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  1. Hi all. Is it safe to put silica packets in clocks to help with moisture or will it affect the oil in the clock.
  2. Hmmmm. It didn't do it this morning. I heard something engage (click) inside..this was at 8.51. Then it did it's normal strike at 9.00 and everything is ok. I always hear a click about 10-5 min before the quarter strikes. I must be catching the mechanism on this when I turn to (silent) then it does it's strike when I turn (silent) back to chime. Could this be the case? Is it all dependant on what time/position the hands are on when I put it on silent. Thank you for your help with this. Would a picture of mechanism help?
  3. It's done all the quarters and the hours fine. Just find it odd that it strikes a quarter past the hour chime every time it's turned on to (chime) on the dial no matter what time it is. I'm not sure what manufacturer it is. Do some movements on clocks do a quarter past chime to let you know the chime dial is turned back on?
  4. Thank you.. as I'm new to clocks it's just a little strange and just worried I don't harm it.. I've just turned the dial to chime at 2.35 and it's just done a quarter past chime sound..it must be how it is.
  5. This might have come across wrong. It's in synch with the chimes. Yesterday after the clock did it's quarter chime at 9.45..a minute after at 9.46 I put the clock into silent so it would not chime through the night. The next day I turned the dial from silent to chime at about 8.50am and it did a the westminster chime as if it was a quarter past. It did it's normal chime on the hour and every quarter chime and hour is always fine. Could I be catching the sequence just before the chimes engage and it stays in that state until I turn it from silent to chime in the morning and that's why I get this?? Hope that's a little better explained. Would be very greatful for and suggestions.
  6. Hi all, I thought I'd just post a hello. I've just purchased my first clock and think I've got the bug now! Just have a question regarding Chime/silent dial It is an 8 day bracket clock with fusee movement and westminster quarter strike with hour chime. I turn the chimes to silent in the evening but when I turn them back on in the morning sometimes it does a quarter strike? Sometimes it doesn't? Just wanted to know is this down to when I turn the dial to silent after or before a strike, ive never done it whilst it's striking. I've been trying to find this out but had no luck. Many thanks.
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