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  1. Hi I am reaching out for the help of someone who owns an Orient Mako III (Kano) RA-AA0011B19B. The crown has broken off and lost and contacting Orient in respect of sourcing a replacement or even information about the dimensions of the crown have been met with polite refusal. I was hoping that perhaps someone on the forum who owns an intact Kano could give me a rough idea of the diameter and length of the crown so I can source a generic replacement either from a shop that sells parts or Ebay. Any help or advice would be very welcome . Thanks in advance Paul
  2. Hi everyone, Apologies if there is already a similar thread in existence somewhere but I carried out a search before posting a new thread and could not find anything matching my query. I have recently bought a second hand Orient Mako II diver with blue dial and the pepsi bezel which I have recently upgraded with a double domed sapphire crystal which has really lifted the look of the watch and I would like to upgrade the strap which is currently a manky looking grey, black and blue NATO to something with perhaps a complimentary Navy/red colour scheme. I have seen some nice Crafter Blue
  3. I've had a couple of comments. One from a work colleague who told me that she thought men's watches were a lot nicer looking than women's watches. The second came this afternoon when my mother commented on the double domed sapphire crystal in my Orient Mako II with Pepsi bezel as being lovely and clear glass.
  4. A lovely looking watch - health to wear
  5. Mine too. Still needed to take a look though lol.
  6. Lovely collections. Thanks for posting.
  7. I definitely want to add this watch to my collection at some point this year. Health to wear.
  8. What a lovely looking watch... Health to wear
  9. I really like the look of the black dial and green bezel. I am sure your brother will really enjoy this lovely watch.
  10. He took the news very calmly indeed! He surely must have had some idea of the two watches worth though? If someone told me that two watches I had sat in a drawer with no clue of their value were worth the guts of 60k I'd be doing cartwheels!!!!
  11. Luxury - something beyond the ordinary and mundane perhaps?
  12. Lann


    Thanks for the welcome and kind wishes. It is much appreciated.
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