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  1. I've been wondering if shops would be willing to drop their price to match swiss watches direct. Online information at various jewellers suggests not but perhaps managers discretion...
  2. https://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/Oris-Aquis-43.5mm-Mens-Watch-01-733-7730-4157+07-8-24-05PEB/p/17600967/?store=231&lsft=utm_content:shopping___adty__pla___prch__local___stco__231___prid__17600967,utm_medium:cpc&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIncmNnLGw8AIVo-_tCh1A_g_yEAQYASABEgJAq_D_BwE Already making Christmas plans and this green Aquis caught my eye. I've done some research and Oris are well respected but I've noticed the larger version of this watch (43.5mm) appears to be a slightly darker green than the 39mm. Does anyone have the green version or any other version if not?
  3. It would be a long post lol! I don't dislike the Tissot but I find myself wearing it less and less for work. I prefer my Seiko Prospex Save the Ocean with steel bracelet. I decided to start bidding at 275 and have picked up 4 watchers already. Going for £620 new at Goldsmiths
  4. How many posts do I need please?
  5. Thanks, I didn't realise I was close to the number that revealed the sales section
  6. Greetings. I have listed my Tissot SeaStar on ebay with an auction but I wondered if there's anywhere better that anyone would recommend? I couldn't see anything on this forum and didn't want to breach rules by posting an advert directly. Thanks
  7. A double watch Christmas for SWMBO. Got her the baby G for work and when out walking as it will take any knocks and the Longines for more formal gatherings or family occasions once allowed again! The Longines is her first luxury watch. Links not working above so try this: https://postimg.cc/gallery/Tm79MNr
  8. It's being saved for the big day. She knows nothing about it.
  9. Don't get me wrong, if SWMBO showed no interest in watches with actual heritage and was only interested in designer/fashion watches, then I wouldn't hesitate to buy her one. I acquired my TAG Heuer Formula about a month before we met and she was always complimentary of it. Since then I've acquired my Tissot SeaStar and Seiko Prospex divers and again she liked them both. So whilst walking past the Daniel Wellington boutique in Covent Garden, she mentioned a colleague at work has one. She was then shocked when I told her how they charge such a high price for what is a cheap Chinese wa
  10. Well my interest in watches has got SWMBO interested and she said she's thinking about getting a new watch so I thought well that's Christmas sorted early then In the past, she's opted for "designer" watches but that's before I put her back on the straight and narrow. My issue with so called designer watches is that there is a tendency to use cheap Chinese movements and parts and then stick the designer brand name on it so that you are literally paying for the name. My watches, whilst far removed from the lofty peaks of a Rolex or Patek, are at least proper watches. I have my TAG Heuer
  11. Merry Christmas. Here's this years present though I had it a bit before Christmas. #Savetheocean https://postimg.cc/gallery/jugnmc6o/
  12. Thanks guys. The excess part of the nato strap is a little frustrating but I've found that folding the end over and tucking it in helps. Certainly feels a lot lighter as is to be expected.
  13. Tried to get a lume shot but the camera struggled to focus. Suffice to say the lume is very good indeed and clear. anonymous picture hosting
  14. I have both and appreciate both but defer to more experienced members when it comes to the finer details. There's a YouTube channel called Urban Gentry that I subscribe to which is very good and informative, so worth checking out some of his videos. He does daft intros sometimes which you may wish to skip past but the main content is good. I have the TAG F1 Quartz on a steel bracelet but have just bought the nato strap so its like the picture below. It's a superb watch and worth every penny as far as I'm concerned. I've admired the brand for years and always looked at their di
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