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  1. Are Tudor still a Times sub-brand
  2. Well, I couldn't help but give it a go so I offered £30. He refused the offer, so now it's a thing of the past. I sold a cheap watch yesterday, and treated myself to the watch below. I used to own one in a different colour, but sold it when I considered 42mm a minimum. Although Invicta make some really horrible watches, they also make a few decent ones, and this is pretty good for the money
  3. I have a C60 600, and the watch is absolutely faultless
  4. The full price supposedly is £599, although I doubt anyone has paid close to that. It may well be a bargain for £50, or it may be a heap of crap, that's why I asked if anyone knew anything about them
  5. I can pick up a nice moon phase watch for about £50. They claim all their watches sapphire windows and Swiss movements. They put silly MRP's on them, but to be fair they aren't the only ones
  6. To be honest it's a bit of a boring watch. I would put a brightly coloured nato on it to give it some personality
  7. I believe that the site should only be accessible after blowing into a breathalyzer. I have had to sell several watches in the past (at loss) after pressing the "buy it now" button whilst intoxicated. Seriously, I bought the self same watch after an afternoon in the pub. Fortunately I sold it to a mate, and made only a small loss. Not sure, I think it's a homage to a Breitling, isn't it ?
  8. I spent £38 on a Radio Room Amphibia. Whilst I love the watch, it was my intention to put on a new red bezel. To my horror I found a replacement bezel which cost about 10p to manufacture cost almost as much as the watch. I have stuck with the original, but if anyone knows of a cheap supplier please let me know.
  9. I no longer own a Tag, as I sold it to purchase my Chris Ward. It was an excellent timepiece that never gave me a minutes trouble. After 15 years it still looked brand new. I sold it to a friend, and when ever he wears it I can't help but admire my old watch.
  10. I own a Stuhrling 200WR diver. It looks like a homage to a Longines, and is also quartz. The bezel on mine is a 90 click, and actually has a really movement to it. To be honest it is very hard to find a fault with this watch,
  11. I have researched them as best as I can, but can't find what movement is used. It is a "Kickstart" business, although I don't know if they still exist. The prices of the watches vary incredibly. They claim all their watches have sapphire windows, and Swiss movements. So, does anyone know anything else about them I couldn't find ?
  12. I haven't voted, because I believe it depends on the watch. A smaller face is probably left sterile, whereas 42mm+ looks a bit stark without something on it. Here are two examples
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