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  1. If that watch is the real thing, it looks like a steal at 3x the price. It would be interesting to know exactly how much it weighs.
  2. With the right kind of leather (dark I think), could be a good alternative.
  3. The H2O 10 Miles is a stunner.
  4. Can't add a 'like', so here's a vote for this elegant watch.
  5. This is interesting - I have a U-Boat in bronze with green dial and strap, which I'd guess borrows from this design (left) or whatever similar design occurred earlier. I really like the rose gold(?) numbers and hands on the white background, but especially how they sized everything so the dial has a spacious look - not crowded. Then the leather strap is a perfect match. I wonder how much wear the strap can take before it needs attention.
  6. That was a good read on railroad watches. From 1930 to Dec. 1941 here across the pond, my dad used to ride the rails (illegally), make hobo coffee, gamble, etc. He had some of those pocket watches, although I doubt he paid for them.
  7. This looks like one of the traditional railroad watches.
  8. I just look at the analog clock on my iphone (additional 'App), and compare that to my watches. I wear two, one a little slow and the other a little fast. Since I know how slow and how fast (give or take a second per fortnight), I set each watch so it will achieve parity with the Apple clock (same as the HP atomic clocks) within 10 days, then I watch them converge and diverge the other direction. After a 20 day period I start anew.
  9. I like the clean elegant look and a nice grippy crown.
  10. Some of the special editions look really promising.
  11. This is amazing. Might not be too practical, but it can't be ignored!
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