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  1. I had a rolex date just which i could not tell the minute and second hand apart
  2. Just thought i would add a little light relief
  3. The other week mrs 810 cane to me and said she was taking up watersports, i was a bit surprised but you have to support your partner, and since retiring she has started trying out several new things to keep from getting bored. After an initial and embarrassing error on my part regarding the phrase watersports i need to make amends, fortunately the polythene sheet is not wasted as i have used it to line my greenhouse so financially not such a big hit, so after some thoughti have bought her a watch to wear whilst watersporting and here it is Its a nice blue and should keep her aware of the time so that she will always know when its time to make my tea and best of all being a Yorkshireman it was cheap. So result all round. got out of that nicely i think.
  4. Iwc portofino today its the smaller size not the modern 40mm monster a nice classy thing the dial looks like porcelain (but I'm sure it isn't) its an old photo unfortunatly
  5. I have looked at the 27.5 m steel and its really really nice ill just wait till its £1500 then i might buy it
  6. Im sorry i just don't like the speedmaster, i have a seamaster gold plate chrono with the same movement as the early moon watch and i like that a lot, but speedy in all its many iterations ,no. that aside its a nice looking watch but a bit too gold, let down by the speedy thing of course
  7. Very wet today so got to be the tt sub i will need the depth rating just going to the shops!
  8. I can only say this here is a photo of my sons watch i bought this for myself but gave it to him when he broke his other watch he was 12 he has worn it every day since a nd it still looks fantastic he is now 31 ( ps i gave him a rolex datejust for his 30th birthday, again one of mine) i got the rotary back.
  9. Unfortunately this topic describes most of my collection and as i work away from home and only get back every 2 weeks it will take me well over a year to go through them all so sadly i am slowly coming to the conclusion that quite a few will have to go, i think ,possibly, no thats right they will have to go, maybe this will possibly include I stopped there as it was getting way too depressing
  10. This today i love its shape and thinness but its a bitch to set the date ho hum
  11. Wearing this all weekend until i have to fly to Austria for work when i will wear my GMT 11 to cope with the 1 hour time difference this then this
  12. This one for the cycle race today
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