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  1. Been a while, newish in
  2. My nearly, a homage Or you could have a look at Steinhart.
  3. Arrived yesterday, quickly became my favourite.
  4. Following on from yesterday's post
  5. New in for me, just swapped the bracelet for a Nato
  6. I use my clock, this is my Steinhart 4 days after I set it, 2 seconds fast. Think I can live with that
  7. My daughter went to Dykie, didn't realise there were poolies here BTW, I went to Henry's, the old one Meanwhile, this for today
  8. Fitted a jubilee to my Steiny, not a Faulex Kermit, a Steinhart green ceramic Sellita SW 200-1 Elabore
  9. Cold day today, but a warm glow from a new watch
  10. Something to cope with the weather
  11. If you've got some loose change kicking about
  12. Baby Kermit this weekend. Was going to flip it as I thought 39mm was too small, but after wearing it for a while, seems perfect
  13. Technically speaking, both Rover and MG have the larger engines(2.5 V6) and both had the 4.6 V8, which was an American lump. The diesels were/are BMW's own M47, so not a lot of rubbish there Do try a Steinhart, very good value for money. They are now having to use Sellita sw200 movements as the ETA' are drying up.
  14. Nice day today for car washing, must have had it on too hot a wash
  15. Pre-lunch walk along the prom before I cremate some chicken
  16. Agree, many thanks to the forum for helping me spend money Merry Xmas to all
  17. Still wearing the Military Industries 82, the lume is nice and bright
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