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  1. Hi thank you for your message.if I subscribe will I need to pay. Will have a look kind regards
  2. Sorry but not having much luck on here Tried sending photos of pocket watches Goliath watches etc Unknown to watch movements which are in my Goliath watches have a Goliath depree Raeburn & young Exeter on eBay.uk plus military pocket watches mainly sell camera equipment.which I know about.if I could send photos of the movements.this would make it easier for someone to answer my questions.my id on eBay is jakejim.look me up.will be listing more watches soon once I know a bit more about pocket watches.also have a black dial Goliath watch with makers name solid silver 0935 odd thing is when looking at the dial there is no name it is blank.when looking in sunlight I can see Swiss made London other lettering I am unsure of, looks like drew leanhalls or something like that.any ideas anyone. Military pocket watches coming out of my ears but again would like to share my photos Have contacted this site to find out how to do it heard nothing yet.if you can help me my email is jimnjo@live.co.uk.
  3. Hi there Thanks for getting back to me The question or questions I have is depree Raeburn & young Exeter. Did they ever make a Goliath watch with a +7032 movement Kind regards Not sure on how to send images.
  4. Hi there I'm new to this site.i am aware that this pocket watch you have is a British army military pocket watch.hence the GS/TP and the broad arrow.i sell camera's and lenses on eBay and I am seeking help from anyone on here who knows about pocket watches Goliath watches military pocket watches etc due to me not knowing much myself.i currently have a Canadian MILITARY wireless set no19 watch on eBay which is very collectable.
  5. Hi there all I am new to this site. Can anyone help me with MILITARY POCKET WATCHES I have a collection of watches which I know nothing about I sell cameras and lenses on eBay and currently have a Canadian MILITARY wireless set no19 Pocket watch on eBay which is quite rare hopefully someone can help please
  6. Hi there to all I am new to this and know nothing about watches. But I have such a big collection of GOLIATH Pocket watches lever watches etc May sound a silly question on here but can anyone help me please
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