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  1. On tonight there's a watch with early moon exploration connections apparently. If anyone's interested
  2. Agree about the forum, very patronising, it's why I came here With regards CW, I've had 3, black Trident 600, sold it, bronze Trident 600, beautiful watch, just too big for me at 43mm, sold it, C65 auto, another lovely watch, just didn't gell, sent it back. All quality pieces. I also have 3 Steinharts, all of which I'm keeping. Says something
  3. Excellent service from Steinhart fitted this am and now
  4. Agree, can't beat a good Fauxlex
  5. Only joking about repairing, ordered a new bronze buckle from Mr Steinhart
  6. My super Steiney has suffered silly snappage Anyone know a good brazer?
  7. A little Corgy by the sea today
  8. This week I shall be wearing Alarmingly, this popped up on my Facecloth page, thought a certain member might appreciate it
  9. From Mr Google https://ihc185.infopop.cc/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/990103944/m/1021084431
  10. My new best watch now that I've sold my CW Trident bronze
  11. Due to a certain members dislike of animal product straps on his Steiny bronze, I've put mine on a Marine Nationale elastic Nato
  12. Having a Micky Mouse homage weekend
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