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  1. So I caved. Fell for the new Tissot seastar 1000 powermatic steel bracelet blue Dial. Just ordered it. Stunning watch. From authorised dealer at a good price. No stress or worries of being sold a fake
  2. Any ideas of where I can get it checked for authenticity?
  3. Right, looks like I'm going to buy this seamaster 300 on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OMEGA-SEAMASTER-PROFESSIONAL-300m-41mm-JAMES-BOND-WATCH-REF-25318000/153336140323 is there anyway where I can get confirmed it's the real deal after I've bought it without sending it off to omega?
  4. Thank you for looking at that for me, really appreciate that.
  5. What's everyone's thoughts on the condition of the watch itself?
  6. Found another guys - messaged asking if they would take £1500 - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OMEGA-SEAMASTER-PROFESSIONAL-300m-41mm-JAMES-BOND-WATCH-REF-25318000/153336140323
  7. Is it safer to buy on here. Are transactions made via PayPal?
  8. Good point, ill give that a try, cheers.
  9. I do really like the co axial ones. Just too far out of my budget unfortunately..
  10. Stunning watch! May I ask where you purchased it? EBay, chrono, watchshop or privately?
  11. Thanks for the reply, the first comment what I meant was if I bought the watch at the starting bid price of £1495. I'm sorry for any Confusion there... The watch in that ebay ad you just pasted seems like its in quite poor condition... Faded bezel, scratches and no warranty card? Is that what I'm looking at condition wise for a £1500 budget?
  12. Thanks Martin, it is considerably cheaper than the others, I'm guessing thats why.
  13. Ok i found another one how does this one look guys? https://www.chrono24.co.uk/omega/seamaster-diver-300-m--id10406422.htm
  14. Thats more expensive than the one i as looking at?
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