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  1. Got a few days at home so working my way through my vintage watches this today its lovely and thin 1950’s gp gyromatic if i had to wear one watch then this would be it beats at 28800bps very accurate a real gem. Old photos im afraid and the date is a bi#ch to set may change to this later (got a lot to get through) bubble-back forever
  2. Going to a 90th birthday party later so wearing this
  3. It still has lume if your quick looking at it
  4. WHAT ! i have never seen such a vacious di*k wad no i dont like them, or believe them ,or ........ oh i give up
  5. Thanks i had it rebuilt some years ago i love the semi vintage look
  6. Bit late to this but omega dynamic chrono today
  7. I once tuned my stag and turned it into a cross between a ferrari and a 2cv it had a top speed of 50 and did 8 mpg, love those bonnet louvres
  8. Once mabye but i now work away from home so dont have the time and if im not mistaken thats over 10 years old so doesnt help my car problem 9mpg mmmmmmm lovely
  9. I have a 12 year old e class estate E320, and a triumph stag ive had for over 30 years, going to have to sell the e class as my company have grumbled that its over 10 years old and are threatening to stop my monthly payment and make me have a company car, i have pointed out that its still better than my bosses new Audi (certainly more reliable) but i dont want to divert money to buy a car, oh i also am looking after a porche 944. ill just sit on it till the right thing comes along i think.
  10. I started this with a less quantity more quality goal but as the funds available grew and i started looking at higher end brands, i discovered that the rising quality returns from a jlc to a patek were not something that i cared about and i did not want to buy a patek just to say i have a patek. It was suprising and not what i expected, i wanted a gold ultra thin dress watch looked at zenith and jlc then realised i have an 18ct gold 39mm IWC 7mm thick so had already done that i would like to get down to 4 or 5 dont think its going to happen though
  11. Ok thanks for all your replies ziggy1024 i dont know what you mean by “ start with your current collection” if its looking for a theme, then as far as i am aware there isn’t one its all a bit eclectic, my most modern watch is a casio g shockalike £20.00 worth, i have divers, dress watches reverso’s manual wind automatic, quartz, i have a thing for jlc (4)and hamilton (5) i dont want to list what i have left as i cant see anybody being interested, if you can expand on the collection thing mabye that would be worth persuing, speedy 112 i bought the longines in 2008 when the only polaris available was vintage and were way out of my price range and as my go to every day watch is my gmt11 then financially i should get a polaris and beat that up whilst covering the rolex in cotton wool, but that doesn't seem right and its only a bloody watch! I am beginning to think that the issue is i have too much choice, i am not unhappy with my collection and i started selling stuff i just wasn't wearing, and some could still go so waiting is probably on the cards. Johnny old boy speedmaster date now thats a thought very reasonably priced and a dial colour choice interesting, or one of the thinner paneri, or...... oh i dont know its all a bit confusing i am getting old
  12. Some time ago i realised that having a collection that even if i was super organised (im not) and wore a different watch a week for a year i could not get through them all, was frankly a bit silly. I cannot bring myself to get down to 2 or 3 but i have had a bit of a cull and with a concerted effort i have now got down to a reasonable 27, in doing this my watch purchase pot has grown considerably, however i now have a dilemma. looking round for something to collect i cannot find a single thing to buy, i don't buy new but even if i did i cant see anything there either. i am concerned that i have lost my mojo, i have looked at speedmasters, but i cannot get excited about them, chavitimers, same there although i quite like the new ones ( dont judge me ) grand seiko mabye but feels like ticking a box, i have just sold my longines legend diver which i bought because i could not afford a jlc polaris, so should i get one of those? Or a master compressor geographic? Or another reverso? I don't think so, if i go up market then in truth i don't see the extra value in the extra price of a patek or a VC, i quite like some of the breguet but its value again. should i get something as a placeholder, to avoid me looking at the bank account and wasting it on food or holidays or some other frivolity, or should i wait and see if something talks to me its a nice problem to have but a problem none the less. help
  13. S is for sixties seamaster standard seamaster and Seiko
  14. Its my birthday this week so i am wearing my birthdate watch 1957 Rolex Oyster Royal it will be this all week
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