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  1. Absolutely. Perhaps 7 of us could start a consortium, and wear it one day every week each. What do you say ?
  2. I think it's the dog's, and I want one. Here's hoping Parnis make a version I can afford
  3. I have a vintage car. I take it to shows so other people can share in it's beauty. To do otherwise is selfish
  4. What's the point of having a nice watch (or anything) if it can't be seen by anyone else. It's a bit like owning a Ferrari and keeping it in the garage in case someone scratches it !
  5. It's arrived, and is even better than I could hope. Works great, and the condition is almost mint.
  6. I post on a few forums, and have noticed the swing to smaller watches, however, the manufacturers and high street retailers appear to think differently. Last year I was on holiday in Cuba, and the Canadians where wearing watches bigger than a small planet on their wrists.
  7. Never paid that for a watch in my life If the perpetrators get caught, which is unlikely, they will no doubt get a few days community service, and a small fine which will be paid from their benefits. The police would rather spend their time booking people for driving 35mph in a 30mph limit. I would happily pay to watch these criminals beheaded in a public place.
  8. I wonder how many people are mugged for £5 looky looky watches ?
  9. Can't help thinking The Rotary Les Originales are the industries great secret. I now own four, and they really are great watches. All mine are quartz, although automatics are available. They are made with different specs, but I THINK they are all made in Switzerland, well mine are anyway. Three of my four came on well made bracelets with deployment clasps, and the other on a leather strap. Of course, I have had a bit of a play since. Sapphire crystal, nicely crafted 316L stainless cases, ceramic bezels, screw down crowns, dolphin standard water resistance, and Ronda movements. Although the lis
  10. As it happens Mr Smarty Pants, I own three Tissot watches, two of which are quite rare.
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