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  1. You've got style, Except for that watch MAGA all the way!
  2. Haha, I just recommended another watch on your other post before I saw this, a mechaquartz Seiko, but man nice pick. Our style in watches is usually different but I really like this one you chose I also love full quartz
  3. https://www.creationwatches.com/products/seiko-quartz-262/seiko-chronograph-quartz-tachymeter-ssb297-ssb297p1-ssb297p-mens-watch-12415.html I think this might fit your style. About 45mm, mechaquartz sweeping tachymeter. It is heavy, I had one. A good amount under the $200 mark. The detail on the dial is really pretty great. Hard to see in pictures but the subdials are vinyl in appearance, similar to the how they are on a Daytona. Really quality watch for the price!
  4. Will be watching to see what is found, cool idea!
  5. I went from 10 to 3. BUT, I see something else I want now not sure what to do, lmao. It is nice wearing the watches more though good luck!
  6. He lives in Ireland I believe. Not sure if it's the part in the UK though lmao
  7. lmao I actually might be trending that way with the Christmas holidays coming haha might even need bigger watches now!!!
  8. @Chris 810 agree, I like how he wears it with a jersey too. Have to stay class at all times
  9. Haha, it does appear that way, but if you look at the bracelet on the right middle finger, and drift over to the 36 in the left-hand, the front of the right middle finger is just above the bracelet. So they might not be exactly parallel but they are close.
  10. Perfect example! But, I am vice versa you, the 39 much much better
  11. Has to be! Yes sir, appreciate it! Great video as well!
  12. Even take Rolex for example. The datejust 41 looks noticeably larger than the 36. I agree 1-2 mm might not make much difference in perception to the eyes, but 4 or more starts being extremely noticeable. Now, what a person likes and chooses is preference, but when I here a datejust 36 wears large, I !
  13. Exactly, I agree 100 percent. My sporty chrono is large, 45mm about, my others 40mm. Lunch on the seawall in a tee shirt I'll go chrono. My everyday attire I go dress watch! Etc etc Ya people take wrist shots and think too big or just right, when it actually might be just right or too small. You really have to strap it on and look in the mirror for perspective. I've even heard people say that watches are trending back to smaller, but no way, Pandora's Box has been opened LOL
  14. How wide are the lugs, 22mm? I think the custom strap is making it look wider. Great watch!
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