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  1. Thought I may as well bump this old thread as opposed to starting a new one as this is more of a re-introduction than anything. I've not been on the forum for a while due to a bit of a health issue last year. I treated this as a warning so decided, after several trips to hospital, one in the back of an ambulance, that I was going to start to take things a bit easier. I tried just doing a bit less at first though realised that it wasn't helping too much and my blood pressure was all over the place, so I decided that retirement was the way to go. It's still not quite happened, I've been running my own business for over 30 years, but hopefully all the wrapping up will be completed by the end of June. I suffered my first heart attack on the morning of Good Friday (19th April) last year, with the second happening a few hours later at my local hospital. That was when I went for the ambulance ride to the Cardio specialists in Manchester. I was fitted with a stent, given a bollocking for my lifestyle and then hooked up to a load of monitors for the next few days. I came home on the Monday so not too bad really but I decided to try a bit of work on Tuesday, which was my first mistake. Mistake number 2 came a couple of weeks later when I went to a car meet I attend every year. Unfortunately it's over 250 miles away from me which tired me out and cost me another shouting at from my Doctor. After that lot I decided to start listening to people, hence the lifestyle change. I had my last cigarette in April last year which I'm quite pleased about, especially coming from 20+ Marlboro Red a day, and have now lost just over 1/3 of my body weight, which again is not before time really. I've not done anything with my watches for the last few months, been busy with a few other bits and pieces really, though I'm still considering adding a couple of random bits and pieces to my little collection. I did however treat myself to my first new car ever, more as a retirement present to myself than anything else really. That was back in October and I've still not managed to cover 1,000 miles in it yet. Hopefully when the current crisis is over I can have a bit of a play...
  2. Thought I'd just bump this thread to save starting a new one as it's relevant. I've been wearing the Sub every day since I got it back from the menders and checking it with time.is every morning. So far it's not needed any adjustment whatsoever which, for a 25 year old non-COSC mechanical watch, I'm very impressed with. It seems that the watchmaker's attention to detail in keeping the watch back another week paid off. It's currently the most accurate watch I own, including all the newer stuff...
  3. I can't remember where or how I acquired this thing, though I did do a lot of work for the company back in the day so it was probably related to that. Or I could have bought it from eBay which seems more likely... I don't know anything about it other than it came in a round tin with the company logo on the lid, which I can't find at the moment, and it's extremely light, so possibly titanium which would figure with what the company do. It's a nondescript quartz movement as far as I'm aware, though it's been living in a drawer for years so I've no idea how good it is. All I know is that I found it today, pushed the crown in and away it went. I'll probably check the battery later in case it's been leaking but I'm not in a rush as it's not seen daylight for over 10 years, so another day or two won't make much difference. I seem to remember changing the battery but I don't think I've ever worn it, so may try it on this weekend. It's a nightmare to read, I'm not sure who thought that black hands on a black face was a good idea, but it's certainly different. Incidentally, the small aeroplane in red is the second hand, I just managed to capture the photo with it directly over the 11:00 marker. I may have a chat with a couple of people who still work for Airbus and see if I can persuade someone to give it a good home.
  4. I've also looked at the price of these recently and could make a very tidy profit selling my Batman on. Unfortunately I would then have the dilemma of whether to replace it and, if so, what with? I've done well this year and not bought any watches at all, though I'm currently looking for another car, so any spare cash is going towards that at the moment. I buy my watches to wear and not to sell (in fact I tend to consider them to be my pension fund ) so my GMT won't be going anywhere for a good while and, if I do ever want to move it on, I'll probably be happy to take the going rate for it, though hopefully this will be many years off yet.
