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  1. I like that,I would choose the black dial
  2. We have VW T6 and absolutely love it,And we only stay on sites with toilets,showers and electric hook up,This summer we had a trip to Scotland to see some friends that live on the NC500 route,we couldn’t believe the amount of inexperienced drivers in very large hired motorhomes,very annoying and sometimes frightening on Scottish single track roads you can see why the locals get upset,The last site we stayed on was just outside Aviemore it was very clean and well organised and on our last day we noticed that someone had slopped out in the grey water disposal,Disgusting I’m guessing it was an inexperienced motorhome driver.The joys of camping.
  3. It’s easy to choose now I’ve reduced my collection down to 3 watches,it would be my cwc mellor 72,plain and simple.
  4. Started watching this with the wife,it’s funny,rude and a bit dark at times,2100 Sunday channel 4
  5. I always take mine off I don’t like having a smelly wrist
  6. she couldn't care less along as I don't spend too much so I don't tell her, it was our 25th wedding anniversary last year and due to the current situation we couldn't book a holiday to celebrate so we treated ourselves to whatever we wanted within reason,Tudor black bay steel for meand a ring for her
  7. Given an inch and taking a mile,this is Bo at 9 months allowed upstairs for the first time.
  8. I have an Oris big crown pro pilot and as much as I love it I felt let down when I had to send it back to them for a minor repair (rotor was moving when hand winding)it was less than a year old
  9. er indoors,where do you live in the seventies
  10. I have the Alpina startimer auto and I love it, they are Swiss made but owned by citizen
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