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  1. Morning Tianjin '1963 Chinese Airforce' (Cal: ST19)
  2. I don't think the pictures do this watch justice, the Sealander looks good on pics online, but in person it's much better looking, and size, finishing, legibility etc it's just perfect, really, really happy i decided to buy it, think this is going to be a very popular range for CW.
  3. The green dial looks good too, had a hard time deciding between the two, but white won out in the end. Hopefully your funds improve and you can get the green dial soon.
  4. Morning Brighter morning so far after yesterdays battering. New one on today, trying different straps before get round to resizing bracelet, really like the quick release they have on the bracelet makes changing straps so much easier,. Christopher Ward 'C63 Sealander' (Cal: SW200-1)
  5. Just a quick pic, not the best lighting, of the Sealander that arrived during the storm this evening. Christopher Ward 'C63 Sealander' C63-39ADA3-S00W0-B0 (Cal: SW200-1)
  6. Not bought today, ordered on Wednesday with the black Friday code, but getting delivered today. Christopher Ward C63 Sealander, white dial on bracelet.
  7. Morning Sea-gull “Dong Feng” (Cal: ST2130)
  8. Morning Rotary LE00006-03 (Cal: ETA 2836-2)
  9. Morning Off out for my booster and flu jabs wearing my favourite watch in my collection, Baume & Mercier 'Clifton Baumatic' (Cal: Baumatic BM12-1975A COSC)
  10. Morning Freddy Friday for me today, Frederique Constant 'Flyback Chronograph Manufacture' FC-760V4H4 (Cal: FC-760)
  11. I've small wrists but it fits me fine. There are different sizes of this watch, the one i have is the, Rado HyperChrome Automatic R32115113, Rado: Caliber 658 (ETA 2824-2) and it's 38.7mm diam, i know they also do the bigger 42mm size and i think in 44mm as well, which is too big for a dress watch for me, although maybe fine for folks with big wrists. https://www.jurawatches.co.uk/products/rado-watch-hyperchrome-automatic-r32115113 Although when i got it in their January sale in 2020 it was an even bigger saving, it was reduced to a absolute bargain price of £664. Jura/CW Sellors always slip in some really good bargains in their sales, just need to be quick and eagle eyed. Agreed, very good design with not just look but functionality in mind, some crowns, while they may look good in relation to the overall look of the watch, are an absolute nightmare to get a grip of to wind let alone to pull out.
  12. This is probably a better pic to see the dial & Crown. The crown has a small ridge which makes it super easy to pull out for changing date and for winding. As you see it originally came on a bracelet, but looks equally good on a strap. The strap was from www.poljot24.de, it's the '9010Pensa Leather strap Juchten RIOS1931' in Cognac. https://www.poljot24.de/en/uhrtypen/uhrenbander/lederband-pensa-juchten-rios1931.html
  13. Morning Rado 'Captain Cook' {Cal: C07.611 (Base ETA 2824-2)}
  14. Morning Just back from ASDA, nice bright and sunny morning for a change. Rado 'HyperChrome' {Cal: 658 (ETA 2824-2)}
  15. Morning Frederique Constant 'Classic Index Slim' (Cal: FC-303)
  16. Morning Eterna 'Heritage Military 1939 Collection' (Cal: ETA 2824 2)
  17. Morning Christopher Ward 'C60 Blue Sapphire' (Cal: Sellita SW200-1) for me today, going out for breakfast this morning.
  18. Morning Longines 'Hydroconquest' {Cal: L619-888 (ETA 2892-A2)}
  19. That's a beautiful watch. I'm going German as well today. Junghans 'Meister Telemeter' {Cal: J880.3 (ETA 2892 – Dubois Depraz 2030)}
  20. Morning Off to Iceland for some shopping, strapped with a Longines 'Conquest' L3.776.4.99.6 (Cal: L888)
  21. Agreed, although i can get a wee bit (just a wee bit ) OCD with new watches and try as far as possible to keep them scratch free, if i own it i wear it, no point in collecting dust in a box. If fear of damage was to stop me from wearing a watch, then I wouldn't be buying that watch.
  22. Morning Mathey-Tissot 'Type 21 Flyback Chronograph' (Cal: Valjoux 7750)
  23. Morning Hamilton 'Khaki Pilot Pioneer' H76456955 {Cal: H31 (Valjoux 7753)}
  24. Morning Tissot 'Heritage Visodate' (Cal: ETA 2836-2)
  25. That's a lovely looking watch. Been eyeing up the blue dial for while, but haven't quite decided will i or won't i yet.
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