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  1. Hello Stromspeicher Rightly or wrongly that’s what I do and I usually get the results I’m looking for, so yes to all questions. Jim
  2. So we are talking M21, 22 or earlier? I have a few 22s but I’ve not worked on them yet. I’ve been teaching myself, starting on the more fiddly but cheap and easy to come by M23. I have to say there have been a few casualties along the way. Now I’m working through the rest but not touched the automatic or rare to come by movements yet.
  3. Hello I’ve been looking in for a while now and the time has now come to say hello and ask for help. I am a collector of Timex & British watches and I wish to cross reference the face code, to back case and movement stamp, on my Timex watches. I feel it’s usually a safe bet that face and backcase will match, if it’s as per catalogue but the movement is the most likely part to be swapped. Are there any docs or is a system to checking the three number code stamped on to a Timex movement? Also if there is any more info on backcase codes. I have been using the Wikibooks guide to
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