. I see, didn't know that. I suppose once you start copying Tudor's own trademark Rose Logo/emblem, whether on the crown or on the dial, then it starts to become more of a copy/fake than a homage.
  12. Really like the look of that one, it's a beautiful watch. (Corguet have a £70 version but I managed to hold back from buying it, must stick to the real things. ) I'm in the middle of saving (well actually could really afford it now if needed but want to save a bit more first) for what would be my grail watch, never really seen myself as a Rolex person, although I do like the look of the explorer, but originally was looking at omegas, first Deville, then the moon watch, but have now come down to most likely getting a Tudor, I like the size of the Black Bay 58, think it would suit my wrist size better better, although I have seen another watch that has kinda grab me and may end up with it. It's the new Baume et Mercier Clifton Baumatic, Cadran Blue, 5 day power reserve chronometer, it looks stunning. But just on Tudor V Rolex, Tudor for me.
  13. Morning Hamilton Khaki King H64455523 Cal: H40 to start the week.
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