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  1. Morning Orient 'Symphony' FER2700CW0 (Cal: 48743) for my weekly visit to ASDA. @Wrench no back lanes or even Fittie this week, just a walk via the boring South Anderson Drive.
  2. I would agree, and as @JonnyOldBoy says 39mm is a good size.
  3. Morning Seiko 'Presage' SRPB03J1 (Cal: 4R35B)
  4. Morning Orient 'Bambino' 2nd Gen. Ver 3 (Cal: F6724)
  5. Was wondering why we haven't been seeing all your lovely German watches lately, always a real treat to see the pics. Get well soon and take care so we can get back to appreciating those photos soon.
  6. Morning Sunny Seiko Sunday for me, like quite a few others, Seiko 'Presage' SRPB05J1 (Cal: 4R35B)
  7. As well as great watches, the variety of brands & styles is always great in WRUW threads.
  8. Morning Orient 'Bambino' 2nd Gen. Ver 2 (Cal: F6724)
  9. Morning Seiko 'Presage' SRPB07J1 (Cal: 4R35B)
  10. I keep all the boxes as well, although most are nice enough, they are fairly generic. These are one which i suppose the brands have put a bit more effort into providing something different from the generic cardboard/ faux leather watch boxes. Certina DS PH200M Vostok Europe Dry box and some wooden boxes And not sure if this counts, but a Rotary which came in watch winder rather than a box
  11. Morning A bit later this morning, but the Orient 'Bambino' 2nd Gen. Ver 1 (Cal: F6724) for today.
  12. Can get a bit wild down at Fittie in winter, nae much between it and the North Sea, if you're ok with a wee breeze then it's fine.
  13. I like all 3, it would be a close call between them, but it would be the Omega, the blue dial and the case style and finishes just looks so beautiful to me.
  14. No definitely nae Fittie, it would add over 5 miles to my walk home if I went via Fittie, I'd be knackered by the time I got there. It's ASDA at the Bridge of Dee I shop at not the Asda at the beach. Better image, my photo is taken just before where the red car
  15. My one just stopped, the movement just died. It lasted a few years, but it was showing it's age, the alloy case was showing through etc, which was a shame as the dial was really good looking.
  16. It may not be the last remains, it may be Solar time are intending reviving the Brand, think they had the trademark at the start and Antoni Fields was involved. https://trademarks.justia.com/owners/solar-time-limited-1576657/ https://uspto.report/TM/76364640 But really don't know a lot about them, but as I said they had Antoni Fields as one of their Directors from 2004-2010, he's the father of the guy that started Fields Luxury Products a couple of years ago, and is now flogging Swan & Edgar watches (named after the old Swan & Edgar department store) on Ideal World and G
  17. Morning Seiko 'Padi' SRPA21K1 (Cal: 4R36) shopping earlier this morning at ASDA, taking the scenic route through the back lanes home.
  18. Morning Seiko 'Samurai' SRPB51K1 (Cal: 4R35) + a bit of a lume shot for a change.
  19. I did read somewhere else last year quite a few unhappy folks discussing the situation. It looked like the company was having trouble for a while but continued to take people's money right till the end, when there was no hope of fulfilling orders. I was looking at a Raketa watch on their site a couple of months before they went bust, glad I didn't go for it now.
  20. Yeah, while the CCCP web site doesn't say they are NH35s they also don't claim those "non-descript" movements as Slava, the "expert" guest and presenters on Ideal World are the opposite though, they leave the viewer in little doubt that those watches have Slava movements in them, what's worse is he should know, the "expert" is the guy and more recently his wife who owned & ran the Page & Cooper online retailer before it went bankrupt last year. They had a show last week and did say that CCCP's stock of NOS Slava movements was getting low, so expect more of their range with NH35s i
  21. Morning Seiko 'Bottle Cap' SRPC63K1 (Cal: 4R36A)
  22. It's not for me, I like to know what watch i'm buying not be sent some unknown watch I may or may not like, most of the watches I've seen sent from watchgang on Youtube I would never have wanted to buy anyway, plus although there may be an odd bargains, most of the watches are from brands that get their watches made in China and then saddle them with ridiculous RRPs, so when you get one on watchgang (or heavily discounted from some other retailer like TV Shopping Channels etc) at some cheap tier subscription it appears you've been sent a a bargain, when in truth you haven't. It would take
  23. I agree with what's been posted already, but add that not all of their watches have Slava movements, some have Japanese movements, and I would be very careful if you are buying from Ideal World, been a couple lately where the "expert guest" has claimed it contained a Slava movement, but when you see the back it's an NH35, they have the Slava name "слава" and H335 24 Kamen on the rotor, but it's definitely not a Slava movement, as i said it's an NH35 with a custom rotor. The Models I've seen being mis-sold buy Ideal World, have been "Gorky", "Aleksandrov" & last week the "Black Sea".
  24. Morning Seiko 5 Sports “Sports Style” Sunburst Green SBSA011 (Cal: 4R36)
  25. I love my Baume & Mercier, Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic 10436 (Cal: Baumatic BM12-1975A COSC)
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