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  1. Tried to get one today, no luck. May take a few days until they are literally unavoidable
  2. I wouldn't take any notice of trands and averages. They make out the average person makes a good salary and lives happily ever after. The last 2 businesses I worked for completely ignore all UK employment laws and get away with it. One of them had 40+ workers and handed me cash in an envelope working out at £6.50 an hour. I am over 25 so that is illegal to start with. Do you think the Gov helped me ? Hell no Sorry rant over, I just hate the UK employment system with a passion. So many businesses I worked for break the law and get clean away with it.
  3. I know the date is wrong lol. Too lazy to change it
  4. Nobody else is mad enough
  5. Japanese has a cool factor with Seikos and the like but other languages no IMO. I would imagine people wont be so interested in buying them
  6. Lying or DIY. I had a basic movement serviced and it cost £8 to sent it RMSD, £8 return RMSD, £95 for the service with no parts or repair needed. Total cost £111. Now with a quartz they may have just changed the battery and called it serviced.
  7. Be careful buying any watch used full stop, there are some real sharks in the used watch game. Fake, stolen, no warranty, worse than described, bits missing, the wrong booklets, wrong box, issues, bull s adverts full of lies about age. Iv seen it all
  8. Ah always makes me feel better when I see others with WAY more of a problem than me lol
  9. Older Steinhart Nav B 47mm. I think they switched to a blue lume now that is not as good on modern ones ?
  10. I was unaware that people still used mechanical watches for most of my early life, I only discovered it when I seen a Seiko Monster review in my late 20`s early 30`s. My mother who grew up in a time when only mechanical watches were available, was stunned when I showed her a modern mechanical watch. She still thinks it is odd and a step backwards. Kind of like going back to a typewriter and candles.
  11. From reviews I have seen the quality has gone low. They were decent when I was a teenager
  12. Means you get less and less improvements in quality for you money beyond a certain point.
  13. Compare them in person in a shop in your hands. The difference in the real world is ALOT more than you can see online or on paper. However diminishing returns kick in with watches after about the £350- 700 mark
  14. The advantage of diesel is the fuel efficiency and torque on hills. They tend to be fitted with turbo, usually 121 CU inches on average I would say. Where I live in Wales you are almost constantly going either up or down in elevation so torque is very nice. I have driven plenty of them and passed my test in one but never owned one myself. As for future fuel prices, I think they will rise as electric cars become more common. Road Tax rises every year for many people because they are punishing cars that pollute more and rewarding small clean engines with low Tax rates. But when most people have electric cars they will hike electric prices in to oblivion and they will be expensive to charge lol. I cant see driving here ever being cheap, even if they invent cars that run on water they will invent a new Tax for it.
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