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  1. No - I used someone that was recommended to me on this site - who has since had two attempts at fixing it. I have the watch back with me - am just waiting for a refund so I can pay a local horologist that I've found to try and fix it. @simon2 - I've only just seen your post - have you received my emails requesting a refund?
  2. ...urgh. Unfortunately it isn't working. I've asked the horologist for a refund (this was actually his second attempt as fixing it) - so it's back to square one.
  3. The latest is that it has finally been fixed. It stopped at first, but after tapping it, it appears to be working again. Fingers crossed eh
  4. @it'salivejim - yes - I'm just about to message Simon to see what he can do for me
  5. Thanks @simon2. I have now had the movement returned and a full money refund (which I'm amazed at) - so I'll be in touch. Thanks for your help everyone.
  6. Thanks all - I am happy it's working - but all along my issue and question has been regarding the box crystal that's been used! It desperately needs a dome crystal and my question is: It this now not possible to fit because the quartz has raised the central column and the second hand would not be able to move? If this is the case - the quartz needs to come out and I somehow get the old movement back and working again so that I can fit the dome? Is this correct? Or can a dome crystal be fitted with the quartz?
  7. I feel a little uneasy at naming and shaming tbh....as to be fair - the work *was* agreed by my mother.....urgh! Can I just clarify though - would a 'generic' dome shaped crystal prevent the second hand from moving? And if so - is this because the quartz movement used has raised the central column? Thanks again - you've all been amazing.
  8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eHsA5KE3zQI3r1WdRt0tU2_Gk6qK_zno/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kJ3arNT8sKUJ3dz4IQyb91ceXan98AXY/view?usp=sharing Can you see the images? Not used Google Drive before... ....@no8yogi - that's a beautiful watch
  9. Thanks for all your really useful replies - I'm happy to post photos if someone can tell me how to?! Where it says 'Insert other media' - I only have the option to 'insert existing attachment' or point to a URL...
  10. Hmmm - if I ask for the movement back and tell him he can keep the quartz movement and awful screen protector he's used - do you think I should ask for a partial refund? If so - how much do you think would be acceptable?
  11. Thank you :-( And what about the screen protector - is the Horologist correct in saying that I'd have to have the second hand removed if I wanted a dome lens?
  12. Thanks for your replies! Unfortunately, my mother took the watch in - I complained via email and received the following: "Our Horologist advised that due to the watch being elderly, he could carry out a service to the existing mechanical movement, but would not be able to guarantee any kind of consistent functionality as any worn parts that needed replacing to make it a reliable timepiece, are now obsolete. The quote for this work to the mechanical mechanism was given as £150. As an alternative the conversion to quartz, a battery operated module was suggested. The quote and final bill for this was £125 which was duly accepted by your mother. The quartz conversion is invariably undertaken on watches of an elderly nature and unfortunately parts that fit these watches are getting progressively harder and harder to obtain. When your watch was brought to us the original glass was missing so the potential of it being re used was not there. We are also unable to source a lens manufactured by Hamilton as they are no longer in existence. This left our technician with a choice of only two generic styles of lens that would fit the case of your watch. The particular lens that he chose was selected to give the center post which carries the three hands enough room for their free movement. The lower domed lens would catch on the seconds hand resulting in the module becoming jammed. The Horologist suggests that to make the lens look less 'chunky' the removal of the seconds hand maybe possible so that the lower profile lens can be used instead. This would still give you a working time piece with just an hour and minute hand." So - what do you think? I wish I could attach photos so that you could see a) what a beautiful watch is is/was b) how ugly the screen cover (and winding mechanism) are :-( I would say that the watch itself dates from the 1940s
  13. Hello - We've recently had a vintage Hamilton watch repaired and we're not at all happy. Originally, it was dropped and hence the movement stopped working and the screen protector had popped out and was cracked. After being taken for repair, it came back with its innards removed and a quartz movement in its place - which we can live with (although the original movement has not been returned - I'm guessing because it must be worth a few bob as apparently they're becoming more and more difficult to source?) However - it's the screen protector which we're most unhappy with - it's a large angular plastic one and rises over the face of the watch the same height as the watch itself - it looks *awful* In speaking with the Horologist, he has said that he had to put such a large one on as a lower domed one would prevent the second hand from moving? He's unable to source an appropriate size as 'Hamilton are no longer in existence.' Can everyone just confirm that this is the case? The watch's diameter doesn't seem abnormal! Surely it would be easy enough to source a screen protector that doesn't catch on the movement of a second hand? And should I expect the original movement returned with the watch? We'd really appreciate any clues/suggestions as this watch has a great deal of sentimentality. Thanks in advance.
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