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  1. Entirely un-watch related but your username doesn't cleanly divided Mach 1 in either km/h or mph. What's the significance?! I have to know!! Obligatory watch photo. Nothing interesting, beyond the fact you can probably pull enough of my fingerprint off that dial to pass the biometrics into any of my new employer's facilities! Paracord courtesy of @Iceblue who is raising money for a charity close to my heart. Check out the relevant section of the forum to give the price of a couple of pints to a thoroughly deserving cause and get a sweet bracelet/makeshift garrote/climb
  2. "Your horologists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should." Words of wisdom.
  3. All far too tasteful for my tastes, such as they are, but a really nice idea. Is there one for questionable Kickstarter watches and shoddy entry level divers?
  4. One of the Kickstarters I'm following had a vibrant comments section, full of Watch People. I am genuinely concerned they/we might be the worst people in the world to deal with. One guy was talking to the creator like a child, demanding an apology in 'professional complainer' format after the survey was a few days late (if it's one of you, I'm sorry but you sound like a complete ****** mate ), teary disappointment that the stretch goals weren't what they decided they were getting, other people expressing their NEED to see a meteorite dial option that hasn't been made yet and will all be
  5. Graeme Le Saux was nicknamed 'the professor' by his Chelsea teammates because somebody saw him reading a book once.
  6. Yeah, leave fatface alone! ... ... ... Oh, right
  7. Killer combo. That Oris is gorgeous.
  8. Most accurate timepiece I own. Haven't had to adjust it apart from daylight savings, weighs nothing, gets as wet as any of my divers and hasn't died, goes with pretty much anything, lume lasts forever, fits under a cuff, won't get stolen, legible as hell and comfy.
  9. The Q? Because that's currently getting scalped to hell and back on eBay. I'm not paying £300 for one ffs :/
  10. It's still working, but I'm not using it much atm - I bought a digital timer plug socket to keep the watches wound without overwinding and to preserve the cheapo motor, but the bloody shape of the timer doesn't let me plug in the power adaptor :/ its massive and weighs a tonne so exorbitant postage means I can't even give the damn thing away!
  11. Collecting stuff in general tends to attract slightly more obsessive characters. Be that action figures, film memorabilia, autographs, football programmes, and especially watches. Then again... Pretty much sums up my feelings about this :D Watches also has a weird element of reverse snobbery, where people fall over themselves to praise arguably very mediocre affordable watches, cheap nylon straps, so on and so forth - presumably to signal that they are not infact snobby anally retentive connoisseurs but woke watch wizards, and somehow not liking a Seiko 5 or an Amphibia sho
  12. 8ball for 150, 200 for the good stuff. 20 mins in the carpark.
  13. Not my usual, giving something different a go the missus thinks it makes me look like a drug dealer! Big thanks to @kevkojak for running his 10 year giveaway and raising some cash for ze forum too.
  14. I'm curious, suppose I wanted to create a one of a kind watch for myself with an off-the-shelf movement, what sort of figure would I be looking at? I'm sure everybody has considered this, and discarded the idea after realizing how much it would cost, and I realise 'how long is a piece of string' is the answer to the original question, so suppose stainless case, no strap and no precious metals. Ideally not a bitsa from t'internet though - In my fevered watch dream I want a custom case milled, custom dial, hands and crystal I would probably buy off the shelf. How would I even go about
  15. Leather for dress, oyster for best, mesh for the rest. NATO for... Other stuff? I dunno.
  16. Weirdly this upper-mid-affordable niche is kinda my jam, largely because I like watches but I can't justify dropping proper money on jewellery to the missus. The quality of any given Khaki (not owned any of their other models) is pretty much on a par with any similarly priced Seiko (chapter rings notwithstanding!) - they're still great watches, and really well executed but I suspect fractionally overrated because of the various heritage factors at play. The conquest on the other hand feels... More substantial? I suspect Tissot are a dressier euro-Hamilton, but have only worn a Tissot
  17. Has the look of an Oris miles davis about it. Very cool, slightly psychedelic, watch Probably for the best, I can't imagine sitting down for a meal with somebody wearing that - i'd be gawking at the ploprof the whole time. Can't remember the French, but they have a phrase 'ugly-beautiful' which perfectly describes that magnificent monster.
  18. Bulova devil diver reissue? It's a Miyota 812A so nothing interesting there, and it's 44mm which I find a bit chunky personally, but with a vintage feel its perhaps less obvious than the ubiquitous Sub/Seiko divers stuff. Seriously though, just buy a Seiko and be done with it.
  19. I use Kindle a lot, I've got the app on my phone, tablet and a Kindle itself. It's very cool. However, all your books are more or less leased from Amazon, so if for whatever reason they went under our decided to charge per minute you were reading or whatever you're bummed. You takes your chances, right? Personally I like to buy physical copies and also obtain 'backup' copies of ones I particularly like via the Torrent of ENTIRELY LEGITIMATE MEANS available to honest buyers. just in case. This is also how I came to own about 7 copies of Dune. Plus ebooks are a bit of a rip-o
  20. How cheap is cheap? You flagged Swiss, there is a Hamilton Chrono with black subdials and a cream face iirc. About 1.2k rrp I think? (I could be horrible wrong on all counts though!)
  21. If you can comfortably afford it, and have room, sure - why not! You could always sell it on if you don't get the use out of it right?
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