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  1. Anyone seen these on YouTube exposing the watch videos by so called experts Quite funny
  2. Yeah, why anyone would pay 4 or 5 figures for a watch that looks like my Steinhart?
  3. Never knew they used to be part of Steinhart. That looks nice
  4. What a beaut, I need to sell 4 of mine to buy this, need? want
  5. Found an old bracelet so on it went.
  6. So, browsing EBay last week, I came across a watch for sale without any bids, so I thought I'd put a cheeky one in to see what happened. A few days pass & still no email saying "You've been outbid, try again" but silence, until Sunday evening. "You've won, pay now" Here it is, Mathey Tissot Vintage Rolly with, I think, a Sellita sw200.
  7. New arrival, Vostok Amphibian 120512
  8. Sunday best, well it is for me
  9. My Komanddirskie 2416 movement
  10. Any help? https://www.firstclasswatches.co.uk/certina-ds-ph200m-stainless-mesh-bracelet-black-dial-c0364071105000-p-52515/
  11. That's why I watch, they're hilarious
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