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  1. Thanks for your reply I say valued, it was in a very unofficial capacity, they looked at it closely and it was a vague estimate at best, however they genuinely seemed very impressed by it and they said the godolphin logo may make it appealing to collectors. They did also say it was missing a guarantee of purchase or something along those lines?? which I’m told devalues it somewhat, it was a prize at a horse racing event in Dubai, so im assuming this was taken out of the box before it was awarded.
  2. Hi everyone, not exactly a huge watch enthusiast here. I have however recently came into possession of a limited edition Mille Miglia automatic chronograph watch with the godolphin horse racing logo on the dial. I have the box including a certificate of authenticity, and I haven’t actually worn the watch yet because I am looking to sell it, providing I can retrieve the majority of its value. I have had the watched looked at and valued at around £6000, I really don’t have a clue what I’m doing though and would be very grateful if somebody could advise me. Many thanks Nick
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