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  1. There are few watch companies that don't make a Homage. My suggestion is to buy one of those, wear it for a few months, then buy the Omega if you are still in love. I owned one and sold it 6 months later because I never got to bond with it. Strange, as I have watches that cost under £100 that I love. Watches are like women, some of the cheap ones can give you great pleasure
  2. It's not happening, but I respect other people's choices
  3. I'v been to Wales, there aren't that many people there who can tell the time
  4. Yes indeed, some very good points. Three stand out for me. Quartz watches are a natural progression, and should be appreciated for what they are. Watch snobs are the scum of the earth (well, I know that's what he meant). Finally, so called watch enthusiasts who get rude and aggressive because they don't agree with another poster. On so many occasions I have been on the other end of such people.
  5. I just don't get the G-Shock thing, I think I would rather use my phone
  6. I keep a spread sheet so I know my watches are worn evenly. However, there may well be reasons certain watches need to be worn out of turn. To manage this I simply sit the rest of the watches down and try to explain to them why a certain watch appears to be shown favouritism. More often than not they understand, but it's not unheard of if I get the odd sulky one !
  7. Here is my watch I use for knocking about in, although not a daily beater. £5 on eBay, and even the second hand hits the marks.
  8. Before it's to late, think again. Go and spend your money on women, nice holidays, and beer, but for god's sake don't get addicted to watches.
  9. Done some research Johny. The stem of the Sharkey does not have O-Rings, instead it has a rubber gasket inserted in the crown it's self. Of course, this means that the WR will only hold up if the crown is screwed in, so perhaps a small design flaw. This makes the stem one of the few parts that is not interchangeable with the Seiko. On the positive side, the lume is meant to be outstanding, which is rare on a reasonably priced watch. Somebody on another site will shortly being doing a pressure test, so will report back
  10. Well, I pressed the button. I bought the Heimdallr Sharkey Vintage Turtle. I was originally looking at the Sharkey SKX, but as I already have the Seiko version, I thought the Turtle would make a change, and despite that, I thought it looked better. Purchased directly from their site for about £138 including delivery. The rubber and leather strapped versions cost a little less, but I feel the wear is so much better on the stainless. Just have to sit back and wait now.
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