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  1. This is going to be worn for two days because I am away tomorrow. TWO days, that doesn't happen often
  2. Had a mate with a submariner. He put a new strap on it, next thing the watch police were knocking his door down. He spent 10 years in prison, and now he can't get on any forums. Crazy world we live in
  3. The good news is that the cloths are excellent, albeit very smelly
  4. Nice bracelet certainly. I always wonder why companies such as Seiko, Orient, and Tissot can charge £300+ for a watch and put a rubbish bracelet on it.
  5. Being worn today, but is presently up for sale. Anyone interested ?
  6. These are seriously good. A choice of straps including a silicone and leather. Double domed sapphire crystal, 300m WR, NH35 movement, and a lume that lights up a room. The Phoibos Reef master I would add better as well !
  7. I have given up on her. A few years ago I bought her a ladies vintage Times in mint condition, and she chooses to wear a Fitbit instead. I think she is lucky getting anything to be honest
  8. I probably won't get anything because nobody loves me. However, I am very generous and have splashed out. I love soup, so much so I could live on it. I have therefore bought my wife a soup maker. You see, up there for thinking, down there for dancing If somebody did love me, I would like a timegrapher
  9. Great watch. Looks nice, Ronda movement, 200m WR, and it's cheap. Rolex were so impressed they made something similar
  10. having visited Sheffield, I am surprised there is anywhere that sells such watches
  11. Looked on eBay, and you can get them for a few quid
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