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  1. I for one want to see @bridgeman wearing the absolutely gopping iridescent blue NATO that nobody in their right mind would wear in public, and it's only redeeming feature is it's easy to find eyeshadow that matches. Hamilton today. My provincial hovel plays host to a huge folk festival, and the streets are milling with Morris dancing arseholes and people trying to get their giant litre tankards filled for the price of a pint. Field-ish watch to negotiate the streets, paracord as a makeshift garrote if they try to start a singaround in the pub. Bob Dylan is the only acceptable folk music.
  2. Doctor's drug dealers get the best gear.
  3. Its definitely a dressdiver. not sure it'll fit under a tailored cuff comfortably though.
  4. Who do you think is buying all those fugly watches? :D https://www.bellingcat.com/news/2015/08/07/tracking-swiss-watches-in-sinaloa-top-6-luxury-brands-among-mexican-drug-lords/# Top 5 Cartel Druglord watch Brands 5. Romaine Jerome (Who?!) 4. AP 3. Rolex (clearly need to up their marketing game with the rich and murderous, rather than selling to plebs like us) 2. Hublot 1. Richard Mille
  5. Hamilton khaki will never not be cool. Seiko Monster, uncool. Sorry not sorry.
  6. They're both considerably nicer looking than the (considerably better made) Oris.I I'm sure they're wonderful but those day pointer Oris just look... Weird. And awkward. On the subject of awkward - If the top one was a Seiko cocktail time i'd be going off like a fire extinguisher.
  7. The ceramic is lovely. Looks dressier, with a cleaner dial than the old one and wears large. I've got normal 7.25 wrists and I certainly wouldn't buy the 43. Worth the extra £200 or whatever over the life of the piece to her the new one imo. I like the grey but the bezel is a slightly weird colour irl. The black/blue are boring but beautiful. Plus the crown guard is lethal. Don't buy it on rubber though. The strap looks nice but it's an inch thick and has a clasp so you need to physically cut it. Rip midget wrist resellers. Longines themselves are sold out of the 41 on a bracelet. Some ADs have them, but no new stock till August.
  8. Careful with affordable divers. It can quickly spiral into a collection in it's own right!
  9. I love those. Did they reissue it, or are the ones I see on here all just in nice condition?
  10. I like the date window the strap does look like it's made from one of those rubberised non-slip dashboard mats from poundland though. More Tragic than Tropic imho.
  11. This bad boy. Dunno about timex, but this takes a scrapin' and is on the verge of breakin' It's currently so magnetic it causes planes passing overhead to veer off course, and runs so fast it acts as a rudimentary time machine. but no amount of demagnetizing seems to fully sort it, and apart from quarantining it away from the other watches for fear of spreading the plague it remains a favourite.
  12. Sounds good, but I heard Rolex saved Owen Wilson's life...
  13. Now THAT is a description! cheers Eski
  14. I'm a complete noob, but I've never seen one of those with the cut-away dial & pusher before, what is it?
  15. Jubilee bracelets go perfectly with a sheepskin coat and a battered jag.
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