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  1. I am more concerned that you have blue shoe polish which Implies horror of horrors blue shoes
  2. Continuing with my small and gold theme 1940’s Longines today Difficult to photograph due to its very curved plexi but cool all the same
  3. Well it had to be, I've been wearing this all week now its on its last day. but what to wear next week decisions decisions. Just taken a photo of the back of the watch in my other post trying to dig into its history
  4. I was going to have a 30mm rolex week but put the gold on and it just stayed, going to have to do the speedking, bubbleback and radioactive oyster another time. If after the oyster i have another time
  5. Put this on in rotation last monday intending to move on next day , been wearing it all week just lovely 9ct solid gold rolex from 1954 just love the dial couple of marks on the plexi but very nice hag it for over 10 years not worn it much bonding with it now, moved it out of the selling box, damm selling things is hard.
  6. Just changed to this i think i am having Hamilton regret as i have just sold my instamatic ( modern repo ) i may change again as the day goes on
  7. Hamilton auto today unsure of the year looks about early 60’s to me 10k gold filled automatic
  8. Omega seamaster midsize today old photo
  9. This again today nice and light
  10. Convinced myself i wanted a Christopher Ward bought one hated it sold it, then tried on a tudor black bay in an AD didn't like it at all too slab sided, having thought about it, to me thin = expensive well made quality etc etc, thick = not so much My wife is thin Me. Not so much
  11. I have a number of grail watches currently, navitimer, seiko springdrive, and pam 676, i will probally buy one wear it for a month or so then go back to the GMT pepsi and put the “grail “ in a box , thus i have a collection
  12. I must go in and see next time i am there as i have another i am thinking of having serviced, i have asked that my Rolex is not “complimentary “ polished as part of the service what are the odds of it not being polished ?
  13. Jlc today not a great water rating ill have to stay inside
  14. I currently have a rolex out for service with laings i am in Edinburgh about twice a month cant afford to go through the Hamilton and inches door !
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