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  1. For my one in, one out regime, sold a Corgy and replaced with a Debert I know, I know, it looks like something else
  2. Still with the bronze, but changed the strap from rubber to leather
  3. Been turning to this as a beater recently. Looks ok, legible, accurate, cheap, what's not to like
  4. Been a wet day, so need some WR
  5. New strap fitted (eventually) to my bronze Steiny
  6. Still this until my new strap for the bronze Steiny arrives You must have the same taste (or lack of) as me I have both of those
  7. Clagged a Jubilee on my Steiny, quite chuffed
  8. On tonight there's a watch with early moon exploration connections apparently. If anyone's interested
  9. Agree about the forum, very patronising, it's why I came here With regards CW, I've had 3, black Trident 600, sold it, bronze Trident 600, beautiful watch, just too big for me at 43mm, sold it, C65 auto, another lovely watch, just didn't gell, sent it back. All quality pieces. I also have 3 Steinharts, all of which I'm keeping. Says something
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