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  1. I had thought of that WRENCH in moving it on as the problems have taken the shine off it, from your experience what brands don't take the p!ss?
  2. I'll give LVMH another chance before doing as you suggest Igerswis and see what they have to say, last thing I want is to be accused of not giving them a fair chance to correct the problem if I complain to a high level.
  3. Returned for repair today, this is the watch JayDeep. https://www.ernestjones.co.uk/webstore/d/6211615/tag+heuer+carrera+men's+stainless+steel+bracelet+watch/?cmCat=OVM
  4. The watch in question is a new model, it's still in the shops. I'm dealing with LVMH at the moment as it's under warranty and there is no other option but after that has expired if there are any further issues I'll be looking elswhere, I'll also add I don't have full confidence in LVMH at the moment after speaking to them last time and especially now with this fault, I just hope they can restore that this time.
  5. I understand where your coming from Eski, my other watch is a Tag Heuer 2000 series quartz of 27 years old and has never given me a single problem and keeps excellent time.
  6. Tried that no difference, if it wasn't such an expensive watch it would have had the hammer treatment by now.
  7. Yes that's what's supposed to happen with the top button and it does but the reset pusher has no audible click and feels completely different when pressed to the stop start button.
  8. Yes I can stop the chronograph but the three timers (two small clocks and a large sweeping finger) will not zero, the small second hand clock works fine and is not affected.
  9. Yes I suppose I could have explained better, if I press the top button the chronograph starts, press it a second time and it stops, now if I press the reset button nothing happens, I don't get the audible click either. So basicaly the reset button is not working.
  10. It's failed again but a different issue, just been on holiday and on the first day I pressed the top push button probably for the first time in a couple of months and it worked fine, pressed the bottom one and nothing, no click and I can't stop the chronograph from running. Got home yesterday and contacted LVMH, very apologetic and they ask that I return it again which I will while it's still under warranty. I'll also add that while on holiday I visited Dubai for four days so got a chance to see their incredible copies or whatever they are called? Very tempting but I declined.
  11. We have two Tag automatics, mine keeps near perfect time but the wife's loses around 20 seconds a day, sent it back but on return I'd say it's still the same, bugs me but the wife isn't bothered.
  12. Here's me looking at one of the rotors from my Mazda RX3 rotary engine during the late 70's, there was noody more surprised than me when I put it all back together and it worked. LOL!
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