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  1. http://daveswatchparts.com/ The link above is where I got my pocket watch parts and a Waltham movement that was gorgeous. Dave is very helpful and can respond by email. Good Luck
  2. I recently replaced the capacitor battery in a womens Citizen watch with a B023 Movement. It doesn't want to run and I'm not sure why. I pulled the crown and stem out, apparently this puts it into " all reset" mode. I've left it on the window sill for over a week now thinking that the new capacitor battery wasn't charged enough when it came. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on what to check further or do in order to get it running? Thanks in advance.
  3. I found what I needed at Somal WAtch in Toronto Canada. Thanks
  4. I think he's defunct. I got the watch roughly 17 years ago. A lot of the places we used to be able to get parts are gone. Now I get my parts from Ontario or LA (in the US) Several of the higher end jewellery stores repair watches, but that would mean paying someone else to do it, which is too rich for my blood, hence the interest in horology. I'll be ordering a balance wheel complete, I found the impulse jewel was dislodged from it's mount. The train of wheels "ran down" when I removed the balance cock and balance. I had no way to let the power down from the main barrel as the mechanism was jammed with the impulse stone. My guess is the previous owner dropped it or impacted it causing the subsequent damage. Thanks for your reply.
  5. Thanks for your efforts, I actually ended up finding something at SOMAL Watch Parts in Ontario Canada. Thanks for your efforts though, truly appreciated. Ignore my last post, I'm "knackered" having just come back from a work related trip. I misread the response. Anyway, colour me "stupid"
  6. I would use a set of vernier calipers if you have them and just measure it and then you should be able to get the size you need. If in doubt, "bracket" your sizes and get the incremental sizes on either side of the size you think you need just in case. I recently did that when changing a crystal in a Citizen watch I have and I'm glad I did. I used on of the lesser incremental sizes and got a great fit. Gaskets are usually really cheap so it won't break the bank to get a few extra. You'll want a small amount of silicone grease to help it go on smoothly and not bind. Good Luck!
  7. I'm in Canada, and my supplier in Ontario provides watch gaskets and o-rings for crowns and such. www.somalcanada.com If you have somewhere that you purchase supplies try there. Cousins in the UK is a large supplier of same parts, they might have what you want. I recently bought a set of watch gaskets (100) for $10 CDN, they were mixed sizes, but I was still able to find the size I wanted. The crown and pusher o-rings come in assorted sets, so you may end up buying a mixed set to get what you want. Good luck! https://www.somalcanada.com/product/1527~t607ofc-t607--ofc-assortment-o-rings-for-watch-crowns.html https://www.somalcanada.com/product/1534~gasket-010-t-609-o-ring-gasket-round-assorted-234-pcs-kit.html Cheers!
  8. I recently changed the battery/capacitor in my Citizen Calibre 2100. The battery capacitor has a spot welded leg on the bottom that had a definite orientation within the watch. Are you able to determine the orientation based on the battery capacitor you have? As well, check online to determine that the battery capacitor you plan on installing is correct for this model of watch, as they differ from model to model. The crown and winding stem may have been replaced but not cut down for the watch. The winding stem can be put in a pin vise and cut down to the correct length before filing the cut end to allow re installation of the crown. The amount you will need to remove is miniscule, maybe a mm at best, judging from your picture. Good luck.
  9. Love the thought of being able to test stuff for hardness. Years ago I remember having to degauss an old CRT Telie, because it was sitting too close to a stereo speaker, and had developed a green palor. That was fun.
  10. I did the water test and it flowed because of the low surface tension, so I'm guessing Mineral glass. I'll check into the diamond tester, always love an excuse to buy another tool.
  11. Good information. Thanks for sharing. I'm off to splash and tap in order to better determine what I've got in order that I replace it.
  12. How would I determine that? It clicks like glass when tapped with a hard object, but that's the overall extent of my determination. This is the watch face and crystal.
  13. I'm really enjoying the eclectic coverage of topics in the forum I am starting work on a watch made by a local watchmaker here in Vancouver Canada. It uses the ETA 2892A2 movement. I was just wondering how to determine the nature of the crystal in the case. It feels like glass, but based on the overall nature of the watch and its construction I'm not sure. It's not perspex, as it's cool to touch. The scratching on it though is quite substantive and leads me to believe it's not synthetic saphire. Does anyone have any information on how to better determine the nature of the crystal?
  14. https://postimg.cc/gallery/32tfttd9s/ Thats a link to my pictures of the problem and the fix. Thanks again for your assistance.
  15. success Gentlemen. Thanks to Lewie telling me the release for the alarm crown was along the edge of the watch movement, you can see in the image a small arrow pointing to the edge. That was where the release was for the alarm stem and crown. The locking crown was fixed to the tube, which when I removed the crown and winding stem, the tube came out of the case. After I unscrewed the tube from the crown and cleaned them up, I used some cyanoacrylate,, extra thin, to fix it in the case. The new crystal went in with the tension ring. I "bracketed" the sizes to ensure I had the proper size crystal. I used a 38.7mm crystal. The crystals (mineral) cost me $2.50 cdn. ea. It looks really good and I'm glad I didn't have to send it to Citizen to be fixed. I'll try and post some pictures tomorrow. THank you all for your help and input, truly appreciated.
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