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  1. Merry Christmas. Here's this years present though I had it a bit before Christmas. #Savetheocean https://postimg.cc/gallery/jugnmc6o/
  2. Thanks guys. The excess part of the nato strap is a little frustrating but I've found that folding the end over and tucking it in helps. Certainly feels a lot lighter as is to be expected.
  3. Tried to get a lume shot but the camera struggled to focus. Suffice to say the lume is very good indeed and clear. anonymous picture hosting
  4. I have both and appreciate both but defer to more experienced members when it comes to the finer details. There's a YouTube channel called Urban Gentry that I subscribe to which is very good and informative, so worth checking out some of his videos. He does daft intros sometimes which you may wish to skip past but the main content is good. I have the TAG F1 Quartz on a steel bracelet but have just bought the nato strap so its like the picture below. It's a superb watch and worth every penny as far as I'm concerned. I've admired the brand for years and always looked at their displays in shops. Very good day collecting my first luxury watch, albeit entry level luxury but it will always hold a special place in my collection even if I won the lotto and bought all sorts of mega posh watches. free photo host
  5. I was just wondering if anyone has any poor quality watches purchased inadvertently or by lack of experience or knowledge of watches. I know that Daniel Wellington watches are widely criticised for cashing in on fashion and style and putting relatively high prices on their watches when the movements are cheap and poor quality Chinese movements. A friend of mine did not realise this until reading up online after a purchase in London. For me, I inherited some lovely watches from my dad, including a 9k gold Rotary quartz but another watch in his collection was a Claude Valentini. My mum bought it from the Bradford Exchange who incidentally, get terrible reviews. I've since read up on them and there was a big scam about them being sold from car boots at motorway services with big claims that they were super stylish watches fetching £400 but being sold for £50. The actual quality was probably worth about £10. Despite this, it has sentimental value because it was one of my dads watches and it's not offensive in appearance at all. I will wear it occasionally just for a quick trip to the shops or when I'm walking the dog. Though I prefer my G-Shock for the latter. I can certainly feel the lack of quality when wearing it and the bezel feels very flimsy. Any experiences folks?
  6. I wouldn't touch that thing with a barge pole. Really don't like the style or the colour. Nothing against the brand but I'll go and see the Seiko on Saturday to make sure I'm as happy with it in the flesh as I am with the pictures.
  7. All is not what it seemed. I ordered from Chrono24 via trusted checkout and paid because it was showing as in stock at a dealer in Germany. Messages since received to say the watches haven't even left Japan yet and they are awaiting news. Fortunately, a different watch in stock at Goldsmiths caught my eye and whilst it most certainly is not green, the blue dial won me over immediately and I like the style with the waves as it is one of their save the ocean range. So this Saturday my early Christmas present will be collected (presuming I'm happy with it in the flesh) and the nato strap for my TAG. Managed a not too shabby £65 discount on voucher cloud too. Order cancelled for the green one and full refund.
  8. The panda Chronograph in my display is a cheapo brand called Claude Valentini which belonged to my dad. My mum bought it for him years ago from the Bradford Exchange along with the watch that sits top left. Faux leather strap and a pretend Chronograph so that really was just a cheap add on gift many years ago and I don't wear it but I keep it due to sentimental value. The gold Rotary's were also my dads. I have another Rotary at work which is scratched all over and I've had it years. I change to that at work if I know I'm off out somewhere that might encounter a risk of damage. The Tissot is in the winder and the Seiko is pending delivery. Had to move the TAG as I will have more watches than spaces in the box when the Seiko lands.
  9. Certainly am worthy! I'll go and check out the quiz. I'm an MCU nerd so should do well.
  10. "No amount of money ever bought a second of time." - Tony Stark Maybe I should have a replica of the time stone/eye of agamotto in there too Just waiting for the green Seiko 5 sports to fill the centre gap on the top row. My Tissot is currently in the winder. img host
  11. Oh yes I must take it back for a refund at once because some sarcastic comment from a member who's opinion is far superior to others and their word is obviously law. *whose
  12. I did indeed and don't have a problem with that. They were more expensive on Ebay when I checked before buying. Each to their own.
  13. Been shopping with SWMBO today and for an evening meal. Just general shopping rather than for watches but I thought if she can drag me round handbag shops that she doesn't buy, I can do the same with watches Started off in Beaverbrooks looking at a nice Citizen Red Arrows limited addition Chronograph. Black leather strap with red stitching. Lots of tech including radio frequency thing which means it can adjust the date and time by itself. Not bad at all for £500. Next stop I was admiring the burgundy dial Tudor Black Bay in Goldsmiths at £2,670. Very classy but can't justify that level of expenditure at the moment x I then stood at the window of the other branch of Goldsmiths where there was a Rolex Submariner Date in the window. Gold bracelet with blue dial at just over £26k! Finished off in the TAG-Heuer shop where I ended up buying a nato strap in the Gulf racing colour to fit my F1 Chronograph. It completely transformed the look and feel of the watch (tried one from the display) so I ordered the strap which will be here within a week and fitted all for £100 and approved by SWMBO. Just mixes things up a bit until I feel the need to put the bracelet back on. Not sure why there's a random x at the end of a paragraph there!
  14. Rotary GMT Pepsi on offer at the moment https://www.hsamuel.co.uk/webstore/d/9794166/rotary+henley+men's+stainless+steel+bracelet+watch/ I've got 5 Rotary watches, 3 of which my dad left me in his will. One is 9k gold. They make good quality watches for the price point.
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