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  1. My nearly, a homage Or you could have a look at Steinhart.
  2. Arrived yesterday, quickly became my favourite.
  3. Following on from yesterday's post
  4. New in for me, just swapped the bracelet for a Nato
  5. I use my clock, this is my Steinhart 4 days after I set it, 2 seconds fast. Think I can live with that
  6. My daughter went to Dykie, didn't realise there were poolies here BTW, I went to Henry's, the old one Meanwhile, this for today
  7. Fitted a jubilee to my Steiny, not a Faulex Kermit, a Steinhart green ceramic Sellita SW 200-1 Elabore
  8. Cold day today, but a warm glow from a new watch
  9. Something to cope with the weather
  10. If you've got some loose change kicking about
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