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  1. I have three Invicta watches. Two have a 200m WR, and one has a 100m rating. I have swum with all three, and they behave perfectly.
  2. If you can afford to do what your doing I take it you haven't trained to be a cleaner For me the thought of wearing any watch more than once a month makes me feel quite faint
  3. Yes, under the bonnet a very similar car It depends what you class as slow. My Josephine (Austin A30) has an 803cc engine with no less than a 29 bhp under the bonnet, which when new could do 60mph, with a 0-60 of 39 seconds.Surely that is blistering performance. Of course, she is now 65 years old and has to be respected.
  4. Please don't feel ashamed you are a woman. It's nice you have an interest in watches, and your husband doesn't deserve you. PS, can I have his Tudor ?
  5. I have dressed up, not down. My Rotary silver dialed Les Originals, and isn't she lovely ? I used to own the same watch. It was inexpensive, but quite well made, and kept pretty good time. I just went off of skeleton watches, that's all !
  6. It's funny you should say that. I have friends who's daughter has worked for Rolex in Switzerland for a number of years, and is a qualified horologist. Believe it or not she has little interest in watches, it's just her job. I on the other hand have a great interest in watches, but limited knowledge. When I said women don't know anything about watches, perhaps I should have said they have little interest in watches. For many years I worked in the camping and outdoor industry, and it's fair to say few people had better knowledge about the products than me, but did I ever go camping, did I heck !
  7. I don't troll. Honestly, I have never met a woman who knows anything about watches, and to be honest, very few men as well.
  8. I'm guessing they used to be blokes at one time in their life. My site name is Mrs Wiggles, but I am not a bird. Honestly, women don't understand watches, it just isn't in their genetics
  9. Birds don't understand watches, it's not even worth trying to discuss the subject with them.
  10. I have now done this. I shook it quite hard for a few minutes whilst submersed, then left for an hour. It was fine
  11. My Mercedes was a two years old and was low mileage. It had a year left on the Mercedes warranty. It was incredibly unreliable. In the two years I had it, it had three batteries, a new steering rack, and various other problems. At one point the automatic gear box decided to change gear at will, and Mercedes charged for an adjustment, because they told me adjustments were not part of the warranty. Their customer service was truly appalling, and whilst the car was a pleasure to drive, it was no more reliable than my 1954 Austin A30 which I presently own.
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