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  1. Oooowww I love my C-Cube (sorry to rub it in) I keep looking for others on evilbay but they are rare as unicorn poop
  2. I have to admit to driving a dirty great V6 diesel Mercedes ML mainly due to the fact that I like it and secondly it suits easy access with a dodgy back I have been thinking about the next motor and I’ve always wanted a Porsche but with my back it would have to be Panamera or a cayenne and I’ve had a Touareg previously so it looks like a Panamera
  3. And the woman with the unworn Rolex and the Tiffany jewellery who thought she should get near retail value
  4. So did anyone watch Million Pound Pawn on ITV Tuesday evening If you did, what was your take the woman from Sheffield with the Patek Philippe and how much do you actually think the pawnbroker made on that watch
  5. Started a bit late on cars as my early days were spent riding scooters With the Mrs coming along I had to get something that kept her warm when I picked her up so the lists starts Series 2A 90 soft-top landrover (colder than the scooter so it had to go) Fiat Uno Vauxhall Cavalier Renault Megan Coupe VW Passat 1.8 20v turbo (god I loved that car) VW Passat 1.9tdi Volvo S60 D5 VW Passat 2.0 tdi VW Touareg Mercedes ML300 And then the Mrs had: Fiat Uno, Rover 400, Rover 200, Punto Sporting and VW Bora which she just wont part with
  6. Lovely job I do know a guy who thought he would be clever and router his own dado rail, he decided to hold a six inch piece of timber and router it As you can imaging, he doesn't have much left of the end of his index finger on his right hand
  7. I would like to do a BMW R100 cafe racer Some mint looking examples on the bay at the moment but way too much (as are most bikes at the moment for some reason)
  8. Not sure if this one belongs here or in the military section but here goes So I noticed the Seiko Bullhead in the classified section and it got me thinking So after a few searches I saw a M.E.C Bullhead chronograph on the bay but does anyone know anything about the brand Ive found their website and looks like they are Italian but that’s about all I can find
  9. I really like the Seiko but they hold their money on the second hand market so just a bit out of my price range
  10. I have seen them on a couple of sites Just don’t have all the features but definitely a good alternative
  11. I really do like the look of them and second hand ones seem reasonably priced Do you know if any high street shops sell them Also any chance of some dimensions so I can get an idea of exactly how chunky they are
  12. So I was browsing the usual eBay deals to see what people didn’t want for Christmas and I came across the Timex Expedition WS4 digital watch Ive had the usual chunky G-Shocks and even a Suunto which was ace but these wide screen Timex’s look mint Anyone seen one in the flesh
  13. Wanted one for years and finally got one from a fellow member on here I love it but it frustrates me to hell battery only lasts 24hrs which at first I thought was faulty but no that’s just how they are. And trying to pair and keep it paired with an iPhone is painful Wont part with it though so it must just get in your blood
  14. There are quite a few bargains to be had on their site I quite like the look of the Victorinox and Wenger specimens Thanks for the heads up
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