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  1. Whenever I walk into Watches of Switzerland, just browsing while the missus is doing her shopping elsewhere in town, the WOS guys immediately offer to "Polish your watch sir?" and they whisk it off into the backroom to do whatever it is they do. I don't know if there's a wise old watchmaker back there who would spot a fake or whether they'd happily polish a turd and bring it back without saying anything. I'd say walk into any authorized dealership for a browse wearing a daytona and the staff will be all over you and you'll know soon enough.
  2. if you're a watch enthusiast who like fiddling with his watch a lot then a manual wind Speedmaster. But if you'd rather not have to wind it then consider a Submariner. (NonDate might be getable <5k) But if your watch has to be accurate (even a cheap quartz is more accurate than any mechanical) but you still like mechanical complications then look at JLC Master Control MechaQuartz. That's a mechanical chronograph stuck to a quartz movement. So, quartz accuracy with mechanical complication in a super slim case.
  3. Shoot - that's actually quite worrying - movements has all the bits in the right place for the 4130 Although if I spent daytona money on that I'd be taking it back to the shop to ask why that bracelet end piece (bottom left of the pic) looks like it was shaped with a blunt hacksaw.
  4. I've seen a lot of Rolex fakes and one of the things they all had in common was the way the model number and serial number was 'stamped' between the lugs.. I'm not sure how to describe it but think of it as a "Font". The Rolex 'font' between the lugs is very thin, the characters are carved, etched or whatever with a very fine line. The fakes, on the other hand, had similar numbers, correct model numbers etc but the text was just kind of "Stamped" in with a bold font. I really can't describe it. You'd need to see them side by side. I don't know how Rolex put those numbers between the lugs, Maybe using a laser cutter or some super fine engraving tool but that tool is probably quite expensive. On the other hand, it is quite a while ago since I looked closely at fake rolex so maybe nowadays even the fakers have access to super fine engraving tools.
  5. Traveling at, or near to, the speed of light causes huge shifts in relative time. - but I think I read somewhere that even at our current, relatively low orbital speeds of a few 1000 mph there is still a time shift and something somewhere has to take the time shift into consideration. So, two atomic clocks, one on earth and the other orbiting the earth do deviate by tiniest fractions of a second and some software somewhere in the systems has to take those deviations in to consideration When we do eventually have interstellar travel each ship will have a few of those futurama 'nibbler' creatures as pets that poop dark matter and every one of us will have a dark matter poop watch that's so heavy that they need half a dozen people to carry one watch - or the muscles on my left arm will get bigger - to match the muscle in my right arm caused by all that, er, watch winding I do here on earth.
  6. Actually I think it would self wind. Obviously there's no gravity to pull the rotor "down" but the act of simply moving one's arm would cause inertia ie acceleration, deceleration, would cause the rotor to spin.
  7. I'm letting em all go - just not sure in which order or when. No idea why but I've kinda gone off watches. So parting with them and I'll buy an old car I think. No idea how much they're worth so don't know what old car to get. JLC Master Control MechaQuartz Chronograph Omega Speedmaster reduced chronograph (triple date) Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow, Moonphase. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch (vEarly 70's "Straight" text) Omega Seamaster Pro (auto, Blue wave dial) MidSize Rolex Sub 14060 Tudor PreTiger Chronograph (Oyster bracelet and case, Similar case, crown, pushers as daytona))
  8. Yes. That helps. Thank you. Their 'Valuation' is supposedly valid for 7 days. I haven't responded. Let's see what happens. I'll keep you posted.
  9. @Chris810. What were they doing to "Rush" you? When they kept contacting you with offers were their offers basically the same or were they offering more?
  10. 50th anniversary - You're right. I never thought of that. Maybe I need to hang on to my 'Moonwatch' till the price gets hiked up by the 50th anniversary moowatch frenzy. Speedy. How big is that? The "reduced" chronographs (like my triple date auto) are 39mm
  11. So many different variations. Yes. you're right. It seems Omega just slap a "First watch on the moon" engraving on anything. Even my speedy at the very top of this thread has the first watch on the moon engraving. Which it quite stupid when you consider than "Moon Phases" don't work the same way when you're actually on the moon. Or maybe Omega hired dell boy to try to sell them to NASA saying that Buzz and his mates could use a moonphase watch to know when to slap on the extra sunscreen factor 50.
  12. Well, Mister "F" was offering - i quote - "The Queen's Finest Pound Notes" so he must be pretty well connected to have access to her majesty's personal stash of legal-tender £1 'notes' while the rest of us commoners have to run round with cheap pound coins rubbing holes in our keks. As you said, Mr F.Ukeighttwo may not be m'am's real name!
  13. With a name like 'Speedy112' I guess you're in to speedmasters? I've got two others. One is an automatic. The one with the date, day of the week and month. The other is a very early 70's moonwatch. The one with with what they call "straight" writing on the back - Where the "first watch on the moon" text is kind of stamped straight across the case back rather than around a deeply engraved seamonster.
  14. How would I go about selling it "On here". I didn't see an area on the site for sales.
  15. They hold the money? I assumed I'd be selling direct to WatchFinder and it's up to them to sell it themselves. Didn't think they were just acting as an agent and that I'd need to wait until they found a buyer
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