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  1. @Always"watching" Thank you for taking your time to follow up on the request! I am going home this weekend, and will definitely fetch the watches and do a few photos! @enfuseeast Really enthusiastic about your post. The only thing I can say for a certain is that they are both gold (I was told by my father when he got them). I will try to find any assay marks as well as taking a few pictures of the movement. Hopefully I've got a bunch of photos to show you guys in a few days!
  2. @Always"watching" Hi there! Lovely reading, and really fascinating! I was wondering if you could tell me anything about the pocket watches I inherited from my grandfather? I've posted the picture I have on hand. But could get more of them if that helps out, or if there is anything I should take a picture of.
  3. Thanks! I feel that way about them as well @enfuseeast @WRENCH Thanks both of you for replying and trying to help me out! Appreciate it guys!
  4. Hi there! My grandfather left me and my twin brother two pocket watches. I've only got 1 picture of them at the moment, but can get more of them. I was wondering if anyone could tell me a little something about them. Best regards Mats Agbo
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