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  1. My 1st Vostok, Price is good, looks ok, Happy Put on a cheap nato for now
  2. My 1st Orient Bambino, bought from Island watches USA, only took 7 days to arrive. Very Happy
  3. My very 1st Orient Bambino #FAC00005W0
  4. A big welcome from one newbie to another
  5. The first addition to my collection , very happy with it
  6. Thanks for a nice welcome. I do like automatics but being honest if I like the look and feel of a watch I'll give it ago (if affordable lol )
  7. Hi Guys, Firstly I would like to thank you guys for letting me join this great forum :) I'm a total newbie to watch collecting and looking forward to all your help, tips and knowledge etc. My lovely wife has just bought me a Tissot Le Locle black face, black strap for Christmas. I like the look of the Orient Bambino watches and maybe it will be on my wishlist? Anyways that's it from me at the moment , many posts will follow so hope you guys can help me in starting my collection? Many thanx Paul
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