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  1. hi all. anyone have any info about this watch it's a family heirloom pics: thanks in advance.
  2. hi all i don't want to hijack this thread but since you're discussing the waltham pocket watches i'd love some info on this family heirloom pics speak louder than words:
  3. hi i have a Seiko 200 meters scuba divers Watch it says 5h26 on the face(where it says made in japan) on back it's a 5H26-7A10 there's dates around the back and it has a dimple at the end of 91. any ideas would be appreciated.
  4. hi all i'm from quebec canada and this is my second post. i'm new to watches and don't really wear one but find the old ones very interesting.
  5. hi all. this is my first post from quebec canada. anyway,i have a family heirloom,it's a gold smiths Watch for 45 years service on the b.r. southern railroad. i need to know if possible how to open it and it's age,value etc...
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