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  1. Thanks guys, that could have been an expensive mistake to make
  2. So Ultrasonic cleaners are no good for watches then?
  3. I've been waiting one of these for a while now But would my TAG Connected be OK submerged in one of these?
  4. Evening all Can anyone advise whether straps are interchangeable between TAG models many thanks
  5. 2009 black Mercedes ML for me Had it 3-years now but I don’t think I can a change past the Mrs at the moment
  6. I looked at the Gorilaz editions and I did quite fancy one so you will have to let us know how you get on with it Also the Frogman looks amazing
  7. I’m seriously tempted with a g-shock for chrimbo Just can’t decide which one to go for I will be keeping an this excellent thread
  8. You could try these guys, but im not sure if they would want to help if you have a Chinese copy of their work RingClock Ltd. 77 High Street, Littlehampton, BN17 5AG http://www.ringclock.net Contact: info@ringclock.net
  9. looking good, congrats on the win
  10. That looks nice I like the Sea Serpent as well
  11. Is this common practice when purchasing high end watches?
  12. Best thing to do is hit the 3-bottles for a fiver down the local supermarket and see which you prefer Then go on the hunt down the local My usual suspects are: Bass, Doombar, Ruddles County, Pedigree, Bombardier and favourite is Abbot's
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