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  1. Ok just a little update, I see what you might be looking at on ebay now, that's older versions of the MV Nereide range with the Cal MV135 which I think is a Depa movement, they were from an earlier campaign, they were 21,600 beats. The watches on their web site are newer models and have different movements to some of those on sale on Ebay. It's a bit confusing with having the same name on the watch, but is actually different versions.
  2. No, not trapped in a dealer (although feel like it at times with the amount I have ), it's just the way i rotate wearing my watches, I normally go by the make, these are what I start the day at work with, but I do change in the evening if i'm doing other things, going out or working around house etc. I find this method is best for making sure all get some wrist time. Just two more Vostoks before I move on to the next make (Dreyfuss & Co) in the rotation.
  3. Definitely 28,800 beats, and their web site isn't the best for origin of the movements. For the Nereide GMT, it's a Sellita movement, has the all the Sellita coding on it, with 25 jewels and 2019 manufacture code. Everybody has been checking their watches for this code because, when they couldn't get ETA movements they said the Sellitas replacing them were brand new made this year, but a 100 of the movements had a 2017 manufacture code on them, in response MV posted an email from Sellita saying this was a mistake during manufacture and they were made this year. I think the NON GMT version of the Nereide (and their other watches) have an STP1-11 or STP1-13 in them, with their customisation they then give it their caliber reference. I think that's where they are saying it's comparable with ETA and Sellita. The Nereide GMT was going to be their first watch with an ETA movement, but now has the Sellita instead. This is a video from the microband store
  4. Morning Vostok Europe Red Square (Cal 2432) this sunny morning.
  5. I agree with you about Kickstarter, at the moment it seems like the perfect place for the unscrupulous out there to take advantage of unwary backers. I backed the campaign as they had two previously successful campaigns and I like the package on offer, thought all would be ok, but turns out before those two campaigns they had done other campaigns which had problems under a previous name, probably why they changed their name. As you say they need to do something.
  6. Yes I really like the watch too, but the problems with the creators has left a bad taste as far as Kickstarter and the brand itself goes. Biggest part for me was the complete lack of communication about the problems that they were having, especially regarding the ETA movement, assembly, quality control and delivery schedule, and once the problem became known, their complete lack of acknowledgement that change of movement was a big deal for quite few of the backers. As far as they were concerned if the watch looked the same, what difference does changing the movement ETA to Sellita make. It's was only after the original delivery timescale had passed that the problems they were having slowly started to surface and even then they kept saying everything is ok and on schedule. I seem to be one of the lucky ones, because even after the deliveries finally started, backers were receiving watches with misaligned GMT hands, straps and spare bezels missing and despite being made aware of this and promising to make the quality control better, some have still been receiving watches with hands misaligned. Even the Microbrand Store have dropped them because of this campaign, they have not been happy with some of the watches they received for their customers and also the lack of communication.
  7. Well after Eight and a half months and changes to it, my first Kickstarter watch has finally arrived. Was originally meant to have ETA 2893-2 but it now has the Sellita SW330-1, stretch goal of an Oyster bracelet was also change to a leather strap, minute hand was changed. This was my first Kickstarter and it will also be my last, didn't realise (naivety on my part) just how little support there is for backers from Kickstarter, if you encounter problems, delays or changes are made that you weren't made aware of or disagree with. After all that I still like the watch (although if I had known at the start it wasn't coming with the ETA movement then I wouldn't have backed it) but it's been a heck of a Journey getting here, as for the Creators (Meccaniche Veneziane) have to say my opinion of them is as low as you can get. Anyway to the watch. Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT Topazio Crema Cal: MV297 (Sellita SW330-1 with Custom Rotor). 42 mm, 316L Stainless Steel Anti-reflective Domed Sapphire Glass Old Radium Swiss Superluminova® Unidirectional rotatable, Enamelled Aluminium Bezel 20ATM Came with :- Main Strap - Real vintage leather Made in Italy, Mesh bracelet, Jubilee Bracelet, Perlon Strap and an extra Brown Leather Strap (Instead of Oyster Bracelet)
  8. Morning Vostok Europe Almaz Titanium case (Cal: NH35) for this sunny Monday morning, 15 days to go.
  9. Morning Sun is out, so Vostok Europe GAZ 14 Limousine (Cal YN85)
  10. Lovely collection, especially like that Tudor, and great looking watch box, love the red and black colour combo.
  11. Yeah white dial and colour combo of the hands and numbers is quite nice, but as has been said, what were they thinking with the crown, just looks so odd.
  12. Morning Vostok Europe GAZ 14 Limousine (Cal NH35A) today.
  13. Morning Vostok Europe Almaz Chrono Titanium Case (Cal: 6S11)
  14. Yeah i see that, I watch the shows sometimes, and they do have some good deals at times, but the over the top rubbish and outright lies from their presenters just annoys me too much, although a good rant at the TV screen when they are on is good for stress relief.
  15. Morning Still wet weather here, so Vostok Europe Expedition Everest Underground (Seiko YN84) today.
  16. Really sorry to hear that, was looking forward to seeing it. Would have thought OFAH would have been popular enough for there to have been enough demand. Maybe something else will pop up in the future, will keep an eye out. But as you say at least you still have your smartwatch to fall back on.
  17. Usually the one far a day, unless i'm going out somewhere, like for a meal, where I may wear a dressier watch or working about the house when I'll switch to more of a beater watch.
  18. Thank you, yeah it does feel like you're wearing something from the past when it's on, something a bit different. btw have you heard anything more about that only fools and horses watch?
  19. New one for me as well today, waiting for me when I got home from work. Seiko 'Recraft ' SNKP23 Cal: 7S26
  20. Morning Vostok Europe Almaz Bronze (NH35A-320O516) this morning, it's just back from a recent trip to Vilnius to get the hands re-aligned (was still under warranty), didn't notice they were slightly off when I got it, eyesight must be getting worse in old age.
  21. Two crackers, two great additions to your collection.
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