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  1. Here’s my two and congratulations or commiserations on the ten years.
  2. Saw this the other day, couldn’t resist it for the price.
  3. You should’ve bought a mk2 rev 3 turbo, that would certainly give you a buzz.
  4. As title, I just got this and obviously it needs a new dial so I was wondering if anyone has got one or knows where I could possibly get one. Its a 416 movement by the way.
  5. And also possibly more comfortable than at 3?
  6. What do think of these? https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/indian-stainless-steel-ergonomic-9-pieces-wc-includes-crosshead
  7. Thanks everyone, so what do I put in the business questions? I’m looking for a set of screwdrivers, any recommendations for the cheaper ones?
  8. Really? I cant find a 30mm time only one anywhere.
  9. Am I being stupid or is it just for businesses because it’s asking for my type of business etc?
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