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  1. Hi @hartley353 This is an absolutely amazing find, and what a gorgeous looking watch . The function that you are talking about is known as a perpetual calendar. I myself have a watch that does the same thing and i just love it. Mine is gold bezel and surrounds with a black face, but i really like this acquisition you found. Well done on a good find.
  2. Hi @Joyjamie I have 2 Eco drives, and infact, I am about to acquire a 3rd. They are absolutely fantastic watch which I've never had a problem with. Like @Roger the Dodger said, when not using them, keep them in the sunlight. I also pull the crown out when not using mine, but that my personal preference. Do yourself a favour, and get an Eco drive. You'll be glad that you did.
  3. Hi @lovingtheclock While my personal opinion is that Citizen and Seiko are the better watch manufactures, there are brands like Pulsar and Lorus. Although these two aren't as high end as the Seiko, they are still pretty amazing watches. I even have a couple myself. Oh, and just an FYI, both Lorus and Pulsar are owned by Seiko, so you'll get the Seiko quality, with out the Seiko price tag.
  4. Hi @Stevkin, Have you tried on ebay or places like that? I reckon that would be your best bet.
  5. I personally don't loke automatic watches, however having said that, this is a pretty amazing looking watch.
  6. Hi guys, I've got a Sekonda dual time watch (model number 5391), which i absolutely love, and I've searched hi and low fir an original bracelet for it, bu to no avail. I was wondering if anyone might know where i might be able to obtain one. :)
  7. I really like the Hulk and Blank Panther chronograph. Its a shame they don't have a Black Widow one. That would just make it all the more worth it, as I'm a huge Scarlett Johansson fan.
  8. I'm thinking of getting the hands and numbers on my Sekonda re-lumed. Its a 15 year old watch, but has sentimental value as my parents brought it for me for y 18th birthday. Is it worth getting it re-lumed, or because of the age of the watch, is it better just to live worth the way it is? What are peoples thought?
  9. I would defiantly do my homework before purchasing a $900 watch @kevkojak, No way would I go into it blind. I think you may be right, about Citizen fixing the connectivity issue. I have a feeling however, that when you purchased yours, it was already damaged being second hand. If I'm going to spend that amount of money on a watch, I would defiantly not buy a second hand one. That's just me though. Thanks for your post, you have given me something to think about before I make my decision.
  10. @BondandBigM @Rotundus @JoT, I have an apple watch which is really great for the smart watch features, but the citizen proximity is a much more dressier watch. It doesn't have full functionally like the apple watch like being able to talk through the watch, but it does indicate if you have new mail/msg and if you have a missed call. Its a really smart looking time piece for under $900.
  11. I'm very seriously considering buying a Citizen Proximity with smart phone linkup. What are peoples thoughts?
  12. The cape cod looks very similar to the eagle one. Great cheap alternative to bring the shine back to the timepieces.
  13. Has anyone ever re-lumed the hands on their watch? If so, is it easy to do?
  14. Well done @jsud2002, what and absolute steal for a fantastic watch. Im such a huge fan of the citizens. Im just curious @jsud2002, as how they would be able to change a capacitor for a battery?
  15. What a beautiful timepiece @Graham60. This looks a a very simple but indeed very elegant watch.
  16. Are people serious about using an angle grinder, I would have thought that would do mare damage. Whats the cape cod like? is it an actually polish cream, or a wadded polish like the eagle one?
  17. I don't leave my watches running (apart from my Sekonda which I use every day), I pull the crown out when they're away. A bit of a pain in the butt to set them one I wanna wear, but helps persevere battery life. Expect for the eco drives obviously.
  18. Has any one else ever used Eagle One Never dull to polish their watches and metal bands? It a pretty cheap product that does a damn fine job of making the watch shine like new again
  19. I don't know how to insert pics on this forum. Could you tell me plz
  20. Just acquired the citizen perpetual calander with diamonds on the bezel. What a beautiful time poece .
  21. So, I'm hoping that my Rolex will be back from being repaired this week. The collection doesn't look complete without the Daytona in it.
  22. Diamonds in place for Id love to get a matchin Diamonds in place of the crystals would be great on the men's version. I'd l0ve to get a matching set of watches for my wife an I, but she doesn't really do expensive watches. She got a one she brought off eBay for $2. 4 years ago and absolutely loves it. Sorry about the first part of the post. I'm still learning my way around the forum and not sure what happened there.
  23. Beautiful watch. Id have to say Citizen would be my favorite brand in my collection. Does your Mrs watch match yours, you know like a his and hers, or is it completely different?
  24. You could always start small. that's what I have done. My collection started with a Sekonda dual time (analog with a digital window at 3) which I use as my every day watch, and goes up to my latest acquisition, which is the citizen perpetual calendar with diamonds. Ranges from $150 right up to 1200, being my latest one. If I know of a model or particular series I want I go to my local jewelers, who look after me very well. Quality doesn't necessarily need to be expensive. If you find something that you like, why not treat yourself. Even if you need to pay it off, which I've had to do with a couple of mine.
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