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  1. I'm probably going to embarrass myself here, but aren't there quite a few more expensive stainless steel watches equally sought after such as Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe? If you wouldn't consider those to be mass produced, then what is the production threshold that classifies such? Genuine question and thanks for the education
  2. Yes I did - in Amsterdam. On a rare excursion to follow my team (Tottenham) for the Champions League semi-final, I popped into an authorised dealer in the city on the afternoon and asked after the model (I've been looking for one for many months). The sales folk had a whispered consultation and then pulled one out of their stock cupboard for me. Absolutely gobsmacked - especially as the shop was mobbed with tourists asking for any stainless steel sports model - they told me the difference was my genuine interest only in the one model. Combined with that night's result, it was one of the best days I think I've had!
  3. Yes, did so 2 weeks ago and absolutely adore it. Seeing that image of the 2-liner highlights the only aspect of the 114060 that could be improved in my eyes - 4 lines of writing unnecessarily clutters the face
  4. Keep the faith, as happy stories do happen! I was lucky enough to get a Submariner on a speculative walk-in to a dealer I'd never visited before earlier this week... The shop (Amsterdam) had no professional models on display, but got one out of their store room after a whispered discussion between the sales lady and her manager as to my suitability to be granted the honour of spending 3 months wages on lump of steel. I honestly believe this is how most Rolex dealers now operate as I have also seen a tray of 40+ watches being put away in a locked cupboard in another (UK) dealer. Other than the obvious route of spending huge money on additional items, the key is to convince the sales staff that you are not like 99% of customers who will quickly advertise the watch for sale at a profit. Decide on your actual favourite watch model and only ask about that model's availability, explaining why it is the only one that interests you. Humility helps: I opened the conversation with an apology that I knew they wouldn't be able to sell me a watch today, but how might I go about adding my name to their wait list in the hope I might get lucky in a year or so. Of course, my experience may have been a one-off and the above advise might be rubbish, but I'm confident it offers a better chance than asking if they have "any stainless steel sport models". I believe this because there was a party of 12 tourists in the shop when I arrived who were repeatedly asking about every popular stainless steel model, and being politely rebuffed. Good luck, and if you eventually get one, the hunt will have made it all the sweeter
  5. Stunning colours - I think blue hands are so classy
  6. Hi all. In my search for a nice black-case automatic I've come across the Mido website and really like the look of their Multifort range - especially the model below which also has an exhibition case back. I've never actually seen one in the flesh though, and wondering if anyone can offer their opinion on the brand's quality and reliability? I'm also struggling to actually spend my money as the only UK stockist is in the Gatwick departure lounge and wont sell by mail order... They even have this watch, are keen to sell it and their store closes down in 3 days time but the salesperson is unable to take my money (plus VAT) and post it to me... Anyone have a spare Mido for sale, suggestion, or alternative recommendation I'd be grateful. Thanks
  7. Funnily, I only ended up with a GMT because the dealer called with one when I was on their waitlist for a Submariner. That was in 1999 (£2,090). More recently I fell in love with the ceramic version but thought it well beyond my means. I nearly fell off my stool when I discovered my old 16700 had appreciated such that I was able to trade it against a (used) 116710 with a minimal cash consideration. I think I'd be more than happy to swap it for a pre-loved Submariner (which are for the first time less expensive) and a few hundred pounds. Or maybe a Speedmaster (I've been admiring the Dark Side of the Moon variants with clear backs)
  8. I am the antithesis of a watch flipper and absolutely love my Rolex GMT 116710. But since it's withdrawal this week used prices are skyrocketing and seriously testing my willpower... There must be hundreds of thousands in circulation, and its a dead certainty that the watch will be reintroduced next year (with the new movement, a jubilee bracelet, and probably back to the red GMT hand). So am I wrong to even be considering taking advantage of this situation? I'd miss it, but could spend some of the proceeds on some very nice alternatives...
  9. OP - my experience is that prices advertised on Ebay can often be "flexible" - send the seller a message with your mobile number asking them to call you. When they do, ask if they'd be willing to sell direct for £1400 - saving themselves 10% ebay sellers fees. Worst that can happen is they decline or make a counter-offer.
  10. I must admit, I've never ever regretted spending relatively high on a top quality item that will last longer. That said, I also strongly advocate second hand when it comes to watches - so your $4k might get you an Omega, Tudor or the like (perhaps even a subtle stainless steel Rolex). Don't rush into a decision, and happy hunting.
  11. I don't allow myself to keep a watch if I don't wear it at least once a fortnight. Thankfully I currently have just a small & stable collection that I'm very happy with so no hard decisions. Perhaps the hardest thing is browsing watch forums which then stokes my desire for something new (and why is it always something more expensive!?!)
  12. Hardly an horologist's dream, but for reasons even I don't know, I absolutely love this watch and it gets as much wrist time as any other watch I've owned
  13. Started my passion for watches 30 years ago (I'm now early 50s) but happily in that time have kept the collections down to 2 or 3 at any one time.
  14. My two teenage sons both have watches (fashion models - Armani etc) and are already arguing over who will inherit mine. Its great to see their interest, though its primarily a fashion accessory bit of "bling" rather than horological interest, and certainly not in order to see the time. Their school allows (to the point of encouraging) mobile phones in class - supposedly to google and research subject matter though I seriously doubt that's what the kids are doing! We went to a parents evening last week and the biology teacher told us our 16 year old (and I quote) "spends too much of the class time on his phone.... though to be fair it is mostly music". WTH?
  15. Hi and welcome to the forum Watchurself. If you're a casual dresser then a "sports" watch is perhaps the most appropriate - not that many folk (and particularly myself!) wear such for sport, but generally the design is expected to be a little more "rugged"/resilient than a dress watch - i.e. waterproof and perhaps with protective shoulders either side of the winding crown etc. Sports/professional/"tool" watches are also usually a little larger in diameter - very much the fashion these days and many folk with smaller wrists than yourself comfortably carry off a 40mm or even 45mm face. Another consideration - whether to get an automatic (self winding) watch, which many enthusiasts prefer over a battery or solar watch. Most luxury/premium brand watches are automatic. My personal recommendation would be to shop the second-hand market (in this forum and all the usual places). You money can buy you an excellent condition pre-loved premium watch for half of its original retail price. Happy browsing and enjoy your new habit! Sorry - failed to include recommendations - Omega, Tag Heuer, Seiko, Steinhart, Sinn etc. - so many out there!
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