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  1. I had the platinum dial and although the shape of the case was very comfy and was far nicer than either my gmt or sub to wear icouldnt see the blo@dy hands and couldnt tell the time so either of these high contrast dials work for me .
  2. Not been on here for a while but just bought this and lovin it With picture this time got to take it off now for decorating might take an in focus picture later Have a great sunday
  3. Squale today on a bond NATO which true to the film is too small for the lug width 20mm on a 22mm lug but to be a true likeness it would have to be 18mm on a 22mm width at least.
  4. And the day/Date function keeps you centered in these unusual times, i personally have lost all track of days, i need a day date
  5. Off the jubilee and onto a strap, i kind of like it
  6. As we are now in a post brexit world im going back to 1973 as well
  7. Squale very well made and the Heretage ones are very nice
  8. Squale today TGV limited edition no. 75/100 yes i fell for the limited edition scam (still nice though) Plus points, comfortable great dial ,if a little wordy, negatives the crown is a pain to use
  9. Ah seamasters had to go and dig this one out old pick sorry thinking of getting a FOIS to complement it ill have to sell something else first though
  10. Gosh a chronograph with a date, something Rolex seem incapable of.
  11. Still decorating so this yet another party this afternoon so going with this This decorating will never get finished at this rate
  12. Thanks all i am not wanting to avoid the import tax just to know what it is and therefore if i am getting a reasonable deal or not. Any recommendations re dealers ?
  13. I am looking at the Speedmaster tripple date i already have a seamaster with the 861 movement and i dont like speedys so i thought i might try a tripple date as it is a bit smaller than the regular speedmaster. ( i don’t like the way the reduced speedy’s sub dials cut into the numerals ) they seem to be a good bet in japan but what sort of taxes will i be paying, im assuming 30% with import and vat. Is that correct ? anyone any experience of this ? Good places to look at etc etc ?
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