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  1. I know he lived in Hartmundgasse , Favorit , Vienna , try a further search myself but thanks for help
  2. Well appreciate it,got grandkids myself this weekend , they live at Northallerton so booked in golden lion so we can escape for late evening
  3. Seems that omega mark rang a bell with me somewhere , it’s an early mark of a modern day watchmaker do you think?
  4. Get DNA done ,you might be surprised, dad met mam in Vienna , he was redcap , guarded Hess in Spandau , mother got a work exchange thing to come to Britain , she was qualified seamstress , came over on the Westward Ho scheme , re - met dad and Bobs your uncle Thinking watch was black market now , still it’s got history
  5. Get well soon,dug a bit deeper into family history , grandad was a baker in post war Vienna , American sector , throws a whole new light on it , going on about history bearing in mind that the Celts were thought to originate in a place called Hallstatt, eastern Austria, being salt miners and traders , gradually moved along Mediterranean coast as far as Portugal , then thought to have come over to Britain and colonised . My DNA says I am 35% east European (Austria) 10% west European ,20% Scottish Irish and Welsh Celt ,15% Scandinavian 10% British ( don’t know if that means french or Roman) and 10% Mediterranean and Portuguese , think I’m an historic Celt with a touch of Viking
  6. His family are originally Hungarian , part of then the Austro Hungarian empire , he settled in Vienna , may have to dig a little deeper on my family history by quizzing mother , that’s why I very recently had my ancestry DNA done , find out what I’m actually made up of , any further information would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  7. Yes it’s in full working order , it does have a little logo on the movement , like you say don’t think it’s worth much but would like to know it’s history , it will be passed down to my grandson , nice remedy for a headache , may try it next time
  8. Very possible it’s Swiss movement as it was bought in Austria Try 2 Annardin Extra , I hate headaches
  9. I’m 65 y/o, drop box etc. Is all a bit too much but I could insert it in an e mail if you wish to view , it’s just that it was my grandfathers and his fathers of Austrohungarian descent , not worth very much but would love to know it’s origin
  10. Hi everybody , I have an antique pocket watch I would like your appraisals on , how do I post photos to the site?
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