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  1. This is a tempting strategy for me. A brand new watch with a 5 year warranty. Servicing and other costs are quite a lot further into the future than may be the case with a used watch. @JonnyOldBoy, where did you find them for that price? £2,450 is the best price I have been offered, so far (from an AD). Thanks, David
  2. Hi All, Having started by admiring a friends blue Tag a couple of months ago, I started looking at Tag. Then I discovered Chr Ward watches (I love the red bezel Trident C60). Hmm, £600 or so. Started to scour used sites (particularly Watchfinder), to discover Watchfinder store in Birmingham, which I visited to look at Tag Heuers. It happened to be opposite the Omega store, not a make I had ever given much thought to. The Seamaster and Tudor Black Bay both looked more tempting. Seamaster with its ceramic bezel looked so 'right' to me. Anyway, very tempted by a recently discontinued Seamaster 300, but have not dared spend three or four times the original budget. Yet. I shall keep browsing the site, learning about this brand new world (to me) and ogling the photos. David
  3. I am in a similar position to you. I find myself torn between the recently out-of-production Seamaster 300 (which has really grabbed me when it compared it both a Tudor Black Bay and the new Seamaster model). There seem to be plenty of used watches around £2,000 on Watchfinder, Chrono24 etc. Some of these are 15-20 years old. If these prices are achieved, they seem to hold value very well. One point I am wary of, is whether they will need a service shortly (costing what, £300?). In which case, why not go brand new for a little more. I do not know the prices in New York, but have just returned from Europe (Malta, to be exact) where the Euro prices were around 10-15% above GBP prices. Enjoy the search, David
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