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  1. Absolutely. Perhaps 7 of us could start a consortium, and wear it one day every week each. What do you say ?
  2. I think it's the dog's, and I want one. Here's hoping Parnis make a version I can afford
  3. I have a vintage car. I take it to shows so other people can share in it's beauty. To do otherwise is selfish
  4. What's the point of having a nice watch (or anything) if it can't be seen by anyone else. It's a bit like owning a Ferrari and keeping it in the garage in case someone scratches it !
  5. It's arrived, and is even better than I could hope. Works great, and the condition is almost mint.
  6. I post on a few forums, and have noticed the swing to smaller watches, however, the manufacturers and high street retailers appear to think differently. Last year I was on holiday in Cuba, and the Canadians where wearing watches bigger than a small planet on their wrists.
  7. Never paid that for a watch in my life If the perpetrators get caught, which is unlikely, they will no doubt get a few days community service, and a small fine which will be paid from their benefits. The police would rather spend their time booking people for driving 35mph in a 30mph limit. I would happily pay to watch these criminals beheaded in a public place.
  8. I wonder how many people are mugged for £5 looky looky watches ?
  9. Can't help thinking The Rotary Les Originales are the industries great secret. I now own four, and they really are great watches. All mine are quartz, although automatics are available. They are made with different specs, but I THINK they are all made in Switzerland, well mine are anyway. Three of my four came on well made bracelets with deployment clasps, and the other on a leather strap. Of course, I have had a bit of a play since. Sapphire crystal, nicely crafted 316L stainless cases, ceramic bezels, screw down crowns, dolphin standard water resistance, and Ronda movements. Although the list prices are between £400/£500, it's rare this would ever be paid. I picked up all of mine for between £70/£80, either nearly new or ex display. Below is my most recent, it's the Legacy GMT.
  10. As it happens Mr Smarty Pants, I own three Tissot watches, two of which are quite rare.
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