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  1. nope im a pretty rubbish grown up
  2. would anyone know if its worth insuring? if so how much for? its just sat in a box atm as i broke up with the guy who gave it to me
  3. photos https://imgur.com/lvwbBOL https://imgur.com/MdiF6My https://imgur.com/CpB0DJm https://imgur.com/Bo5C4ys https://imgur.com/tGD7vkA @Boots hi! My name is tilly i live in southsea and have never posted on any forums before! I am having trouble finding anything like the watch i have online so was hoping someone on here will be able to shed some light on it
  4. Hi everyone,I am trying to find out any info about a watch i was given a few years back. It works fine but i know nothing about it. It is a small gold watch with linked bracelet with a pale face and a blue ring around it. It has Rolex and W&D 9K 782235 Swiss on the inside of case and Rolex swiss made 15 jewels and i think FASR on the mechanism I can't seem to upload photos but if anyone has any expertise in this area i would be happy to email them picturesThank you in advance :)
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