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  1. That watch looks beautiful, even on the inside! I am sure its a stunner when worn on the wrist!
  2. Lovely watch! Looks so classy! Thanks for sharing
  3. Thank you so much no8yogi, I like mechanical watches, both manual and automatic, especially those that have a bit of history and heritage behind them :) I am sure I am going to see a lot of them here and learn a lot of things too. Than you so much :)
  4. Thank you so much Foggy. Much appreciate the valuable information. Thanks for the kind words about my art guys .
  5. Hello Niveketak, Thanks so much for the reply. Please pardon my ignorance regarding the right etiquette on this forum. First of all, thank you for accepting me on this forum. I am Vinayak Deshmukh from Hyderabad, India. I am an engineer by profession and I love to draw and paint and collect fountain pens and mechanical watches (if they are within my budget ). If interested, you can see my work here http://deshmukh-art.blogspot.com/ I am just curious about the above mentioned watch. Any info on the same will be most appriciated. I have no intention of selling it and so wont be asking for a valuation. Thank you so much everyone Best wishes, Vinayak
  6. Dear friends, For many years we have had a West End Watch Co. Sowar Prima lying around in the house. I recently got it serviced and it is working fine. The dial says "swiss made". I am curious to know if it is a genuine Swiss made West End watch, and if so, what is the probable year of manufacture. Inscription on the back cover: WATER RESISTANT, WEST END WATCH CO., EVERBRIGHT, AUTOMATIC K-5046 5747 The inscription on the movement right beside, what I think is, the balance wheel is "2824-2" and that on the rotor is "25 JEWELS SWISS MADE". Any information will be most useful. Thank you all in advance.
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