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  1. Big John Daley Probably the longest hitter in the game when he was on form If anyone can put a watch to the test it was him
  2. A friend of mine wrecked his Tag by playing golf stretched the spring so he had to send it back for repair I would expect a g shock to be fine though
  3. Hi all I hope everyone is keeping safe and well I have been keeping my eye on the Drop website thinking that I might give it a go if I see something I fancy So today I get an email update and I see they have the Makara Sea Serpent for $299 plus shipping so around £240 So the big question is has anyone used Drop and are there any risks
  4. Both look gorgeous gents I keep looking on the bay for one in my price range
  5. Hi all my lad has a AWG M100A and needs a replacement strap and spring bars ive got a few bars knocking around but they are all too long can anyone advise how you measure the bar (overall length or compressed) and any recommendations where we can get them and a strap
  6. I was tempted by this myself so really interested to see what you get
  7. Great looking watch J almost lime shot time
  8. You could always get your bidding finger out and have a look at this eBay item number: 324150347097
  9. Giving my raffle prize an outing today Many thanks Graham
  10. Thanks for the heads up I’ve had a quick look but I can’t see anything about shipping outside the US Anyone had any experience with these?
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