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  1. Started watching this with the wife,it’s funny,rude and a bit dark at times,2100 Sunday channel 4
  2. I always take mine off I don’t like having a smelly wrist
  3. she couldn't care less along as I don't spend too much so I don't tell her, it was our 25th wedding anniversary last year and due to the current situation we couldn't book a holiday to celebrate so we treated ourselves to whatever we wanted within reason,Tudor black bay steel for meand a ring for her
  4. Given an inch and taking a mile,this is Bo at 9 months allowed upstairs for the first time.
  5. I have an Oris big crown pro pilot and as much as I love it I felt let down when I had to send it back to them for a minor repair (rotor was moving when hand winding)it was less than a year old
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