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  1. By 7 am, Indonesia is already hot and humid. Seiko type of day.
  2. So, finally, I flew down to Bali, met my daughter and after 30 years, I finally had my old Seiko back on my wrist. Looking at the watch on my wrist just brings back so many memories. It's been a great week, sharing time with one of my daughters and having this watch back. Regards, Hog.
  3. Sunset at Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia with my Seiko 6139-6002.
  4. ok Technically, it's outside the range, but it's Sunday. My 1990 Tag Pro 1500. and my Seiko 6139-6002. Made in 1975 and which I purchased in 1976. Regards Hog
  5. Hot and humid here in Indonesia. Mako II for me. Regards Hog
  6. One of my favourites. Tag 1500. Regards Hog
  7. Thanks Deano, I am presuming that you are talking watches, but either way, yes, they are a nice pair and she is pleased with them.
  8. My Seamaster today Enjoy your Wednesday, folks Regards Hog
  9. Here's my Casio Ediface. It's a good everyday workhorse. Regards Hog
  10. Nothing unique about this Mako II but I sure do like its sunburst blue dial. Regards Hog
  11. No, not Spencer. I used a watch repairer by the name of Andy, owner/operator of Couger Watch Repairs, from Brisbane, Australia. I don't know the guy personally and it was the first time that I used him but I am generally happy with his advice, regular updates and only doing what was needed.
  12. Well, it's been a few months since I posted that story and it's time for an update. The news from the service people is that this 40+ year old watch did not need a full service. They put it on the watch analyser and obtained the following reading So after getting a new lease on life with a new glass, seals, pins and being regulated my old watch is back with my daughter and looks like this: The best news is that later this month my daughter is visiting me here in Indonesia and will be bring the watch with her. Regards Hog
  13. 31 degrees C. Light breeze calming things down a little, another beautiful winter's day. How's your day going, folks? Cheers Hog
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