  5. Back in January I decided that I was going to try to wear one watch per month throughout the year, mainly just to see if I could do without boredom setting in. Unfortunately I failed miserably as in February my "go to" for the month decided that it was going to start gaining between 12 - 16 seconds per day. I initially assumed it was magnetised but, having checked the service schedule (an old receipt) it was over 6 years since it had been touched and hadn't been worn much in that time so I decided to treat it to a full service. I also had another one which was a bit sketchy on timekeeping and again hadn't ben serviced for a long time. I took them down to my local guy in mid February and picked them up yesterday, so a total of 5 weeks for two watches which I was quite pleased with. They're both now home and running well within COSC standards so I'll be putting them back in the rota, though I've decided that it's not going to be monthly any more as that was just too long to wear one watch. Weekly sounds good but it may change to just whenever I feel like a change, which I'm sure will be a better way of doing things albeit less disciplined than I'm used to... This was taken earlier this morning and I'm well pleased with them, though will keep them on the desk another day or two just to confirm they're still keeping good time. The total cost was £390, which is considerably less than it would have been for one at the manufacturers, so I'm quite happy with the end result. I'll be taking another couple down in the next few weeks but I have some real life things to attend to first unfortunately. Damn this work thing which keeps getting in the way...
  6. Sorry, struggling to upload this morning, It was a Milgauss 116400GV but having computer problems and now need to work. Must have been the hosting site I was using having issues so put it on my own webspace for now. Back to my magnet juggling now.
  7. Another non sporty one here unfortunately, but I can now go and juggle some magnets should the mood take me. :D I love the green glass but still not convinced about the "lightning" second hand: - Sorry, struggling to upload this morning, It was a Milgauss 116400GV but having computer problems and now need to work.
  8. I tend to agree @JayDeep, and this thread seems to prove the point that they're very divisive. I wouldn't dream of a big blingy quartz thing though I quite like this Versace, albeit primarily for the movement and case. I won't be rushing to buy anything else by them, or any of the fashion brands, but never say never as occasionally there is something of interest appears.
  9. I've found a couple of pretty old threads on "fashion watches" though without any really definite answers as to what they represent. I only own one which was bought on a bit of an impulse several years ago, though not before a bit of research. I'd be interested to know what the more serious watch people on here think of this thing: - I personally like the case shape (though I have a Hamilton Ventura which probably helps with asymmetric dials), but the clincher for me was the movement, which is a Franck Muller FM7000 complete with platinum rotor. It has a reference number on the case back of 4198/00 AC, and is numbered 38, though I've no idea how many were actually made. Could be 40, which would be good, could be over a million which wouldn't. The inside case back is signed Franck Muller Manufacture, whereas the rotor is signed Versace. the crown has the Versace logo on it and the (original) strap is also signed Versace. It's not for sale or anything like that, but it seldom gets wrist time as I tend to prefer bracelet watches or, if leather as this, a deployment. I've no idea of the story behind the watch, only knowing that Muller and Versace knew each other well, so I'd appreciate if anyone could shed any light on this particular model as, certainly on this occasion, Google has not been my friend. A couple more (poor quality, sorry) pictures: -
  10. A bit late to the party today as real life caught up with me this week with a monstrous amount of paperwork. Coupled with the fact I currently have 2 watches away being serviced I've just been wearing my BLNR for the last week or so. Fancied a change today though, so giving this big lump of a 2250.80 an outing. It's a bit heavy and wears slightly higher on the wrist than I'm used to but it does have a presence about it. Can't seem to edit the above but it's a 2225.80 and not what I put.
  11. Not 100% decided yet but I have to wear a shirt later so this H24411732 may stand a fighting chance: - Be nice with a black suit, white shirt and black tie to complete the Men In Black look but, unfortunately, that's not going to happen.
  12. Good thread. I tend to prefer a decent automatic over manual winding as I'm getting a bit older so occasionally forget to wind a manual watch. I will also admit to being a bit of a Rolex fan though, whilst making a decent movement, they're nowhere near my favourite one. This could be my number 1 choice: - A nice El Primero from around 1990. It makes a lovely noise with the high beat and is still pretty spot on with it's timing after all these years.
  13. Good morning all, Thought I'd try this today as it doesn't get much wrist time: - It's a mid 50's (around 1955) Omega Seamaster with a fully automatic Cal.491 movement. Unusual for the time as I believe that "bumpers" were still being used around this period. It still seems to keep good time though so I'm quite happy with it. It had, unfortunately, been "restored" before I acquired it several years ago, which seems to have meant polishing it to within an inch of it's life. The writing on the case back has practically disappeared due to this but I must admit to still liking it a lot as it's a lovely subtle and unobtrusive thing to wear.
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