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  1. Thanks, as stated above, I think we might have to reconsider that. A small WB will probably do it as well! I agree with you on that, I wonder if that is something that can easily be changed, have to ask our supplier for sure!
  2. Thank you for your opinion! I do agree, there are many companies with watches like these out there, I am just bothered by the price. You mentioned Daniel Wellington, the charge almost $200, for the same watch. I do understand that it is all marketing and branding, and that's what we want to change. I guess the hardest part will be to get established. As you said, people are likely to pay just a little more and get a brand they know. Thank you for your opinion. We will think about that and maybe leave the design with a simple WB. That's what we had at first btw, just thought it wasn't enough. But maybe less is more
  3. Hey Guys, We just started our own brand and I would love to get your honest opinion on it. I am not here to find backers for our campaign, as the indiegogo campaign is not necessairly to find funding, but more to see if people are interested in our product. Our watches are indeed nothing special. They have a classic look and feautre a Japanese Citizen Quartz movement as well as genuine leather straps and sapphire glas. Yes they are produced in China and we are not trying to hide that. Overall they are just solid watches sold at an affordable price. We are tired of companies doing the same thing but selling these watches as premium and putting big margins on them just to spend huge amounts of marketing. We want to be the most honest of these comapnies out there, selling our product fot what it is and at a price that we think is fair. What do you guys think? Also here is the link to the campaign, maybe you have some ideas on that too: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/william-berkeley-solid-watches-for-50#/ Oh I almost forgot, here are some pictures of the prototypes.
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