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  1. I don't think 1982 was a particularly vintage year with the quartz crisis having already done most of the damage. But I think the IWC Bund was made in that year which would be pretty awesome
  2. Have a good one, my mate and his bint are flying out to Sharmm El Sheik on Saturday for a week of diving. So if you see a Scouse bodybuilder, say hello he's very friendly
  3. Whenever I've been to the one at Haydock there's never anything I'd touch, looks like I'm going to go furtehr afield... Or wait until I move to London in April :D
  4. A number of things, The clasp was incredibly stiff. The first time I showed it to my girlfriend she put her hand on it whilst it was on my wrist and got her finger very slightly behind the clasp lever and the watch came clean off. The bezel didn't line up properly and there was a degree of vertical play in it which made it feel very cheap. From a more subjective point of view I don't like 60 click bezels. By all means get one second hand, or possible play with one - like Oris most people are more in praise of the brand than I - but I feel fairly sure if you held the U1 next to the Marine Master there would be no contest which is the high quality piece. Also not all Sinn U1s are necessarily like mine, I think the quality control has dipped somewhat over the past few years, but buying mine new after saving for two years and it not being anything like the perfect quality product I was expecting left a sour taste. That said the U1 is a great looker and despite my experiences, when I see them on the various sales fora for £600 to £650 I am tempted.
  5. Ignore this guy except the Marine Master part :D Yes I am pretty unique in my views on Oris :)
  6. This; which is why my collection is overwhelmingly Seiko, from £60 second hand bargains all the way up to this I feel like I'm getting short changed with most modern Swiss powered watches like Omega, Breitling, and even Sinn after owning a couple. I'd love an IWC or a Jaeger though :)
  7. I've had a Sinn U1 and after hankering for a long time I was very disappointed. Oris are horrid, the bracelets pinch, the bezels feel cheap and I think a lot of people get the fact that they are heavy confused with genuine quality. I'v never been a fan of TAG Heuer so i haven't come into contact with many so I'm unqualified to comment. The Marine Master is by far and away a step up from the first two though. I'm never letting mine go
  8. If we're back to autos then this is awesome And they do a stainless steel and a pvd one if you don't like the gold effect
  9. Lucky you! I took somebody else as mine didnt enjoy Tron. The few bints that were in the cinema didnt sound too impressed afterwards! That's what I like about Mike, his elegant, flattering often - dare I say - whimsical descriptions of the fairer sex :D
  10. Why are they expensive... Simple they are one of a very small number of watch makers (and by far the cheapest) to be true Veblen goods. That's simply down to a phenomenally successful marketing department. Sure people will tell you that the quality is superb, but frankly that's crap because it's not.
  11. Its been a month, but fret not one is due tomorrow :D
  12. Very nice but I bet you don't get any change for 5k
  13. Didn't realise Schumi didn't have any shoulders!
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