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  1. Sounds like a great deal. How much did it set you back? did they have any more i would happily buy one over the phone.
  2. Yes but I bet none of them at £4000 sell for that
  3. I can still get this watch at list £2840 what do people think future values will be like? I believe they are over 10000 made now. Is it a good investment?
  4. Crazy how the prices have moved 18 months ago the outgoing smp was £2350 now they are £3k second hand. I want a watch and pay it off over a couple of years then upgrade. So the key is residuals I can still get a harrods tudor at £2800 new maybe this is a better bet. The seamaster has rocketed in price new and going out my league
  5. I have a interest in a Panerai where is the best place to obtain these from price wise?
  6. Advert on ebay at £2250 does this look real?
  7. The amount of time it will take me to save £10k (doubt could ever get one at list) it would be £12k
  8. I may never afford the rolex to be honest! You never mentioned the tudor!
  9. I've had this in my head now for a long time. My favourite colour is Blue I've longed for the seamaster (new wave dial) which I can get for £3300 new i also like the bb58 blue at £2800. So for £500 is it worth going the extra for the seamaster. A big thing for me is residuals as in 3 years i hope to upgrade to a rolex sub
  10. What is the lead time likely to be on this watch?
  11. If I could get a rolex at list a sub or air king I would go with that. I do like the blue omega seamaster on bracelet or tudor bb58 I know the seamaster is around £3300 new on chrono 24 and the bb58 is £2900 a hard choice. Key thing is residual as I will change in future
  12. I have after 18 years just stopped paying child maintenance £200 p month. I want to put it into a watch as I am used to paying it. I would love a submariner but also know how hard they are to get. I am thinking the omega smp 300 or bb58. If I get the bb58 I will pay it off in 12 months. I also want a watch that will hold its value in case i need to upgrade or sell in future what do people recommend?
  13. The bb58 is readily available now so I can see used prices droping to £2200 soon
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