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  1. https://watts1858.co.uk/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAgKzwBRCjARIsABBbFugvMYd9EkYUEpw35pb6b0NgAiUXKbvLmVTNCL9Vz8kzcwUdr5599CwaAtHPEALw_wcB
  2. Don’t know why the photo is blurry but it does show omegas with a 33% discount
  3. seen this today if anyone’s got any Christmas money left
  4. Sorry to waste your time asking simple questions niveketak if I was being honest I would say its not much different to this one https://shop.connoisseuroftime.com/products/tag-heuer-professional-6000-ladies-divers-stainless-steel-18k-gold-plated-watch-wh1351-k1 but maybe that's fake as well
  5. Well I if’d and ar’d for an hour and ended up leaving it if anyone is around the Dawlish area get yourself in the British Heart Foundation
  6. Sadly I just don’t know enough to tell if it’s real so I think I will have to leave it
  7. I was thinking about the looky looky issue myself just happened to notice it in a charity shop
  8. I love Ben Sherman's, and wear them most days in the office (Fred Perry don't do man sizes) 14-hole DM's were my daily wear until my back started to play up so lacing them was a pain (literally) I only went for the bonehead look for a short while though, my Mrs said I looked like a thug so I had to grow the flat-top back
  9. Thanks guys, that could have been an expensive mistake to make
  10. So Ultrasonic cleaners are no good for watches then?
  11. I've been waiting one of these for a while now But would my TAG Connected be OK submerged in one of these?
  12. Evening all Can anyone advise whether straps are interchangeable between TAG models many thanks
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