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  1. I was unaware that people still used mechanical watches for most of my early life, I only discovered it when I seen a Seiko Monster review in my late 20`s early 30`s. My mother who grew up in a time when only mechanical watches were available, was stunned when I showed her a modern mechanical watch. She still thinks it is odd and a step backwards. Kind of like going back to a typewriter and candles.
  2. From reviews I have seen the quality has gone low. They were decent when I was a teenager
  3. Means you get less and less improvements in quality for you money beyond a certain point.
  4. Compare them in person in a shop in your hands. The difference in the real world is ALOT more than you can see online or on paper. However diminishing returns kick in with watches after about the £350- 700 mark
  5. When you have lovely watches gathering dust most of the time. Its funny how people who love watches the most end up wasting their life the most in a rotation
  6. I have one with white dial and 2824 movement. I don't have a SS strap for it but it is a very dressy watch, I would not wear it everyday or at work. Maybe one with black dial and SS strap would be a lot better as a daily wearer though. Nice watch, my only gripe is no screw down crown on my one.
  7. I have seen some really nice ones on the dark side but I just don't have the buying power. Wish I did have 1500 - 2000 spare
  8. You could always get a used watch. There are always excellent condition 1500 - 2000 Omega and Tudor for sale. People buy them and 18 months later get bored and take a huge loss in some cases.
  9. Nice, looks like Japanese Cartoon style.
  10. Sorry to hear that, my mother is feeling the effects of being 73 also. Kinda awkward to photograph them indoors at night but here is a pic anyway.
  11. So i`m using a product that comes from dead animals on a product that comes from dead animals also.
  12. I much prefer to sell UK only because of ebays habit of siding with the buyer in any dispute and shafting the seller. And if they claim the item is fake or defective they don't even seem to need any real proof, ebay will force you to pay return postage cost.
  13. Quality stuff was cheaper back then, but in modern times the price just went ridiculous. I remember there were US soldiers out in Europe back in 1960. I seen an interview with one of them and he said he bought a brand new Rolex GMT. He was the lowest rank possible and he said it cost him 1 months wages. To do that now the soldier would need to be making $120,000+ a year lol.
  14. Arrived today : The bezel is off centre because it just spins freely lol. Vostok Komandirskie.
  15. Could be worse. Try having a domed crystal that distorts the date making it even harder to see.
  16. Vintage I believe is actually 20 years plus and Antique is 100 years plus.
  17. The moon watch is not that interesting anyway. They probably took a Snap-on screw driver too but that does not make the "moon" screw driver interesting lol.
  18. Ordered on 20th. Arrived on 30th. £27 total. I cut off the strap which I should not have done for warranty purposes but never mind. Sounds nice, slow beat rate
  19. It will come around again, these offers are here to stay I believe. Ebay are so rich that they can probably do this :
  20. Why are there all there new members who have 1st posts where they put a link to click on always, instead of uploading images properly like everyone else. Its very suspicious if you ask me.
  21. I like all the German brands that I know of. Even the £420 Steinhart pilots are absolutely solid, I have a ten year old one and the strap is original lol, it just wont die
  22. They had to make it different I guess, But it doesn't work for me, I prefer the Spectre watch without a comedy dial..... Different view of it :
  23. Kinda waiting for my 1st At least I am getting good updates...... Russian Post Released from Russia 25 September 2019, 07:25 102972, Марушкинское Arrived at the local distribution center 24 September 2019, 11:48 102975, Марушкинское Released by custom house 23 September 2019, 17:33 102972, Марушкинское Handed over to the customs 23 September 2019, 17:32 102972, Марушкинское Arrived at the customs of Russia 23 September 2019, 16:09 102972, Марушкинское Arrived at the local distribution center 23 September 2019, 11:11 102975, Марушкинское Departed from local distribution center 23 September 2019, 00:50 108960, Марушкинское Arrived at the local distribution center 21 September 2019, 22:56 108960, Марушкинское Arrived at the Post office 21 September 2019, 12:33 129323, Москва
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