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  1. What is the lead time likely to be on this watch?
  2. If I could get a rolex at list a sub or air king I would go with that. I do like the blue omega seamaster on bracelet or tudor bb58 I know the seamaster is around £3300 new on chrono 24 and the bb58 is £2900 a hard choice. Key thing is residual as I will change in future
  3. I have after 18 years just stopped paying child maintenance £200 p month. I want to put it into a watch as I am used to paying it. I would love a submariner but also know how hard they are to get. I am thinking the omega smp 300 or bb58. If I get the bb58 I will pay it off in 12 months. I also want a watch that will hold its value in case i need to upgrade or sell in future what do people recommend?
  4. The bb58 is readily available now so I can see used prices droping to £2200 soon
  5. I had the chance 2 years ago to get the outgoing 300m and never did they were £2350! Always regretted it
  6. I want the seamaster but £3k tops
  7. I am wanting one of the above any idea who will offer the biggest discounts in the current climate?
  8. My Tudor gmt 6 weeks old has gone to watchmaster who has guaranteed me £3200 inside 4 weeks I paid £2700 this is easy money no idea who buys them off watchmaster must be mad
  9. I have a Tudor BB58 in stock ready for me at Beaverbrooks Chester does anybody want it for £3k? it is sat ready for me.
  10. Any ideas on the Tudor. I want to put £500 deposit on one in Manchester and wait for it to arrive any ideas who the best store is?
  11. Thanks 40%!!!!! On the 2019 wave omega the best I have been offered is £3300 it is £3700 list. I'm looking to get it for £3k cash
  12. I wish to buy 2 watches a Tudor BB58 and a Omega Seamaster 2019 model with the wave dial on a rubber strap. What are the best discounts I can expect to get and where from?? Thank you
  13. I will do that I rang Frazer hart earlier they said leave £100 deposit and will call when one is ready. Not sure on current times. It is nice that another brand is in demand not just Rolex. My heart was set on the outgoing seamaster blue but I'm set on the tudor
  14. I have rang around 5 dealers in the Manchester area for the BB58 all have told me to go in and see them. I cannot get on a list over the phone when asking lead time i am being told 6 months. Is this right they are getting like Rolex to get hold of this is a farce. I was down for the Tudor Harrods i got the call after 3 months although i was told 12 months. I never bought it as it was supposed to be a limited edition it seems it is limitless.
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