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  1. I recently made a post regarding the AP royal oak and now I’m browsing alternatives and i’m finding the hublot classic fusion Ref 510.NX.7170.NX being very similar in design (if not better). I also like that it has a second hand that beats away at 28800 VPH. My only concern would be the hub1112 movement as it seems like a modified ETA movement and not inhouse?! Can someone knowledgable inform me on this one? And for those of you who have handled this upclose, how is it? Seriously considering this one as an alternative to the AP. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you Yokel for reminding me of the service costs. I imagined it would be high but thats over 10% of the watch’s retail price! Beautiful piece you got there, I hope it will serve you for many years to come
  3. Thank you for the very informative and interesting history. The watch is not something that i’m in the market of buying right now but could be a couple of years down the road. I just accuired the new seamaster (rose gold on black dial) and won’t be spending much more on a watch anytime soon. The royal oak however remains on top of the ”want-list”. Will keep you posted!
  4. Hey guys, like many before me I am deeply in love with the royal oak and consider it to be the ultimate grail piece for me. But I wonder how the value and reputation compares with the actual quality in the movement. Is it just a richmans piece to show off or does it really bring a bang for its buck?
  5. Alright guys, I know there are hundreds of seiko 5 models and variants, but which would you choose as a true classic between the 5 and the green alpinist?
  6. Thanks for your input! I like them all but I love the black/rose gold on rubber the most. It’s prob going to be the one I pick and it seems to be great value!
  7. I’m leaning towards the seamaster but i’m also open to suggestions for other watches up towards ~8000$.
  8. I initially thought the same. But then I saw the grey dial with blue rubber band/nato band and now I can’t look at the other colors!
  9. Sorry, it’s supposed to be 28800 Vph
  10. I agree it’s a beautiful watch! But I like the look of the seamaster too. At this price range I want the watch for the engineering quality behind it. Something to be proud of, and something that can be passed down for generations. I’m not really sure of the breitling in that regard. I don’t know much about their B20 movement other than its a modified tudor movement. But it doesn’t seem to be something breitling is proud of selling. They are hiding it on their website, stating it as a ”manufactured” movement, whatever that means? Atleast omega is being open and proud of their movement. The only thing the superocean heritage II has going for me is its looks, but is that enough? I don’t know. Maybe if i knew more about the movement inside.. Thanks for your input but the superocean looks to cluttered for my taste, I specifically like the heritage II model. I know It’s a great watch tho
  11. Hello friends, I’m deciding between two divers: the new 2018 omega seamaster 300m and the breitling superocean heritage II. from what I can find, the omega has a true in-house movement with the new anti magnetic calibre 8800 with 35 jewels and beats at 25200 VPH and the breitling is using a modified tudor movement which is sort of ”in-house” aswell with 28 jewels beating at 28200 VPH. The omega has better WR (30 bar vs 20) which makes it more suitable for diving even though i’m not really going to use them in water that much. Laslty the omega has a see through back case which I like and the breitling don’t. overall I think the breitling looks more classy while the omega is more of a sport watch which are both good in their own way. I feel the omega has a better movement but might not look as good as the breitling. Pricewise they are very similar at ~€4600. I’d like to think what you guys think, which one would you choos and why?
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