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  1. Hi to all! Just approximately one year ago I wrote here in order to receive some feedbacks from you about our new collection of automatic watches, the AVERAU, that we launched on KS. The campaign has been very successful and so our dream has become reality. Now we will launch in June the second collection 1956 but I'm here again to receive some feedbacks about another project the AVERAU in 39mm. I know that many people didn't like the case size (42mm), the Date writing, the Jewels writing, etc. etc. So we have made some improvements and these are the new specs: - 316L case - 39mm wide - 46mm lug2lug - No date - Improved lume with Superluminova BGW9 - Double domed sapphire (instead of flat) - STP1-11 movement (customized) - An high quality fabric NATO strap - 3 color variations Here it is the comparison between the 2 versions: And these are the color variations: Also we have managed to optimize the cost of the manufacturing, lowering the retail price. Waiting for your feedback!! Thank you Nicola
  2. Tomorrow we will gonna post an important add on: it will be possible to upgrade the movement to the STP 3-13 with an additional amount. i would like to hear from you what could be an interesting upgrade/add on for our watch. I’m not speaking of different width... maybe a white dial? A different strap? Double AR Coating? Your feedback is very important for us, thank you Nicola
  3. Hi to all! Yesterday our campaign has been launched and we hit our goal in 45 minutes!!! We're very satisfied for this success! For us it has a lot of meaning... It tell us that we're on the right path and encourages us to do even better!
  4. I can't write the price but i think that's very competitive for a Swiss Made Automatic watch...
  5. Hi to all! I'm writing here because on April 4th (5 days!) it will start our Kickstarter campaign and we're really, really excited! In the meanwhile we've made some upgrades to our projects and i will like to share them with you in order to receive a feedback: 1. We've redesigned the case, now the lug-to-lug has been reduced to 49mm; 2. We've chosen to make a 3 pieces case in order to get the best control on the finishings (shiny/brushed sides); 3. We've upgraded the dial using a light sandblasted finishing, adding 4 applied indexes with Superluminova and with an embossed down frame on the outside of the dial; the wr has been replaced by the Versante model; 4. we've redesigned the length of the hands; 5. we've introduced the Versante Ovest (sunray blue dial) in brushed steel version which, in my opinion, is really good with the leather strap; 6. we've redesigned the screw-down crown. Here i post some picture in order to receive some feedbacks from you! Thanks, Nicola
  6. Yes the STP 1-11 is a slightly upgraded ETA 2824-2 clone: the reason why we've chosen the STP vs. the ETA is that we heard from many sources that ETA in the next months will no longer supply movements to microbrands; we don't want to mount on our watches a movements for some months and then change it so we search for a reliable supplier of good movements and we found that STP was the right choice. Believe me, it's not for marketing purpose that we are here discussing with you: I was afraid to share our project with a community of "connoisseurs" because I know your soooo critics (so am I with other projects)... But I decided to do it because one of the reasons why I started this project is to create a Watch as I like, as I want it to be and sharing with other users is essential. And thanks for your feedback!
  7. Personally, i don't agree with you regarding the pricing... 400€ for a watch with the specs of our models is quite difficult to find (with a nice design...). Or if you know some please tell me A quarter of the price = 100€ for a Swiss Made automatic watch??!
  8. I'm really really really excited.... We started promoting our project on the social networks in mid-December and we'collected many positive feedbacks, all over the world. As i told before i'm a watch lover just like many of you and seeing my idea, my dream coming to life is a fantastic sensation. It's also very rewarding to receive positive feedback from people like you that have seen a loooot of watches, many of them really ICONIC... I admire a lot of famous brands and models and i hope that someday someone around the world, wearing one of "my"watches could feel a similar positive sensation to the one that WE feel wearing a Speedmaster, an Explorer I, a Monaco, an IWC Mark XI etc. etc. Maybe i'm going too far now... :D
  9. ECHO and NEUTRA are two words that have been in my mind for a long time now... ECHO is related to the mountain echo phenomenon which I also relate to the echo of time, the resonance of the events that happens. NEUTRA is related to Richard Neutra a famous architect of the mid-XX century: this is the person that when I was a teenager has introduced me into the world of architecture and design and the reason why now I have my work and my life; maybe also why now I'm here speaking with you about this project. I've put together these 2 names and i liked the way they sounded together: it gives me a sense of "mistery", the sense of a brand that at first sight it doesn't remind me of anything in particular but that have his own personality. It could also sound a little Teutonic (if you pronounce as we do NEUTRA in the German way) it sounds strong, oscure, harsh, with contrast. And i think that the design of our watches represent this type of feelings. Sorry the slash is not present in the nickname of the forum for a problem of HTML special chars
  10. I understand your remark... I think that we must also consider that a lot of (now) famous brand names could sound awful (or at least strange) without the resonance of their fame... An example for all Apple (A new brand that produce high quality computers and technology...)
  11. Yes as we are first of all Watch Lovers we're open to suggestions... until we can Here i show you the actual dial against the new one we're developing: Which one do you prefer? (Left actual - Right new one more "clean")
  12. Thanks for feedback! For the DATE question we're actually developing a new dial without it and without the "26 JEWELS" text. Also the extended indices will be farer from the logo.
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