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  1. Hi All - I amafter getting a birth year watch and that would equate to a Omega Seamaster 300 and these are outside my price bracket and so wondering if you know if these type watch are still for sale (web site dated as 2017). I have emailed Eddie at Timefactors but if you have any information would useful.
  2. The bracelet is rubbish, I gave up on trying to remove surplus links and so added a spare nato strap. Not had chance to wear it so far, wearing my new Citizen Ecozilla today (showing it off to a diver at work today).
  3. My new 420374 -Zissou Blue Dial came this morning (a week early that promised from Moscow without issue) hard to choose between a Suba Dude of Zissou.
  4. These are my Seiko watches, the Quartz dress watch I got for my 18th, the SKX mod has just had a rebuild and now running well
  5. Just figured out using postimage.org
  6. Many thanks for your replay, Just got my latest Citizen this afternoon, came wrapped in a supermarket carrier bag, then in a jiffy bag, anyways its here and working
  7. Will do, just figuring out best way to get photo's into posts
  8. Thanks for the advise, will use the service centre shortly
  9. Hi Teg62x Thanks for the reply, I may have replied to similar thread on another forum (SC Forum). So just postage and the risk the RM lose your watch. Regards
  10. Hi All Another newbie forum user, been collecting watches seriously since last year, main interest is dive watches, some field and Casio digitals
  11. I have a BN0000-4H (Promaster Sea Eco-Drive 300m) which as the monocock one piece case GN-4W-UL and my local watchmaker say's he cannot change the crystal (very badly scratched). I have considered sending to Citizen Service centre, but put off with the sending away and no idea on how make it going to cost. Any thoughts on using the UK service centre?
  12. I started collecting dive watches last year and now I seam to have a Citizen habit:- NY0040-09E BN0110-06E BN0000-04H BN0151-17L Now I just bought a BJ8050-08E Ecozilla (waiting for it to arrive, hopefully by Wednesday) Is this normal or there any support groups for watch collecting? PS there is another BN0000-04H on Ebay coming to the end with low bids at present
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