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  1. My barber was telling me about n old boy local to me being robbed in his own garden They stopped him while he was mowing his lawn, marched him into his house and took his Rolex and his Range Rover Apparently, based on his location they must have known exactly where he lived and what he had worth steeling
  2. Evening all I’ve been looking at these for a few years now but never managed to take the plunge https://www.ringclock.net/ anyone seen one in the flesh
  3. Motorhead - Bomber in 1984 from a second hand record stall down the local market when I got it home it jumped like mad so I had to take it back I was distraught
  4. Interesting watch for very little money The case looks like an exact copy of my Suunto but in ABS
  5. my Suunto has a compass seems to get me back from the local pub on a Friday night ok
  6. Groupon bargain to be honest they had a number of options
  7. So it’s birthday time again next week but we are heading for the Algarve for a bit of R&R so the Mrs surprised me with an early present this morning Looks like it comes with three fresh opportunities
  8. Hi all I was browsing the current auctions and came across a watch auction (on now) with a quite unique watch https://www.easyliveauction.com/catalogue/lot/97d3c643e01b5224d81adf28dc76be47/0af8d24542e81eb9357e7ef448a6646f/the-watch-sale-lot-159/ but the question is, would you invest £42K in a watch (without a strap )
  9. I would love to get another one of these in either Lorus or Seiko if it’s good enough for a shuttle mission it’s good enough for me just a shame I lost mine 20odd years ago
  10. I quite like the square ones as well
  11. Yep as long as you are juicing super lemon haze
  12. Well I would wear that any day of the week they have definitely got some interesting looking watches on their website cant wait for the review when it arrives
  13. Hi guys and galsSo at the age of nine i remember standing with my nose pressed against the cold window of the local jewelers wishing Santa (or mum & dad) would buy me this watch So a couple of months later on a wintery Christmas day all my dreams came trueI loved this watch more than I had ever loved anything beforeThen disaster struck a few years later when I accidentally left it in the changing room of our local swimming baths and never saw it againI was distraught for weeks and never really got over the lossThat was the time when my love of watches really startedIf anyone has any information on my lost watch from 1987 I'm sure I put £1.20 to one side for a reward
  14. Suunto today (and every day since I got it, thanks to Mike)
  15. I do like different looking watches Don’t think this ones for me really but I was just interested in the thoughts of people with a love of watches
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