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  1. Seen a show before where a guy had bought a Rolex in 1960 I think it was for $120 and it looked really beat up and well used. His jaw hit the floor when they told it its worth $65,000 - £75,000 because it was the first GMT or something.
  2. Personally I think the Tudor Black Bay style hands are very ugly, otherwise I may have been tempted to get one.
  3. Yes they have many models with that, if I recall they design their own movements and they have models that have power reserve, day and date, night / day, front and back displays.
  4. Yea but the superlative chronometer certificate is so worth having, I don't know how I live without it. My Squale 1521 that loses 1 second in the day and gains 1 second at night and is bang on to the second accurate with my atomic watch every morning is a real let down.
  5. I didn't say overpriced, just not the value they make them out to be compared to high street brands like Hamilton. As for Rolex, I don't know really because I met a few Rolex owners and their watches did go up in value ( eventually )
  6. I am a naturally suspicious person. I think it will have no warranty at all, possibly been ex-display or refurbished or something else doggy about it, there are absolute t++++s on ebay
  7. They are no better than Hamilton / Tissot at the same price points. Their C5 dress watch at £495 is priced about right. It is in no way a bargain or punching above its weight at all.
  8. By 1955 most of Germany and Britain were strong allies in NATO. I would imagine NATO could contract to each other freely even back then. Which continues to this day, most of the British army have German made Haix, Lowa, and Meindle boots. They are excellent too, light, strong and well made. I have loads of them.
  9. MSC

    Oris Auto

    Can you show the model, there are hundreds of Oris watches dating back decades
  10. I would rather Hamilton myself, they seem to be sister and brother brands these days and of the same quality / value / history and all that Jazz. I prefer the Hamilton designs though, but I would hazard a guess that neither brand live up to their quality of old. As for the power reserve, I would rather a standard 2824 because they are much easier to regulate. The Powermatic have two dastardly screws on the balance wheel itself and people don't like that design in general.
  11. That is what I thought looking at the site, they have the same watch range exactly.
  12. Anyone used Citywatches. I cant work this website out, it looks like Creation watches but have an address in Manchester and have higher prices. I tried to message them on facebook but no reply 6 days later so not a good start. It would be handy to know if they ship from the UK otherwise I don't see the point in using them instead of creation.
  13. MSC

    1st automatic

    Orient kamasu is what USA call the Mako 3 USA version with the sapphire crystal as far as I can tell. You can get here but it is more rare than the mineral glass Mako 3 version so search for Mako 3 that have sapphire crystal in the description.
  14. Yes but sods law kicks in and you have every model except those ones. Same with valuable VHS and old records, I have thousands of them but not the right ones.
  15. Good value I think, I would buy a Mako 3 or Ray Raven 2. I have a ray 2 already
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